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thankuu drupalet!

Hi there, This looks very good, How does the back end look like please? And would it be possible to make the gallery page showing different album and clicking on that album will then only show the pictures within that album? Thanking you in anticipation!

For the video, is it not possible to use the youtube one please?

Hi MagarB, First of all thank you for appreciating our work. Yes your two queries are easily possible as there is lot of customization provided in our theme. Thank you

Really nice! Great Job!

Thanks marcocapri

Hello, is it a Joomla template or what? Sorry but I am not familiar with this things.

Hello domcapuano,

No dear this is not the joomla template, it is the modx template. You can choose joomla template from the cms>joomla category.


First I would like to say that that template is really good ! I need some help to make it perfect :-) 1. Gallery – I’d like the first gallery is selected by default, I don’t want all pictures in gallery to be shown on first view. 2. Php script to send mails 3. I’d like to use buttons to show some more info in text – is it possible to show it in a window like full-screen picture from gallery? I don’t want to use new window