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I like the way this theme flows, but how do you suggest of letting customers selecting quantity in woocommerce?

Hi, At the moment, our theme does not support to use the woocommerce plugin. we are using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

can you add footer to this theme?

Hi, At the moment, our theme does not support to add the footer section to the theme.

Don’t buy this theme. Contains major bugs and the author don’t give a help to fix it. Screenshot Someone knows how I can have back my $50 maybe ?

We are so sorry to hear it :( We had some problems with spam and our own projects, so that we can’t assist you as you wish. If you can, could you kindly re-activate the theme, username & password, we will check it for you tomorrow. Promise that we will try our best to help you out. In case you aren’t happy with the theme, please let us know exactly where you bought the theme as well as all infomation related to the theme. We will check and refund. Looking forrward to hearing from you soon. Regards,

No way to reactive the theme, username & password. I have to move on and I choose to work on other template. I waited too long for your help. Don’t care if you had problems with spam or whatever. Days and days I waited. You can’t answer in a proper delay and fix bugs. As you can see, I waited 1 week to hear about my last demand. That’s why, I want a refund.

It’s not I’m unhappy about the theme. I wanted to work with this one. It’s just the theme doesn’t work correctly. See discussion above. Main bugs concerning pagination and sidebar post on left.

It seems like the navigation menu is broken on Iphone, I am not able to scroll up or down.

Hello, can someone confirm that this theme has major bugs?

Thank you hitpopking.

Hello, can someone confirm that this theme has major bugs?
Not sure about major bugs, but here is what I found so far: 1. Navigation menu is broken on mobile and tablet 2. This theme only support up to WordPress 3.8 3. No footer section 4. Doesn’t seem to be able to turn off infinite scroll

I may be wrong, because I don’t have this theme, I am waiting to see if and when these problems will be addressed before I make the purchase, don’t want to buy a “bugged” theme

Hi, Thanks for your feedback and show us the problems of the theme. That’s a good thing to improve our theme better and better and we highly appreciate your contribution. Of course, we have been updating the theme to be compatible with the latest WordPress. we will check and fix them as soon as possible in the upcoming version of the theme. Regarding to the footer, unfortunately, we don’t support yet. Regarding to the infinite scroll function, you can totally turn it on/of by navigating to Customize

No problem, I understand that you are currently working on it. Good luck, hope it will be released before my next web project

We have fixed bug for the DW Argo theme and we are completing the final work. We will release this theme in the afternoon of today.Regards,

you have a website published version 1.0.8 and are still old. you lay out here a new version of the template?

Hi, Right now, you can check your email then download the latest version from attachment.

Great theme for rich-content website. I’ve been using Argo for more than a year and very satisfied. However i’m looking for more updates soon. This is my website and you can see how it looks after customization. :)

Please contact with us via email: Regards,

How can i get updated version ? it is still old version ?

Please contact with us via email: Regards,

Hi, I bought and installed this theme but when I try to installed the required plugin “DW Question & Answer” I get an error that says “Install package not available.”.

What should I do?

Hi, Please go to the, then create a private question and send me username & password of your site. We will help you install the plugin. Regards,

I installed it via FTP instead, it’s ok now :)

Any chance of getting the new version up here? Themeforest only has 1.0.7 and I notice you have 1.0.9 at your website. Thank you!

To get a latest version of the DW Argo, you can contact with our via email:

Can you insert the bread crumb under the title?

@nextwork, To insert the breadcrumb under the title in the single page, you can add the following code to the functions.php file: function the_breadcrumb() { if (!is_home()) { echo '<a href="'; echo get_option('home'); echo '">'; bloginfo('name'); echo "</a> » "; if (is_category() || is_single()) { the_category('title_li='); if (is_single()) { echo " » "; the_title(); } } elseif (is_page()) { echo the_title(); } } } Then open the content-single.php file, add the following under line 4: <?php the_breadcrumb(); ?> Hope this helps !

The Gallery does not work, It breaks when you click on it

@filippejpg, I have answered your question here You can check our answer and let me know, if you still face there issue. Regards,

Is this theme still supported? Last update seems a long time ago…

@inredaustria, Please accept the apology for the delay in getting back to you. We have updated and released the latest version 1.0.11, you can go to the Also, you can view, buy and create a question for our product here.

This theme is great but it got a massive problem. It isn’t optimized for adsense. Nowadays +70% of internet users are using mobile phones, the sidebar of the website where the ads are displayed (The most likely place in every website) disappears on mobile devices. On tablet devices it shows a great icon, the user must click on the gear icon to see the ads. We all know how hard it is such kind of conversions.

Thank for your feedback :) we will discuss about it.

Yes, we are checking this issue. Also, if you have any idea about the feature or the issue with the theme, you can let me know, we are planing to update this theme.