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Hi i like your template.i edit html code but i can’t send mail.How can i get error message about mail ? i want send mail by google mail , i get this. Your contact form isn’t sent. Please check fields and try again

Merhaba Mücahit,

Satın aldığın için teşekkür ederim. Sorunu görmek için siteyi chrome ile açtıktan sonra, geliştirici araçlarını açıp Network sekmesine gel. Tekrar gönderim yapmayı dene. Hatayı burada göreceksin. FTP şifrelerini destek sayfasından gönderirsen, kontrol edebilirim.


Teşekkürler. Yusuf

My Google Map will not show up. I have entered the API Key per the instructions. Thanks so much for your help.

Could you send your related url?

Hi, i get this cool theme when it was ‘free file’ of month. its possible to use youtube video as background item slider? it works with other itens / lists as images, or it must be use only as video? tks a lot!

Hi Themecube

Does your program on your site support “Multipurpose” features with more than one shortcode?

I have a project with 2 separate events on different pages and the content per program is different.

Let me know it’s possible before I purchase your template.

Thanks Ulrich

Hi Ulrich,

Thank you for your interest. This is a HTML template and you can create programs as you want. But it’s not possible with WordPress version.

Regards, Yusuf

hi. i have this theme from free file of the month; what is local to config how many columns are in the owl carousels? an eg: sponsors are 6 columns. funfacts are 4. if i want to have only 3 colunms in sponsors or 3 in funfacts where i change this?

hi, thanks a lot for responde. im trying to have paragraph text on slider using this params, but not aceptting. all the text is in one line, instead wrap. any tip? <!-- LAYER NR. 1 --> <div class="tp-caption light_medium_30_shadowed lfb ltt tp-resizeme" data-x="left" data-hoffset="30" data-y="center" data-voffset="-70" data-speed="600" data-start="600" data-easing="Power4.easeOut" data-splitin="none" data-splitout="none" data-elementdelay="0.01" data-endelementdelay="0.1" data-endspeed="500" data-endeasing="Power4.easeIn" data-width="['500']" data-height="['auto']" style="z-index: 2; width: 500; color: #fff;">Você pode não saber como será o seu futuro, mas com nosso plano você tem mais tranquilidade e segurança para realizar os seus sonhos </div> text is long, and not breaking in 500px, how i setup. any idea?

2) the class ‘tp-resizeme’ reduce the text on mobile a lot. its possible to increase the size-font? tks a lot!

hi, ok for layer width. i use px on style for div and works. but the font in responsive mode is very small. how can i setup the size of font on responsive/mobile? i try this code but does not works: @media (max-width: 480px){ .tp-simpleresponsive .tp-resizeme .rev_slider .tp-banner .tp-mask-wrap .tp-caption { font-size: 15px !important; } } any suggestion? tks.

hi there, i notice a ‘bug’ on this theme. in menu for mobile version, when use (sandwich menu), when open the menu, and click, it remains opened, ‘filling the area of content. how can i make to when click, its close automatically? it is possible? tks a lot!

Slider images isn’t responsive on mobile, how to fix it? Slider a eklediğim görselleri sağından solundan kesiyor.