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Looks great. Good luck with sales!

woow, nice theme…i like it..

Very nice man I love it. Hopefully you can make more things around here I’m sure you’ll make quite a profit :)

very nice template

Nice new look & feel.


Awesome Theme.. Great Job.

I appreciate it jimmyme.

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments! It’s a wonderful feeling to receive such encouraging feedback from your peers.

Is there a Wordpress version of this theme?

Not yet. I am hoping to create one soon.

In IE 6 have 2 problem png not displayed the wrapper float to the left please solve it this is a great template!

Can you email me a link through my account page? I’ll probably need to see the problem to diagnose it.

Purchased….this is a great theme.

Hi, I have got a question about this template. Does this template include a contact.php and a description or help to set it up?

Thanks in advance,

The HTML version does not include a working contact form. This would be up to your to create and setup. Sorry for the delayed response.

Hey there, Thinking about buying, how many portfolio pages can you have?

I just purchased your template. It’s very nice. One question: In the downloaded version, when I click ‘Login’, all I get is a blank grey form with “Login to your account.” underneath. The fields for the username, password, and button to submit are missing. Using the live preview on the website worked fine. I’m using Google Chrome 8.0.552.237 to view both. Can you advise what I need to do? Thanks!

Ajax functionality does not work on locally run HTML files using Chrome (webkit). Upload the files to your web server and you shouldn’t have any trouble or use Firefox for local testing of ajax features.

Hi, I purchased this as part of the Envato Wordpress Pack Bundle offer late last year and have finally got around to playing with this theme. Nice! Thanks for your great work on this.

One question – can you tell me the name of the font you use in the “intersect” logo please? Thanks!

Hi Parallelus,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve checked through the readme.html & theme-information.html files for this font name to no avail. Can you please advise where it appears in the documentation? Thanks.

PS: It seems my comment hasn’t shown up as “purchased”, presumably because this theme was purchased as part of the Envato package and not individually. If you require purchase authentication I’m happy to provide whatever’s necessary.


If you downloaded the bundle originally at the time you purchased it, you should re-download it (My account > Downloads). A new version of Intersect was released a couple weeks after the bundle and ThemeForest was kind enough to update the bundle package files to include the update.

In the updated version, the “readme.html” file has this information under the section:

Layout and Design Structure > Logo Fonts

Brilliant, got it! Thanks.

Hello! I am trying to get the font information for the Intersect Theme as well. I did re-download the theme again (did not purchase as a bundle) but the readme.html is still from 2009 and does not have a LAYOUT AND DESIGN STRUCTURE section as mentioned in previous posts…Maybe I missed something….thanks!

The font used for the logo is called “Crillee”. A search for “crillee font” should point you in the right direction.

Sorry for the mix up. The question you were reading was in reference to the WordPress version. The user posted it here by mistake.


I appreciate your design but I’m just a bit unclear about something, since this is not a WordPress theme, where, what or how can I use this?

If its not database driven, where is the blog and archive coming from?

This is an HTML template. All the pages are created as styled examples of a blog, portfolio, etc. so that you can apply them to either your own site as HTML or to integrate into a CMS if you choose. This is a template so the styles have been created, the layouts are built and it’s up to you how it’s used.

We also have Intersect as a WordPress theme:

Hi I really like this theme and I need the WordPress version however it looks different to this theme. Can you confirm that the WP version is exactly the same as this one. I really do want this version.

Many thanks

The WP version has been updated to use a newer admin and code, but the design is the same. We upgraded some of the demo graphics during the update but didn’t actually change the design.

Hi there,

Is there any easy way to use an image in the header background, while maintaining the same soft edges as are already there? So rather then use the grunge background, use an actual image and have the same effects applied?


If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Is there any easy way to use an image in the header background, while maintaining the same soft edges as are already there? So rather then use the grunge background, use an actual image and have the same effects applied?.

Whatever effect you apply to the background will show. If you give a soft edge to the background image it will appear that way in the theme.