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Hello! I’m trying to add my own images to the gallery on the event page but the link to the index.html doesn’t seem to work. Can you send or direct me to the documentation/instructions? Thank you!

There is a directory in the theme folder called documentation. This explains it all.

Thank you!

Hiya Mr. wrwipeout. Loving the theme. Just sent you a message through the Envato support system. Included the URL and login info. Just wanted to make sure you got it. Thanks!

Just responded to your email. Have a look.

This PHP here is only outputting a blank href. Any clue how to get this to output a tappable phone url?
if ($phonenumber != "") { $output .= '<p class="telephone"><a href="'.$url.'" class="button">'.$phonenumber.'</a></p>'; }

Yes. The URL should be “tel:5555555555” so no need to modify the functions.php file for this one. Does that make sense?

The header is getting covered in the mobile views, can you help?

I guess you are on 4th of July vacation, my timing sucks!

Hey spoiler. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Hi There, really interested in purchasing your theme, looks great. Would it be easy to add a Blog to this theme and if so, do you have any suggestions you might be able to offer. Many thanks, Heidi :)

Hey Heidi, I just responded to your email. But the answer to your question is yes. The theme supports all Wordpress native functionality. :)

Additionally, are you able to advise of any current businesses that your theme is being used on so I can check out what they might have done with your lovely them? Thank you kindly.

Sure. I can email you a few nice examples.

Awesome, thank you so much :)

No problem :)

Do you know if the theme is completely compatible with the 4.4 update?

Yes it is. I’ll update the notes.

Pre-Purchase question… Can this be used as a multi page theme and also is there any way to have the food menu categories tabbed or as a drop down, I have a client that has a huge menu and its too many items to scroll on one page.

Thanks, -Keith

Hey Keith. This can be used as a multiple page theme. If you can also make the menus individual pages instead of making it appear on the homepage. I also have another Wordpress theme with a different menu treatment better suited for large menus. Check it out here: http://themeforest.net/item/sndwch-restaurant-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/11482254

Hi, I have an issue with uploading logo in admin. I go to Theme settings – basic settings, I click on upload, then from media library I click on “show” for the image I want to upload, then I click on Insert into post (weird that I can’t just select it and I have to make all these steps). Then I get like here: http://prntscr.com/9z9myp and after I hit “Save Changes” button is getting me back in default screen, no image saved – no image changed in front end. What I am doing wrong? Thank you.

Thats unusual. Can email me so I can take a closer look. My address is nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

@wrwipeout – we send you email, you should got it from Andre with website address. We are a bit in hurry with the site and we are not able to set that home page slider/image. We just sent a new reminder by email just 2 minute ago. We will appreciate any help from you. Thank you.

Hey Andre. Do you still need assistance here?

I have sent several emails about problems I am having with this theme. I have not been offered a solution for two months from the designer.

Hey Jeffrey. I’m sorry for your frustration. How are you sending these emails?

To your email address. They are being sent from jeffreymclain@gmail.com.

Is there anything I can do here?


kry89 Purchased

It is compatible with wordpress 4.5?


PLEASE HELP!!! I am on an extremely tight deadline and I am having problems in the iron bull basic settings menu. No changes made in the Basic Settings menu will take. If I try to upload a logo it acts like it is going to work but as soon as I save it acts as if I didnt do anything and the image isnt there. This is the same problem that another user had a few months ago but the solution isnt posted. My job might very well depend on getting this fixed, PLEASE HELP.

Hey Shane. I’m sorry to hear your issue. I just emailed you.

If anyone else knows why I am having this problem please email me at shane@wellscorp.com Thank you!

Hey Shane. I’m sorry to hear your issue. I just emailed you.

Hello, I don’t see the dummy file in the file any more. Can you get that to me?

Hey Oakley. You have to unzip the wordpress theme because thats where its located. Please let me know if you need anything else! :)

Great theme! Just purchased it and we are working to install it for a client.

I noticed SEVERAL people posting questions about getting the logo and sliders to save. We are having the exact same issues as many others.

We emailed you as you seem to always request that, but could you please post your answer here? That way, others that have the same issue will be able to find out what to do.

Had the answer been posted elsewhere we would probably have this project done within the hour. Instead, now we have to wait for what I assume will be a simple answer.

That said, we look forward to a response so we can wrap up. Thanks in advance.

You just have to make sure you have file url is selected in the upload setting. See the solution here: http://www.techcarellc.com/wordpress-insert-into-post-is-not-working-how-to-fix/


cjlab3 Purchased

I am having the very same issue that others are with the Basic Settings, Please email me at cjennings1@gmail.com and let me know how to fix!!!

Hey Cjlab. You just have to make sure you have file url is selected in the upload setting. See the solution here: http://www.techcarellc.com/wordpress-insert-into-post-is-not-working-how-to-fix/


cjlab3 Purchased

Thank you! all set!


This is crap. Your documentation does not explain how to make it like the demo. Added pages and then added the menus like normal for wordpress. It does not scroll to the page on home. Instead goes to a seperate page. You did not explain this on the documentation. I shouldn’t have to email you to find this out! SHOULD WORK STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX

Hi caboodlessites. I’m sorry you are having a problem with the theme. As part of this service, I will do the entire setup for you. Feel free to email me directly at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

I am also having issues with new install. Cannot make it look like Demo. Missing pages and images from initial install. I sent support request thru the system.

So you want me to delete content from the site? I’m not understanding this request.

Honestly – I don’t care… I need to get it corrected. So I believe there is old stuff from the previous theme. So I assume a full delete and install fresh.

Paul. I will call you in the morning.

In this theme I can turn on a blog ?


link test site blog ?

Its not in the demo, but I can link you to others who’s used this theme for blogging. Hang on while I dig one up.