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look good bro! GLWS! :P


Very nice theme. Any plans to add individual pages and WooCommerce?

It already has individual pages but no current plans for WooCommerce.

Great graphics and visuals but not too functional. Needs a lot more elements to make it work in the real world.

Thanks for the feedback

Awesome work. Good luck dude.

Thanks a lot!

“Delicious” wp themes, congratulation…!!
Hopefully would have good sales volume…!!!

Thanks a ton Maskeenan

Hahah thanks!

Looks nice. GLWS :)


nice one! :) GLWS

Thanks a lot Good Layers!

very nice, i need woo commerce also.

Thanks! I will look into this.

Could you email me? I have a question for you. nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

I like your Iron Bull theme but have a question ..

A client with a large menu would cause a lot of scrolling to fit all their items. Can you create sub-pages or have a category filter like .. Apps, Soups, Lunch, Dinner .. etc?

Same for events, maybe show the latest few but a sub-page with the total event list?

You can create as many sub pages as you like. You would basically display what you want in the menu section and then below, you can create a link to a page with a full list of menu items. The theme includes tons of documentation and plenty of short codes are available.

Does this come with the psd like of this http://nrivers.com/ironbull/images/floater.png so you can change the text and reuse?

And also use a different image than the wheels that go across the screen?


Also can you use a background image instead of color for each section individually? Thanks… so the option to just use a color or background image tiled per section

The section backgrounds are limited to a color or the beige background image.

Looks Nice. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Taras

Hello wrwipeout,

I have a question before I purchase this theme. Are we able to disable the creative interactive items? They are really nice and all but don’t fit with my clients look. If those are optional then I will most likely purchase the theme.

None of these elements are on by default. You have to turn them on so the answer to your question is yes. Thanks and I hope you like it. :)

Thanks for the fast answer. Just purchased it!

Awesome. I hope you like it.

hi, there!!! it has contact form? can i add flipbook for the menu??

drop me a line as soon as possible

It doesn’t include a contact form. And I’m not sure what you mean by flip book menu.


I can’t see your preview. “downforeveryoneorjustme.com” say it’s online, but my FF and Chrome say it’s offline, and google’s cached version appears as text-only, unstyled. Is your hosting blocking any countries? I’m typing from Brazil. Thanks.

Hmm weird. Here is a direct link. http://nrivers.com/ironbull/

It’s really nice looking theme, you have put effort on the design, its clearly visible. However, certain things like, earlier menitoned ones, the menu…

Menu could get a bit longer, so what could be done was once on the menu section there could be tabs or just buttons for different menu sections, which wouldn’t refresh the page but display different menu items on different sections. Just like how a portfolio site sorts the category – on the fly.

You have section for events, its just picture gallery. Events actually is a selling feature. People could actually buy for that feature. You would need basic event elements like time, intro, pics. It needs to list events and clicked on for details. The details could appear on modal window though. Social buttons for each event is very important for restaurant, bar owner which is just matter of a plugin. It helps them get the word out.

These days it’s more like you need to think how social the site can get. That’s much about.

Thanks for the feedback. I will keep this in mind during my next update.

A. Any way that the top portion pictures can work as a slider with the verbiage that overlays can change with each photo… My client had professional photos taken and wanted to display a few of them as a slider…

B. You said this did not have a contact form but you can add a gravity forms short code in a section correct?

C. Can you add additional sections….

D. When you make an update a way to add a different color or background image for each individual section would be neat.

Thanks, just want to make sure what I need to before pulling the trigger…

@sanjeev30 I second events in a modal and definitely a filterable category section for the menu with thumbnails next to each description that open in a lightbox.

Yes. Any short codes available will render. They wouldn’t approve it without it. :)

Cool and i guess then if you have something like royal slider or revolution slider you could just always use that in the top section until the next update correct..?

Potentially. I don’t know much about Royal Slider so I really can’t speak about it.