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Hi There,

just bought this theme having trouble setting up the sample data @ tantralounge.com.fj

Please help

actually never mind got it working. only issue is what can i connect the job link to

Send me an email at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and include a link to your server.

Hi my site tantralounge.com.fj is shows a static “2 Positions” and when i try and change the positions=”1 Position” it doesnt change at all it shows the same 2 Positions.

Ok so this is resolved.

how do i fix this on an already running site?

I can do it for you. Just email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Hi, I just bought the theme, installed it and import dummy.xml. However, the site is not looking like the demo at all. I tried to add 1 slider in and nothing appear. Please help. The url to my test site is tamarack.wallarootest.com

Hey Tamarack. You have to go to settings > reading and set a static front page. This step should be in the documentation. Let me know if you need further assistance. I’m happy to help!

Hi, I can see from the comments that you intended to include a contact form and a reservation form in the v2 release. I can see you’re up to v2.3 now but I don’t see the additions on the demo.

Is there a contact and reservation form now? Or if not, do you intend to add them and when?


Those features are for the next release. They are not currently there.

I’m having trouble getting the slider content and client logo uploaded. I must be missing something very simple.

Great. I responded to your email.

much appreciated. Do you have support for Instagram link in the footer?

By default you there is no Instagram icon available. You are free to create your own and add it.


i’ve send you an email, can you help me out? Hope to hear from you,

cheers Codeigniter

Hey Codeigniter. I’ve responded to you’re email!

I’ve recently purchase this theme and am trying to develop it as I have a client with a launch date of June 20th – however I’m having a lot of issues. I’ve even had another developer to look through it and he noticed lots.

Issues I’m having include:

multiple page format not working pages won’t open when main nav items clicked site does not work at all like the demo biggest issue is around JavaScript and scrolling

I’ve emailed you with purchase code information and further details.


Ellen Andrews

Hey Ellen. I’ve responded to your email.

thank you very much for your amazing theme i just want small help from you like adding “we are hiring” and add link in the main menu

please can you help me in that

Hello, my anchor menu does not work and has no instruction for this purpose, how should I proceed? [removed]

It sounds like you need to disable the default wordpress menu. Once you do that, it should act as anchors like in the demo.

Nice theme for food and beverages categories. Well done!


Bonjour Mr wrwipeout,

Sorry to bother, usually I can find my answer from the questions of other customers but in your way to resolve troubles (email) you don’t give any explanation here, even for casual troubles, so I have to ask.

1 – … calories (nice but for pizza or burgers … it’s like shooting a bullet in your own foot ;) ) so I changed it for pizza sizes, but doing so I noticed I had to make modification in the original php file (not good when an update comes). I wish I could have write new rules in external php file (child theme functions.php file). This is my introduction to the real first problem: in my Child Theme folder (this is the selected theme) as usual I made a style.css file that should overwrite original commands … but I’ve never been able to make it work (never happen to me before, so I’m pretty confused) I only can make modification in the WP admin css modification page (that’s weird !!!).

2- I need to inject some icon in my pizza list http://baggio-pizza.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/icon_nopig_s.png (for example). It look like this (in the best case) http://tinyurl.com/ka4zbe5 Each menu plate including an icon is sliding, I tried many position, before title, after title, in composition before and after composition. I’ve never been able to make it work + in some case it’s the all composition info or title that disappear (grrrr) This is very important to me. to inform some customers about the content of some pizza (spicy, pig, …)

3 – “we are hiring” menu animation … look great but there is not even the beginning of the use instruction (no explanation on this page or on the documentation …) is it real? or just for your own use?

4 – Responsive response: when I try on an iPhone screen http://tinyurl.com/ntrtdpw it’s pretty messy. So before I start to mess up everything even more I want to make sure with you that your original css rules are to be overwritten (where are the @media rules?)

5 – js inclusion: I have a pretty long menu list and it makes tricky for a customer to move directly to a specific section (cream pizza/tomato pizza). At first I thought that a regular html Anchor could make it, but the scrolling is bad and obviously it’s corrupting the url, then the navigation goes kind of wrong (I had forgotten this detail). I guess I have to make it by my own but I’m wondering if it’s an incoming function in a next realize? I’m not the only one with this constraint, it’s already available but for your 3 sections, could we have some choice (burger and soup it’s a way too restrictive, especially for French people !!! … I’m kidding, but you know what I mean)

Since the site is unaccessible (dev.) I create a user for yourself and I’m sending you the log and pass to your Gmail account.

Sorry for this long email (as you noticed english is not my mother tong so forgive my rusty style) I tried to be as clear as possible (saw your comments regarding some questions :) ) … and I’m French (I know, it’s not an excuse)

Have a nice day

Well … 5 days ago you asked me to copy and paste my questions.

- 3 days ago you were tired

- Yesterday you were wondering if I was me

- and today … you are too busy until next week.

Honestly, as a customer, would you appreciate?

So please, give me instruction to solve Q1 and Q2, for the rest I’ll do it by myself :

+ Q1 I need the child theme css to work otherwise no way to correct the messy @media display (this very important to me to have correct display on small screen and I don’t want to modify original files, nor to use wordPress internal css modification page)

+ Q2 because I need to give, for some recipes, composition details. Important too.

ps : you have all info to login the server (just in case …)

Litige Paypal ouvert !

Despite you doing that, I’m still giving you support. Check your email.

Is the theme woocommerce compatible yet?

Nope not at the moment.

Hi, I purchased this theme and I’m having an issue with top menu items being limited to only 6 but I have 7. I have noticed that all 7 display when viewed in portrait mode on mobile devices when selecting the button top have them display. Is there a simple solution for this please?

So the are all there. But only so many links can fit at the very top. I have set no limits and left it to user discretion. If you want more links to display than can actually fit there, you will need to change the font size and spacing so they can fit. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can give you more insight.

I have sent you an email as you requested 3 days ago. if you haven’t received it, let me know. Thanks

I’ve responded to your email.

Also… Can the site have pages added that load and open up in the conventional way websites do in addition to how the template site pages scroll?

Hey Nasir. I just responded to your email.

Hi nick, we haven’t gotten anywhere in 4 days but it’s been 15 days since i asked about pages opening up as normal rather than scrolling, while you have confirmed it is simple to have both conventional and scrolling styles you have not given me the info to control this myself despite the fact i have clearly asked several times. As i said i appreciate your offer to do this for me with ftp access (which i have provided you) but again it’s not practical for development to be held up waiting for any time you have free to action requests and in your last email you agree and state you would place this in the 2. update, but still have not provided the how to or code you mentioned or actioned the pages i asked for to open conventionally. I’m getting frustrated please help

Hey, I responded to your email last night. Check it out and let me know.

Hi, pre purchase question. Can I use the WP Layer Slider plugin with this theme?

Hi, I just bought this theme. Is it possible to have a drop down menu on one of the nav bar items? I’d like to have a few separate pages. Thanks.

I just sent you an email with a few issues that I’m having. Hope you can help, thanks!

Hey I’ve responded to your email. Take a look when you have a chance.

Hi Nick, Since I can’t respond from my Floripa’s profile (closed because I disagree with your lack of help, thank you by the way I also lost access to all my others downloads) I have to start a new comment.

I do answer because I think it could be instructive for customers to know what you call “giving support”. So after ten days of thinking/reseach you provide me this 3 lines’ email:, let’s share what I received =

“Hey Lionel, this is quite the list. Lets start with the first 2.

1. Thats strange. I suggest making your changes and then making a note.

2. Why not make it with CSS instead of using an inline element?”

… whouaaa

1 – So there might have a bug but lets go with it?

2- … a question to a question has never been an answer.

What do you recommend? what css rule? and on the top of it, since css child theme file is not functioning (Q1) it’s like a snake biting its tail.

Ten days for that, sincerely Nick (wrwipeout), do you honestly, deep inside of you, feel you gave help and support? Did you really did your best for your client or won’t you admit there is a lack of accountability?

Hi Lenoil. Absolutely not. You aren’t be reasonable at all. I give excellent support. I made it clear to you that I couldn’t work on this until the weekend. I have a fulltime job that is my number 1 priority so I prioritize as necessary. Purchasing my $40 theme doesn’t mean you own me. But many can attest that my support is excellent and beyond what is required of me on Themeforest. Do you want help or just want to publically bash me? I’d be happy to give you your money back if you just have a personal agenda here.

I’m not bashing you (even if I’m not sure about the meaning of this expression). I’m sorry, you have never been clear, it’s just today you mention you work (I’m working too ;) ) and that your clients were at the background of your priority (what I could also understand if you were clear one week ago and providing solutions).

Clear … well, it’s not totally honest because (after 5 days) you wrote:
“Can this wait until the weekend?”.
To me, this is a question and I answered:
“So please, give me instruction to solve Q1 and Q2, for the rest I’ll do it by myself”

So I was clear I split my request-questions in two, meaning I was understanding you but also that I was focused on two major troubles and 1 question:

- Not being able to use regular child theme css rules is a major trouble (strange as you wrote) so strange that it might be the reason I was also facing some other problems …(responsive, image, …)

- Not being able to include small image or icon in a page or a post is something … “destabilizing” … and witch can be linked to previous question (or not at all) but I’d like to know.

- Not being able to use a featured function (we are hiring animation below main menu) because there are no instruction, here, in the doc or even sent to me, is also annoying.

Mike, I can understand everything as long as it’s clear and going forward. Viewed from my side, for ten days I’m stuck in the same place, pages are 95% ready, but I’m missing that animation my client picked up and these tiny flashy icons he wanted on some pizza.

I wish I could provide him the functionalities that made him pickup your theme and also solve the technical issues that might be hurtful when an update will come.

so in 10 days for my 3 questions below you dropped me 2 lines with no help at all!

And you have the feeling to be clear?

I sent you an email a few days ago with a few issues that I’m having. I also have a new issue since I sent the email:

How do I get the image of the seal to display the way you have it on the theme?

Hope you can help, thanks!

Hey I’ve responded to your email. Take a look when you have a chance.

Out sick. Hey all, I apologize for the delay in support for the past few days. I’ve been out with a stomach virus and will hopefully be able to begin giving support again this weekend. I greatly apologize for any inconvenience.

- Nick

Thanks for your support everyone. I’m doing much better and resuming support as usual.

Is this theme flexible when it comes to removing and adding sections? For example, if I wanted to use only the menu and specials section from the original layout, but add other sections.

Yes. Everything on here is optional.


the preview is offline…



Its back up.