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Hi thanks for this awesome theme. I’m just having a few issues with the wheels that roll across the screen they don’t seem to be working on my site? And I would like the map to zoom in on the marker as my client only has 1 location.

Hey Marketronics. I’m glad you like it. Send me an email using the form at the bottom of this page http://themeforest.net/user/wrwipeout and we can get this all worked out.

Hi i really need your help please respond to my email I’ve sent

Hey Jay. I can take a look at this today.

Beautiful theme! Is it possible to have inner pages and sub menus? If so, examples?

Yes, if you could put up a demo that would be great!

I will put up a demo when I get off work in a few hours. Thanks

Here is a demo of the drop downs. If you have a standard menu set, the theme will let you use normal links with dropdowns instead of scroll links. Mouseover the “Events” link to see it. http://nrivers.com/ironbull/wordpress/

Great development help!


Hi, great theme. For some reason, my map markers don’t appear on the map, can you point me in getting them on there. http://www.paprikasallad.se

Also, is there a way to make page NOT show up on the startpage?

On your events page, you have a backgroundimage, how did you put it there, css code on that specific page?

Hey Jonas email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help!

Hi does it include a contact us page? =[

Hi does it include a contact us page? =[

It doesn’t. I’m actually adding it to version 2. You should wait until that’s released if you need a contact form solution.


Th admin bar disappears when you view the front side website. I’ve checked the user profile and the user (admin user) has admin panel enabled in profile. The Admin bar works when using the 2 default templates.

Hey nicenj. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can give you better support.

Have used the “specials” Section class on one of my pages, the Glass appears, but it doesnt animate (empty on scroll) as in your demo, any ideas?

Hey nicenj. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can give you better support.

The “button” on the first page always seems to goto the first page. Looking at the code, it has and anchor with a # href, however this does not seem to work. If I change the # ref to another id, it still scrolls to the first page. I want my menu further down the page and to use the button the scroll to that position when the button is clicked. I think its using the flexslider, however I dont know enough about that to be able to re-code what I need it to do. Am I missing something or is the Button element fixed to the first page?

Hey nicenj. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can give you better support.

Have sent you 2 emails now. No response.

Hey Nivenj. I responded to everything in my inbox. Whats your email address? Maybe it never got to me. Either way I am happy to help.

I like the theme, but there are few things that I would like to share and if possible get an answer or update on this theme.

First of all, there is nothing about inserting code inside to page at page creation menu.

Second, on first page slider option will be great. Also playing video on first page would be great too!

Third, book a table option or at least form to create this also good.

Also, on menu page if we want to add thumbnail picture is there any shortcode for it?

There is no option for changing color on top of menu?

Also for menu we don’t have a chance to organize with drag and drop. We have to create pages in a proper line to get correct result.

When you are planing to update this theme?

You have hard effort on this and we are expecting do some correction and consider our comments.

Thanks, Allen

by the way there wasn’t demo content inside of zip folder.

Hey Allen thanks for your feedback. I am working on an second version that will include most of the features above. The package currently includes a documentation directory which describes the large number of shortcodes available to you. It also includes examples. I am aware that there is currently no dummy.xml file included and I have been sending it directly to users who request it. I will be sure to include that in the update as well.

I give free support so please email me for any specific questions. Giving this level of support is tough but I do everything I can to make your experience as enjoyable as it was for me to create this theme.

Thanks again for your suggestions and feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

Soo, I need some fixes on your theme, If you modify the menu, the animations stops working, and i don’t know why the menu dosen’t sems to work correctly. On this site http://nrivers.com/ironbull/wordpress/, your make some changes on menu, on the “events” after this change, the animations dosen’t work correctly

Some guy ask to make a zoom on the googlemap, you can make this editing the iron bull/js/site.js, and search anything of “zoom”, by default is an “8”, change this to an “15”. Sorry of my bad english, i’m from Spain.

And the Menu’s issue, if you create any menu (from appearance->Menus) delete it all, and don’t create it from here (sorry, no foldable menus yet). If we need menus, create it with the “Ironbull Settings->Navigation Menu”

Hey Akiross, you are correct. If the menu is set in the wordpress menu section, Iron Bull doesn’t have control. As for the issue with the wheels, you shouldn’t have to update that manually. Im working on a new version that solves this. Otherwise, I hope you like it. I worked really hard on it. :)

I appreciate your work on your theme, It’s fantastic, my web design it’s realy amazing. You can see it at www.el-gaucho.es Thanks for all! And I hope you make the new version with slideshow at the main page.

Could you explain how you use the floater? I’ve sent this by email, but you haven’t replied.

Also, I’d challenge the statement “You can use a predefined scheme or create your own” as in order to do this, I’d need to create loads of CSS, which is not the point of buying an off-the-shelf Wordpress theme.

When can we expect the second version of this theme? It’s a great idea, but looks unfinished at present, and still contains lots of the “default” text from the framework you used to build it, such as :
“This is the HTML which can be displayed before the form, it isnt required, but more info is always better. Anything goes in terms of markup here, any HTML.”
I shouldn’t be seeing this as the end user.

I am working on version 2 as we speak. I would expect it early next week.

And 2 weeks later…

Hey Drcrank. I’m avidly working on this but I’m the lead engineer for a politcal agency so I’ve been quite busy across the board. I will get this out ASAP!

Great template!!

One thing is the where I can change an image on Our Story?


Hey lightsalute. This is a bug in the current release and Im am fixing it in version 2.

interesting answer from the template creator. Thanks to @Akiross he solved instantly.

Interesting answer? This is the correct way to fix the issue. Hacking the css will only give you headaches when you do updates. As an author I can never promote injecting css updates in the theme’s core.

@lightsalute edit the ”/ironbull/css/styles.css” and change the line 813. This line:

.story { background-image:url(http://yoursexyimagehere.png); background-position:92% 65px;

have a nice day.

@Akiross Thank you so much!


I’m interested in this template but wonders about the level of customization possible…I mean if I have a gallery plugin and a banner sliding plugin can I use them and replace the current gallery ? Is there any place where I can use widgets ?

Let me know thanks,

Yes widgets are designed into the plugin and displays on individual pages. Also, I’ve seen buyers purchase many different gallery plugins using this them.

Awesome template! Some issues I am hoping get resolved:

1) Header Button – Would be great to control float position so you can drop it to bottom without there having to be header text to push it down. 2) Header Button – With empty Header Button field, button should disappear, and reappear when text is entered. 3) Beer and Wheels – Super awesome feature. Movement breaks to easy. I can’t install a slider plugin without it breaking the movement of the beer and wheels. Would be nice to have option to have wide-slider at top for viewing upcoming events or whatever instead of just the small square one at bottom. 4) Graphics – Story and Events. Barrel pic can’t be added without hacking css. No way to add background behind event photo-slider 5) WP 3.6.1 – Locations – The locations break and do not float to right of map. They break-up and some of the text shows on top of map and some to right of map. looks like easy CSS fix

Hope this helps! Super stoked about this theme. Hope release 2 comes out before I get fired =)

Hey Visiontodestiny. Version 2 is almost done. If it avoids getting you fired I can send out a prerelease. To anyone who requests it.

Hello wrwipeout, to start off with, very nice theme. Well done on your hard work. I want to buy this for a client, just one question: Can the home page main image be a slider with multiple images?

Thanks Jana

Hey Jana. Thanks for your feedback. Currently it cannot. Its a feature that I am adding to version 2 so you should probably wait for that if you are planning to buy this. It should be approved within the next week or so.

Great, thank you for your reply. How will I know when the next version is available?

I can email you when it does. If you purchase it beforehand, it should kick you an auto-notification. If you want to do the former, send me your email address.

Hey there wrwipeout, I was looking for the dummy xml file and couldn’t find it. Saw in some comments that it’s not in the zip folder. Would you be kind enough to email it to me. Thank you very much.

Sure can. What’s your email address?

Sent to you in a message. Thank you!

Hey Eternal I sent you the dummy.xml file.

Hello, looking for demo content as well. Very eager for v2 of this theme! You have done an impressive job building it. There are a couple small items I could use some support with, I will follow up with an email.

Thank you!

Perfect and yes.

Is it possible to get the prerelease of v2? I am waiting for features like the header slider where I can showcase multiple different images and every slider I have tried to use breaks the beer and wheel icons.

Hey Johnny. That feature isn’t ready yet.