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Any plans to add a blog to this theme?

Themeforest wouldn’t approve it without a blog. It already has it. Its just not included on the home page.


I was wondering if I can add pages that don’t automatically come on the homepage. I am sticking with the one page design but I would like a link to a separate page for the menu because it is so long. How do I create a page that is not on the homepage?

Email me with this pasted in. nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

I emailed you a few days ago

Hey Revana I will look over this tonight.

Hello, I don’t understand how to make a page without title and with a big foto with teh button, as you have in the home page with hamburger. I have to install some pluging? thanks

No plugin is needed. Send me an email with your question.

Great. I will give you a good response this evening when I’m off the clock on my day job.

Hello, I have another question. I have Thre pages- Menu- Location – Events. When I click in the menu in the home, it doesn’t scroll as in your demo but it opens a new page. How can obtain your home with scroll?


It sounds like you haven’t sent up the iron bull menu. Send me an email with your question included.

Sorry, but I have another question, how can I create a page like your Menu page?

Include this in your email.

Oki , I sent an email, I hope to solve my questions, thanks

Hey Raffa. I just responded to your email.

Great design and template. Trying to built well ( znagroup.net ) Just 2 questions real quick. 1 – How can i add a background image gallery page? ( as you did it at Events ) 2 – How can i add an animation on menu for Career? ( as you did with ” we are hiring…” image ) Thank you

Hey Znagroup. Both of these features are limited to the HTML template. It wasn’t user friendly enough to get approved but I can add it to a future release if you like.

Hello, sorry to bother you, but I sent an email and I wrote a question here, you haven’t answered yet.

I need to solve my problem.

Thanks for you attention.


I can take a look this evening when my job ends.

Ok thanks I send all question in an email just read the last one

I just responded to you in email. Have a look when you get the chance.

just a question while I’m evaluating to purchase this theme.
It’s possible to insert thumbnails in “our menu” section which – when clicked – opens bigger images of each burger? Or this section is just textual?
Thanks in advance! And: nice theme!

Thanks. Currently no. I can add it to a future build though.

Hello I write you again…. because you didn’t answer my questionn, just one and to say that your theme has a bug….. so happy about that… I understand that you have another job, oki but we need your answers because this is my job too, and without your answer I don’t know how to solve them, and this is a big problem.

If it is possible, maybe it would be better if you send me your demo of your theme http://themeforest.net/item/-iron-bull-restaurant-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/5224353 So I can solve all my questions and not to bother you again.

Thanks in advice

I just responded to you in email. Have a look when you get the chance.

Hi! Could I disable the Careers option (button and content) from wordpress backoffice?

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?


Could you please let me know how to select the pages order. I’ve emailed you a week ago now. The doc doesn’t say anything about that… Thanks

This change will require you to modify the core theme function which is not recommended because when you upgrade to V2 it will be overwritten and you will have rework.

That’s fine please let me know where is the piece of code restricting the 6 links. I will a/b compare each file of V2 before overwriting and reinsert v1’s tweak into v2… Also Why don’t you answer previous questions ?

Please help , my project is not moving forward and as much as I like the original design the template has several issues for me. Please I beg you to let me know if there is any way these 5 request can be done :

- If the beer list is bigger than the demo the animation doesn't work
- The template is not responsive on my android phone
- I cannot create a true blank page (as it automatically insert the page title in it)
- I need 8 top link
- I need a slider (I know this should be coming in 2.0...but when is 2.0 coming out ? )

I’m sorry if you feel I’m bugging you, I just can’t finish my website without these 5 things taking care of….Let me know , thanks a lot

Hey. Can you email me? Lets knock this out tomorrow. We can get on gchat.

How do I add the background image to the “Events” section so that it appears behind the photos?

Also, how do I add the image to the section that has a “story” in the Section? It shows a space for an image but I can’t figure out where to add it?

Send me an email with your name in the subject line.

Where is the best way to install Google Analytics code in this theme?

Hey there Parf. You could add analytics in one of your pages that appear on the homepage. Just make sure you are in the HTML view.

Looking forward to v2, can’t wait to put my hands on it, theme looks great as it is, but some of the new announced features are neat (contact form especially). Thanks and keep up the fine job!

Thanks a ton!

Is there anyway to get access to a demo backend or documentation or screenshots of the backend please?

Not currently but I can send you screenshots. Email me.

hi, i would like to buy this theme but i need it woo commerce compatible. if i get the theme can we work together to make sure woo commerce fits inside the website?

This theme wasn’t designed for woo commerce. I’m not sure if it’s compatible.

Hi There, Is it possible to get the demo files for the Iron Bull template? If you can send it through that would be great. Thanks :)

Yes I can do that. Whats you email?

Hi, will you please respond to my email? You have not been responding to me.

Hey Reva. I will respond to you after 6pm EST. I can’t give support doing my business hours.

I’ve responded to your email. Have a look. :)

HI…Awesome theme. I read that there will be a V2 upgrade. When will this be released and will it be free if we own the theme? The main thing that I’m looking for is contact form integration. (I know I can use plugins, but figured I’d see if this would be available soon. Thanks!

It will be released soon. And yes, it will be free to anyone who has purchased previous versions. All updates will be free and have new features based on feedback I’ve received.

Any update on this? We’ve been waiting on this to complete a site, but are running out of time and may have to look elsewhere to finish it up. Do you have a better idea of when it’s going to be released?

Hey Eighty. Email me and I can send you the pre-release. Also can you specifically tell me what features you need?


Does the current version support WP 3.7?

Yes it does.