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I can’t seem to get the theme to be responsive on tablets/phones. Any clue why it’s this way?

Hey Perino. Can you email me a link to your site and include your name in the subject line?

Hi i am having many problems with this, i have sent you an email. Could you please come back to me ASAP. Thanks Zak

Hey Zak, I responded to your email. Take a look.

can we please get this woo commerce friendly? its agreat theme.

This is on the list. Stay tuned…

how do i get a transparent background behind the logo? thank you

Just add #nav div#logo {background-color:none;} to the bottom of the css file.

thanks works great


Just posting to say that me and my client were happy with our purchase of this theme. Clean, easy to customize, and my issue with the map functionality was easily solved with a couple emails to the developer.

Thanks. Happy to help!

hello, how do i get the sections i dont want on the home page? thanks for a great theme. below the main image on the home page. its displaying every page i have and i only want to display certain pages.



how do i get the pages i dont want on the home page? thanks

Hey Holy snails. You want to access the pages that aren’t on the home page?

its a great theme but the downloaded files dont have the sample data. where are the xml files to display the sample images, text, and slides? thats the way i always work with themeforest.


Thanks. Send me an email with your name in the subject line and I will send you this file.

Thanks, done.. i wrote to you.

I responded to your email. Cheers!

Still not responsive on iphone, even though it seems to work when scaling the browser window? I cant send you a link of the site as its under construction with a redirect to the old site.

Hey Matfish. Send me an email with your name in the subject line and we will resolve your issue.

Hello! Nice theme :) Is it translation ready/compatible with WPML?

Ah I see. No po files are included. Sorry!

Ok, if you include it in a further update, it would be very useful for non-english websites. Cheers!

Definitely. I have seen plenty of users create sites in different languages using this theme. But I will look into PO files in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi. I downloaded the Iron Bull theme. The new panel on the left admin bar called “Iron Bull Settings” does not appear. Can you let me know why?

I’m on WordPress version 3.7.1.

Hey there. That shouldn’t happen. Send me an email with your name in the subject line. We will resolve your issue.

I just sent you an email with my name in the subject line.

Hi there, just wondering how you got the beer in the mug to drop as you scroll down? Great feature and nice theme!

Its just some images, css and javascript. Its been pretty popular so far.

Hello…The theme is limiting me to 6 navigation menu items and I need 8. Is there any way to change this? Also, is there a way to re-order the navigation? I’m not seeing that as an option under “Navigation Menu” in the settings. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

You can reorder the nav when editing each page. As for additional nav items, you can create sub navigation items but the base for the top nav is 6 because any more just won’t fit. If you absolutely must have more and they are really short words, we can make a custom solution for free. Just send me an email with your username attached.

Hi I cannot seem to figure out how to make the theme look like the one advertised. I tried to change the image, and it still does not show up on the homepage. Also It is still multiple pages instead of one page as advertised.

Hey. Send me an email with you name in the subject line and I will explain everything to you.

Email Sent

I’ve responded to your email.

Won’t install on test site, getting error messgae that theme is too big. Then installed on another site and completely broke the site.

Too big? That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Can you email me a link to your site?


I purchased this Iron Bull theme and uploaded it but here is what I got with my contents: http://marmarapizzeria.com/press/ why didn’t I get the image of burger, beer and so on??? Please, help out…am I doing something wrong?

I’ve responded to your email.

Thanks man!!

This is a GREAT theme.

This is my web: http://legrillrestaurant.com/site/

I have 3 questions:

1. In link eventos i have “story” in class, the page turns orange, but there is no Wheels animation.

2. In link Restaurante how can i add a background image back to the image gallery, like your sample page ?

3. How can i add a contact form, which is the best plugin compatible with this theme ?

Hey send me an email with your name and questions. Its easier to manage everything there. Your site looks great by the way.

Hello Nick,

I was wondering if there is a way to have the exact theme Live preview installed and edit accordingly and not to start from scratch… As I am just a beginner in Word press and still need to figure some stuff out. Appreciate your help.. Is there any chance to change the Beer to another drink.

Thank you.

Hello Nick, I appreciate a prompt response… I have to launch very soon and i am running late.

Thank you.

Send me an email with your name and request in the subject line.

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme through my boss account.

I’m creating a site with your theme. I got a problem as the user “nivenj” had. About the button on the top. I want it to scroll down even further. I want to customize how long it will scroll down. Did search in js-files but didn’t find it.

Thanks, and btw. why can’t you share your answers here rather than sending an email? I think it’ll save time for some people.

You’d be surprised how easier email is. Also, sometimes people share their login info with me so I can help with setup and that information couldn’t be shared here. I also sometimes do skype or chat to get people’s questions answered quicker!

Alright, I see. Email me then at alexander@grafiskwork.se

The question was how to get the button at top, to make the ste scroll down even further. My intension is to get it at the second page :)

Gotcha. I just emailed you.

Hello Nick, my boss purchased this theme and I was wondering about changing photo http://placehold.it/542x405 in the story section especially since I can’t find anything regards this in the documentation.

I need to remove the calories from the Menu item, I just need the item name and price.

also how I can add icons other than the one already bundled in the theme.

Hey Mongey. Can you send me an email from your bosses’s account using this form: http://themeforest.net/user/wrwipeout

I need to verify you are a buyer before I can give support on this. After that, I’m at your disposal.

Hi, GREAT Thema again, im very happy !!!

I will like to know, in you sample web, you have under CAREERS Menu, a floating text “we are hiring! Check it out”

How can i add this floating text ?? i cant find the information in Documents..

Thanks !!

Please dont forget this ok. i send to you the ftp and wp access

Looking into this today.

ok i wait for it, thanks