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Hi! Nice to meet you.

1. How do I ‘zoom function’ can I put on the ‘Google map’? (What do I need to modify the CSS files?)

2. I want to change the text font(currently ‘Open Sans’ font), what should I do?

3. Is it possible to get the demo files(XML) for the Iron Bull template?

My E-mail address is ‘doctorstorm@naver.com’. I’ll wait for a reply. Thank you.

Hey chelox. Below are the answers to your questions.

1. You will have to modify the javascript file in the theme. 2. To change the font, you will have to edit the css file. If you want a new Google font, you will have to include it in the template. 3. I’ve emailed you this file about a minute ago.

I hope you like it!

Hi, How can I replace the “calories” with e.g “sugar type” please? Thanks in advance.

This will require you to modify the functions.php file. If you are comfortable with that go in that file and change it. If not, email me and I can do it for you.

The template is not responsive on my android phone/tablet. Any clue why it’s this way? (How do I need to modify the ‘layout.css’ file?)

My E-mail address is ‘doctorstorm@naver.com’. I’ll wait for a reply. Thank you.

Hey Cheolox. I just emailed you.

Hi I emailed you a while back. I set up everything the way the doc explained and it still does not look like the page that is advertised.

You must be missing something. I can assist. Email me nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Hi there, Love this theme! Wondering when v2 will be released as I really need a contact form on my site.


There is not date on V2’s release but its coming as soon as possible.

Hi, theme looks great but i don’t see social media links. Are you going to add this?

There are social media links in the footer.

Bought the theme, looks great, seems to be doing what is expected of it. Have couple question for now: 1. How to add multiple locations in the map? 2. How to setup the menu to show similar to the demo?


Hi the theme is not responsive. I have tried on my Iphone and Samsung. You can email me with the instructions and which file to edit. Ill wait for your reply. Thanks

Email : gabriel@newztelge.se

Can you answer my mail? I’ve sent you one.Thanks.

I still have two questions waiting for answer. here is another one: The demo has got different background colours on pages other than main, how to change the bg colour on given page?

Hey picky I responded to your email.


Hello, we bought the template but we have a problem with the key still in the home page. We tried to give it an even different from the first menu, but it does not work, it goes lower, but still a little below. How can we solve? thanks

I just emailed you. Confirm that you’ve received it.

I have received you emil but the question in this post is another. My question is: Why red button in the header doesn’t work if I change the vertical position of menù?

I can’t tell. I would have to see it but the position of the menu shouldn’t matter.

Hi wrwipeout, if you are on holiday leave, plz let us know. You are not responding to support requests.

Hey picky I responded to your email and yes I was away but I am back now.

Thanks a bunch for the help…


Anytime! :)

Hey, working with the theme for a client. Few questions/needs:

1. How do I get rid of the “Calories” text in the menu section?

2. How do I get rid of the red Header Button?

3. The Barrells aren’t showing, only a grey box. What’s the deal with that?

My email is ianobyrno@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hey Ian. I just emailed you.

Hi can you answer my latest question? you havent responded yet?? You can scroll up a little bit or check your mail.

Ok will do.

FYI, the main css file is not being included so I added the following to the header

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="<?php bloginfo( 'stylesheet_url' ); ?>" />

The main style sheet is being included but its in a different location. In version 2, its moved back to the default.

How can I have pages not display on the home page?

By deselecting them in the Iron Bull setting section.

where exactly? I don’t see anywhere I could do this

If you go to “Iron Bull Settings” you can go to the “Navigation” section and thats where you can do it.

any way to add background images like in your demo? looks like they are hard coded…

Currently you cannot add custom background images to your sections.

then why add them to the demo?

It was a feature that had to be removed.


First of all I wanna say I really like your theme! but I would like to make the theme responsive for mobile devices, can you hulp me out?

And also I read in the comments you are working on a table reservation system, can you tell me more about it?

Kind regards,

W Brem wouter@winnit.nl

I just emailed you Wouter.

Hi wrwipeout,

Great theme, anyway I can get a sample data to help use the theme?


Hey Joolz. Send me an email with your request.

Hi Wr wipeout.

I will like to know how can i set a background image like EVENTS section, in your DEMO?


its Done ok :), i do this by my way.. ok dont worry. thanks

Awesome! :)

Hi two things 1. How do I create dropdown menus for example, my restaurant has two menus a carryout and dine in, I need one nav link that says menu and on the drop down Dine in and Carryout. 2. I removed the calories below the menu items now there is this huge open space how can I get rid of the open space the site is http://cannyconcepts.com/alsseafood/

Hey Eyexzist, to create dropdowns, you will have to turn off the single page option. To this, go to Settings > Reading and change “Front page displays” to “Your Latest Posts”