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It doesn’t look like the header menu is responsive on i8 and below, have you tested this?

Send me an email with your name in the subject line.

You asked me to email you and you’d send me the pre-release of the update a couple weeks ago. I emailed you over a week ago and haven’t heard back. I am on a deadline and was counting on this. Please let me know what the deal is. Thanks.

Hey Evan. I just emailed you.

How to sort the top menu?

Thanks Sander

The order of the menu items is based on the number in the order field when editing a page.

Still trying to have more map markers on Locations page. Can you post a shortcode for this here…maybe a sample.

In the locations page editor, I have a map center coordinates and a box below where i can enter shortcodes for destination markers…. I did paste the 3 samples with minor changes to coordinates into the box but not getting result… www.pitapros.com

Got it, thank you for help. Also the document is a good reference.

Thanks, happy to help. Your site looks awesome by the way.

Trying to replace the dummy photo 542X485 in OUR STORY page, but there is no shortcode for it there…anyone can help?

Hey Picky. Can you send me an email with your request in it?

I did a couple days ago…plz check e-mail.

You are Fahim right? If so, I think we resolved this.

I´m using WPML to get the theme Multilingual (English/Spanis).

I will like to know where i need to place the php code:

The drop-down language switcher can be added to your theme by inserting this PHP code: <?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?> or as a widget.

to get my site multilingual: http://balevgroup.com/site/

Done, but there is any way to place this code in menu, aling to the right ?

Hey Nemo. To place this, you will need to put it directly in the theme file. If you like, I can do it for you just email me your site login.

Like Marketronics’ client, mine only has one location. How about adding zoom level to your Theme Options in a future release?

I also noticed that while you expose style.css to the editor, you don’t appear to be calling in on the pages – so I can’t override anything without diving into your code. Any chance you’ll change this?


Two other notes: How about at least one additional menutype with icon – “beverage”? I found the code for Calories and commented that out – my client doesn’t disclose calories. That would be a nice option. If the calorie line were omitted when the count was left blank, even better.

A warning about renaming the menu page is probably in order, too – it appears that the main page button link is hard-coded to “Our_Menu”.

I’m releasing version 2 this week. This will resolve many of the requests my users have been made instead of me sending them individually.

We would like a secondary/sub page that we can link to from the front page. However, the content of any page we add automatically shows up on the home page. How do we prevent that from happening?

Just to note—several other people asked a similar question. It would be helpful to have the answer posted in this forum instead of having to email the author every time. If the answer was posted before we wouldn’t have to post the same question yet again, nor would we need to bother the author. Instead of figuring it out and moving on, we now have to wait.

The reason why I have people me is so that in the event I have to make a modification, I can send it directly. Send me an email and we will get this resolved.

My slideshow in Events page is out of order. Shows top picture without frame…any ideas?

any thoughts?

Can you give me a login so I can see how you are using the shortcode.

This is resolved.

Hi Author,

Is there any sample data file I can import cant seem to find any?

is there not a short code module?

Yes there is data. Send me an email with your username in the subject line.


Am I able to make this multiple pages vs the one page as advertised. The reason I want to do this is to make it more SEO friendly.

You have the option of multiple page ore single. This is required by Envato.

IS it just me or is the scrolling on the home page not very smooth? It is pretty rough/jumpy. Is there a way to make it function a little smoother?

It should be very smooth. Maybe its your browser?

For the interior template option, do you have a screenshot or a link to preview it? For instance, is the interior template just the 1 column option like the home page, or is there a 2 column format as well? We’d like to include a blog on the site and wanted to know what it would look like.

Sure I can email it to you. Whats your email address?

How do I ‘zoom function’ can I put on the ‘Google map’? (What do I need to modify the CSS files?)

Thanks Sander

You will need to modify a javascript file in the theme. Let me know if you need help with this. I’m happy to help.

Really love this theme. Great work. Had to hack it up a bit source-code wise to get what I wanted.

For anyone wondering about the map-zoom options, just go into the javascript folder and edit site.js. You’re looking for the “zoom=” line, and change the number depending on how far you want to zoom in. I set it to 16 to get it to where I needed it.

To the dev – Perhaps in a future release, the zoom level could be a part of the options.

Thanks. Yes, zoom will be included in the next version.


I need to know two things. I want to know how to add a seal to my menu. I also would like to know how to make that jumping animation that points at one of pages on the navigation bar.

I will be emailing you as well.

Thank you.

I’ve responded to your email.

Are you able to change the beer mug to any image that you want?

Can you make multiple locations show up on the map?

Yes you can change the beer image however if you want to make a custom animation, you will need to build it custom.

I have 3 customers that are interested in the theme but they would like to place orders online something that I can do through WooCommerce. Do you plan to add WooCommerce support to this theme soon?

Yes thats in the works however I’m not sure how your timeline looks for this.

Any ETA on the work being completed?

Working on it tonight. I will keep you posted on its release!

Help, why are the descriptions of the menu items repeating themselves? michaelscharcoalgrill.com

Also, seems like the image carousel is missing the framing for the top picture.

They shouldnt be. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and we can look closer.

Emailed, need support. Thanks

Looking into this now.

Hi! I haven’t purchased yet; and while I like everything about this theme, I need a more functional events section.

I was wondering if you could tell me if I added The Event Calendar plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar) if I could use that instead of the events gallery that comes with the theme? Thanks!

Yes. Every feature is optional. You are welcome to add any slideshow, or calendar you like to any section. Also, the gallery doesn’t have to only appear in the Events section.