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Hello, 1st I will like to tell you well done with such amazing design. 2nd i have some concerns I will like to know before purchasing - Is it possible to make the first page picture (burger) as a slideshow. - Is it compatible with the reservation plugin - Can we replace the events with news to show for example latest 4 news posted with intro image

Hey there Whissi. Here are some answers to your questions.

1. The top image is a single image in the current version. However, version 2 will include a slideshow.

2. I’m not sure what the reservation plugin is, but there should be no conflicts with any plugins unless they are trying to alter the main structure of the theme.

3. You can put whatever you like on the Events page. All features are optional.

1 more Question can it be used as RTL

Yes you can use right to left format but you will have to declare it either in the css or in your template.

Hi i cant make the blog to work? Is it functional in this theme?

Yes. They wouldn’t approve it if it wasn’t. :)

Hello! Curious as to when Version 2 will be released? I didn’t want to get too deep into my work with version 1.1 if V2 will be released soon.


Im working to get version 2 out soon. Keep in mind if you own version 1, you can get the latest everytime a new version comes out for free.

When v2 comes out with the slider then you’ve got yourself another guaranteed sale right here. Any ideas when it will be available?

Sounds good. I’m working on it now and hope to have it this weekend.

Do you have a link to the demo showing v2 features like the header slideshow?

Its not on the demo page currently.

When is version 2 coming?

This weekend.

Again, the same mistake on Functions.php file. Change this: º$output .= ‘º<ºul><ºli>2 Positions<º/li><º/ul>’; To this: º$output .= ‘º<ºp class=”job”>º<ºul><ºli>’.º$positions.’<º/li><º/ul><º/p>’; (remove the “º”) This make the “Job” runs well. And maybe you can make an changes for “calories”, it’s not nice to make changes every time to update the theme. In my case, I change the numbers to Stars. (Valoración: ?) The rest of this theme is awesome!

Hey Akiross. There is no mistake here. Why are you changing the job output to use a paragraph with a class? It already has a div with the same class. And thanks for your feedback.

Thanks, I’m wrong. I’m to fast make changes. Thanks for your update, my website looks awesome!

Great! I’m glad you like it!


There is something with the map not working, I cannot zoom in or zoom out to the map, it just remains the same.. How can I fix this? and how can I add multiple locations ?

Sounds good!

Hi, I know this is a long time ago :) I just discovered, I was able to add multiple locations on as text but no markers are shown on the map itself

Hi! Are you sure your longitude and latitude values aren’t backwards? Thats 99% of the time the reason.

Great looking theme. Two initial questions, though…

My images are losing quality in the slider significantly and I can’t seem to fix this. Are the recommended dimensions for optimal appearance, or is there a setting I need to be aware of to prevent my images from being blurry?

Additionally, is there a way to set the Google Map location to default to a more “zoomed in” setting rather than the global view?

Thank you

Loosing quality? The slider wouldn’t cause quality loss. Send me a link so I can see.

hello, how to change the menu icon in the Iphone text version equal Menu icon and the color of the strip still in the Iphone Version thank you

I’m having a hard time understanding what you are asking. Can you elaborate?

good evening Another question, how to reduce the map google maps on iPhone Version thank you

When you say reduce, do you mean zoom out?

Hello wrwipeout,

I sent you an email 2 days ago. Just wondering when you will be able to get back to my support inquiry. Thank you.

Hey Eternal. I thought I did. What’s your email address?

No answer yet. I resent it 3 days ago too. Email address is info[at]eternalhq[.com] I understand you probably have a busy schedule but I would at least appreciate a response on if you will be able to help me or not. Thanks.

Hey Eternal. Im sorry for the delay on this. I can take a look at your requests tonight!

Hello there, I cannot seem to get the picture besides the story text.. do you have to use a table?

Have you upgraded to version 2? It was updated here.

how can I tell?

When you go to activate the theme, it should say a version number.

There is a random box behind the pile of pictures slideshow for events

What do you mean by random box. There should be a pile of pictures, some visible and some not.

http://FiestaOle.com all the way at the bottom its faded

I’m sorry but I don’t see any unusually boxes. Where in particular are you referring to?

Do you have a working wordpress demo. The only one I found appears to be static and I’m having trouble getting a few items to work like the barrel image under our story. How do you get it to appear to the side? Also how to you edit the menu link names? You have STORY which takes you to OUR STORY. If I make a page called OUR STORY then it makes the link called OUR STORY and changing the slug didn’t seem to affect it. Thanks in advance!

Looking now. I think I responded to you. Let me know if not.

Didn’t see one.

I don’t think I received it. What’s your email address?

Hello! Could you tell me how to link the header menu pages to scroll down the main page instead of navigating to each individual page? Like when I click on “Our Story” in the navigation menu it takes me to a separate page with just the our story text. I want it to scroll down the main page to the our story section. Thanks in advance!

Never Mind, I see I had to remove the Menu I was using.

Yup. Thats it. :)

Hello, I would like to know if your theme is woocommerce ready ?

Its currently not woocommerce ready. Sorry but this is a plan for the next release.

Ok and when the realse will be disponible ? Another question did this template could be use with Wordpress ?

The next release should be out within a few weeks. And once it comes out all users will have access to upgrade it for free. And yes this is Wordpress.

When creating a full page how do you remove the author info, comments and trackback? I also would like it to be a full width page.

This sounds like you haven’t finished setting up. Have you seen the documentation page? It may be easier for you. It also includes a file called “dummy.xml” that automatically generates all of the pages in the demo with content. Let me know if you need anything else. I hope you like it!

When I exclude my locations page from the home page it shows up as blank and does not show the google map.

Hey Corey. Email me a link to your site so I can take a closer look. I can look at it tonight.

The icon images appear broken in in the menu page when it goes to the actual page

Hey Lauren. I’m unable to see the issue. Is this resolved?