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Hello … I have a Pizza shop client and love this theme but have a question regarding the menu.

My clients menu has 100’s of items so I need a way to sort by categories such as Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Pizza, Entrees .. etc. Otherwise it will be impossible to find anything fast.

Is this possible? ...

As a possible work around, would it work if I were to create accordion sections on a page w/ 2 or 3 columns? Would I be able to add that to your one-page theme?

Hmm. This is a very interesting request but makes a ton of sense. I can add this to my list of things to include in the next release. If you need this sooner, we can discuss a custom build I can do for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I should close my deal this week meaning I need to deliver in 60-90 days so as long as your next release is soon, I should be fine.

So in summary .. we need something like an accordion but with category filters. The point is to avoid scrolling for things in long lists.

I understand. Thank you for your interest! :)

I need to get the pic in the story section working ASAP! could you please let me know how to get it to display properly? You helped me yesterday via email which I apprciate. greg@flymedia.ca

Hey. I responded via email.

Hi, great design. How do you get the button ‘View our menu’ in the home page to scroll down when pushed like in your demo. At the moment I have #Menu in the appropriate field but it doesn’t scroll down, it just flicks suddenly to menu part in the homepage. Just need it to scroll thanks!

Each section has an anchor just above it. The anchor is the title of the page so if your page is Specials, you make the button link #Specials.

Hiya buddy!

Great looking theme, I really like the animations and in whole theme. is there any way I can have a look at the back end of the theme before I purchase the theme?

Also as gswass stated having Tabs in the menu section would be a great addition to the next update.

But I would definitely like to have a look at the back end before I made the Purchase. Thanks.

Never mind I ended up buying the theme, it looks great!

Great thanks! I hope you like it! :)

Hey Buddy I am trying to add multiple prices for small, medium and large portions. How would I add 2 or 3 different prices for the same item? Thanks man.

You can just add the different prices within one shortcode.

We have some troubles with the blog part of the theme I have sended an email. Thanks.

I will review and we will solve all of your issues. :)

Hi, is there any way to make the content section not full width? I’d like to use a background slideshow, but I’ll need to make the content section narrower (a specific width ??px dimension) to allow the background to be seen each side. I can edit the CSS/PHP if you can advise where.


I found how to do it with css, set width to 70% and then add padding left and padding right 15%

Yup that’s a custom mod but your site looks awesome!

Great looking theme! Only issue keeping me from purchasing is the ability to add multiple food menus without having to scroll forever to view.. Is it possible to set up some kind of accordion feature? i.e. Visitor can select the “Lunch Menu” and have that expand, or the “Dinner Menu”, etc.? Or is it possible just to have a separate page(s) for food menus? Thanks!

Hey Jmaurer. I’ve been asked this before and I’m planning to include it in a future release. You can either wait for the next release or get it and upgrade it when it comes out. Your choice!

Hi, I’ve been trying to make my homepage (a static page not the blog) scroll like the demo. I’ve set up two pages and and created navigation links (using the WP Appearance>Menus tool) but when I click on a navigation link it goes to a separate page rather than scrolling down to the page below. I saw a similar question here and the answer was to go to ‘Iron Bull Settings’ > ‘Navigation but I don’t have a navigation section in my Iron Bull settings?? I’m using WP v3.8.1 no plugins installed.

Hey Kevin, I just responded to your email. I’m glad you like the theme!

I also would like to know how to add the seal to menu

Hey Brutality. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com :)

Pre-sale question:

Looks like a great theme for a restaurant – but I also need to be able to add close to 100 menu items that are easy to find, preferably on it’s own pages. Will your theme accommodate this? Thanks!

Yes. Many buyers have created sub pages for their menus for this exact reason. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

Any updates on the integration with WooCommerce?

No Woo Commerce at the moment.

Great theme. Just emailed you a couple questions. Cheers! -Rob

Hey Rob. I just responded to your email. I’m glad you like it!

How do I make simple line breaks? The “br” tags disappear when entered – and “p” tags leave large line breaks. I didn’t see this discussed in the comment section.

Yes. It currently filters HTML tags out to keep the content pure. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and we can come up with some custom solution.

Hey great theme! Got everything working except that the “sliding/scrolling” feature is not working. When I click the menu links it just jumps straight down to that section. But if I test the demo site it scrolls fine. Both are tested in the same browser. Also, the header is stopping further down than the demo too, which causes the logo to partially cover that sections header. I checked the source code to ensure the ’s were in the right spot and they seem to be…Any ideas?

Here’s the site in question: http://sluggospubandgrill.com/


Alright, so for anyone who has the question: why don’t my links scroll smoothly to the page ? One potential answer is that the custom links in your menus need to ONLY be #A_ID_NAME. When I installed the theme, I think the default custom links were http://www.sitename.com/#A_ID_NAME (or maybe I changed them by accident, I can’t remember). You only need the hashtag and A ID Name.

Oh nice, that actually fixed the other problem I was having too! Where the position it scrolled/jumped to was wrong. Now it’s scrolling to the appropriate spot and not covering the headers.

Oh great! I’m glad it worked out! I’d love to see how your site turned out. You can email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com if you’d like to show it off.

I just upgraded to V2 and the “navigation” option in Iron Bull settings is missing. Everything else seems to be correct other than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey room773. That settings panel has been removed and navigation control has been streamlined so you can manage it while creating a page. Its designed to simplify things a bit. I hope you like it! :)

Will you be adding WooCommerce support at all? If so when?

What is a few weeks? Can you give me a ball park estimate?

I would say this is likely to be released at the end of March. I try to keep updates pretty regular.

great theme, I am going to purchase it, but is there any plug-ins you recommend that I could put the social media at the top instead of the bottom?

Also, on your main ‘view our menu’ button can I link that to a pop up or outgoing page? I need to use that as an online ordering system.

Ah, just bought the theme, any demo content to have an easy set-up start, then tweak away from there?

Yes there is a file called dummy.xml in your package. It gives you the same data used in the demo. You will have to follow the getting started steps in the documentation to make it use a single page.

So how can you import the file? I have copied the contents and I put the link but it doesn’t import anything.

To import a wordpress xml file, you have to go to tools>Import>Wordpress. If you don’t have the wordpress importer, it will make you download it before you can do an import. I hope this help! :)

I got it now, I thought it was going through what the theme was offering but that isn’t working.

If you can add the ability to more easily change the icons for the menu and more color customization from the theme settings that would be good.

Hey Naspos. Thanks for the feedback. My user feedback completely shapes every release so if there is anything else you think people could benefit from, please feel free to let me know. I hope you like the theme!

Imported the file but it doesn’t look like the demo, can you help with this?

Sure can. Email me at nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com and I can take a closer look. :)

email sent

Looking at this now.