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i bought this theme which is awesome… when someone adds 2 items to the cart and you have the flat rate shipping picked with the shipping charge per item chosen it calculates correct (my case i charge $25 per item shipping) but when you go and take away one item from 2 items it doesnt go back to the 1 item shipping charge…in my case i charge $25 per item… if u add 2 items it charges $50 but if u update the cart and put 1 item it keeps the shipping at $50 (which is 2 items shipping charge) as if they are ordering 2 items instead of one… is my site you can check it out for yourself…

check this out , its seems no a problem with my theme but woocommerce settings

Your theme appears to have issues with the most recent version of WooCommerce and WordPress. When I have WooCommerce activated I get ajax errors with your theme.

you can roll back with the previous version or wait for the update which will take one week thanks

Hey i got this message in my wordpress..

“Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files. If you notice an issue on your site, this could be the reason. Please contact your theme developer for further assistance.”

also when you goto my site it shows 2 of the same Cart Totals side by side when you click VIEW CART…. i updated to your latest theme and also latest Woo Commerce.

Also when you add an item to the cart it doesnt generate automatically in the cart so u cant check out etc from the upper right hand corner cart option

i actually fixed the double cart issue….. but still have an issue when i add to cart it doesnt show up in the upper right hand corner… i just get a quick message on the screen saying it was added to cart but doesnt show until i refresh the site..

also i have it on flat rate shipping and it if u happen to add to products it will double it for some reason.. and then if u take one away it still stays double

ok fixed the shipping issue.. the only thing now that doesnt work is the add to cart from the home page when u click the green cart on the product picture..

please wait one week i am totally pack in very important work

Hi – great theme – but I cannot get the flex manager images to show full width like in the demo. I can see others have had the same issue. is there a fix or settings change I need to apply?


please pm me your detail

Hi – I messaged you my info a couple of times but no reply? Can anyone get the flex manager to go full size like in the demo??

Hello i not get your Pm detail On my email , i already provided on Doc or

Hello Fahim, why you stopped updating the theme anymore?! there are old files need to be updated in the system status, hope you could update it soon. Ciao

yes in this week

Hello Bigtreat, is there any upcoming update to be Compatible with Woocommerce 2.4.x ?

sorry for the dely yes , i will provide update till wed

Hi Bigtreat – any news on that woocommerce update?

sorry for the delay tomorrow you will get it

Please reply to my email

so you will get it on time , review take time :)

Hi – I have recently updated your theme (which I love) and I have updated woocomerce template files as required.

I now have an issue on my shop page where the sidebar will not show at the side of the page. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I have resolved this now :)

Please Pm me your detail and tell me , you find any bug in the theme because few days ago a buyer face such time of problem, i fix it how you fix it ? so its help us to update theme too.. thanks you solved it from yourself

Please share

Hello, I recently purchased your beautiful “Martha” theme and have added the flex slider onto the homepage in the page builder however it displays two separate sliders in the header and I only added one slider? Please let me know how to fix this asap or if you need my login? Thanks in advance!

home page show slider by default you don’t need to add extra slider you can add the slides by flex manager options in appearance -> flex manager , you can remove the flex slider from page builder :)

if you still getting any problem please Pm me i always here to help thanks

please don’t forget to give us ratting :)

Ok Thanks for the help. How can I removed the bottom footer where the widgets go on the site to not display anything? Also how can I remove the search bar on the top left header? Thanks

Hi , Please PM me your detail

Hello.. has anyone seen this error after updating WP and WooCommerrce based on the new files provided. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in public_html/wp-admin/includes/post.php on line 631?

I can’t create any new posts or create new orders. Its very odd. If I go to orders for example, I will see old orders but all new ones have only empty space in the row. However I can see options for clone/new draft with no other info.

i already replied :)

Hello BigTreat are you planning to do an update to be compatible with woocommerce 2.5.5 thank you

Pm sent, but please update it here as well to let other users get the new update, regards..

Hi i submit the update can please pm me again so i email u files as soon as possible


Thank you BigTreat.

Good day, do you plan to update the theme again? need to update WooCommerce and the new version has compatibility issues with the theme

Hi Bigtreat – just following up – do you plan on updating this theme again? Woocommerce has a big update that has compatibility issues


joyloli Purchased

Hi Bigtreat – just following up – do you plan on updating this theme again? Woocommerce has a big update that has compatibility issues ( please advice )


joyloli Purchased

Hello, Any updates ?!!


joyloli Purchased

Hello Bigtreat, Please let me know if you will add any updates on Martha or let me know if you will not update it anymore thank you and your reply highly appreciated..!

Hi, the support for this theme it’s still active?

can i see ur live demo site ?