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Hi there,

I am really interested in buying your theme. it looks great!

But two questions before :)

- Does the player is a floating player? I mean, if a music is playing and then we decide to change the page, does it stop the music or not?

- Is it possible to play a track without landing on the dedicated single/album page? I mean is it possible to play a song just by clicking on the cover?

Thks for your kind answer!



Thanks for your interest.

Sorry but theme don’t support such features.


I love this theme! Before I buy it, I have a few questions for you:

- Is it possible to use Bandcamp / Soundcloud players on the front page player (under the menu) and on the album pages?
- Is it possible to pull photos from Instagram instead of Flickr in the blog footer?  
- Can we replace the default menu categories, or at least, change their link text?

Thanks so much! Fingers crossed!

Went ahead and bought the theme. Super slick!

My only suggestion is to add white-space: nowrap; to #page-header h1; long titles are spilling over on single pages. Otherwise, this is awesome. Thanks so much for all of your work!


I have two questions:

- how can I choose the mp3 song played on the Homepage?

- Is it possible to have a background video homepage with a Youtube video?



I forgot to say thank you…

When clicking on an album in the artist page, 404 error page returned. (Found the same question from other users but no answer here.)

Would you pls help? My site is www.theartslabel.com. THanks in advance!

Hello, Kindly update your theme to the latest version. I have fixed that issue.

How can I update? Automatic update in the wordpress? Or delete the previous theme and download/update the one in Themeforest now?

What I installed is “themeforest-7208716—musicvent-premium-music-event-wordpress-theme-wordpress_theme.zip”

Thanks. Shean

you have to download new updated theme from the themeforest & upload it in the place of earlier version. but if you have made tweaks in the files & don’t want to loose them, you can just replace single.php from updated theme package.


I have two questions.

1. The albums that are linked to the artist end up at a 404 page. This only happens when you first click on the artist then scroll down and click on one of their albums. How do I fix this?

2. Is there a way to order the albums by date and not title & is there a way to remove the hover effect to the albums show up in full colour?



Please download updated version of theme. I have fixed that 404 error.

You can not have albums sorted by date.

Full color – You mean gallery – gray scale to color ??

ok Thanks, I mean removing the hover state on the images and albums

Where do I download the newest update?

Can I change the event ascend to descend?

Many thanks

Hello again its possible to show future events?

Hi, do you mean featured ?

Hello can you please tell me how can I sort events by style? I like to have house, techno, trance events, separated on the frontage the same to the albums and the artists. Many thanks in advance PS I’m trying to put the embed iframe of DJTV playout to play on Home page in full screen but isn’t working, any clue that you can provide?

Excuse me but I need an anwser, its important for the website. I asked these questions 11 days ago,and I saw you answered questions after mine. .....

Here is my question:

- how can I choose the mp3 song played on the Homepage? I deleted the first song and the player on the home page doesnot work anymore.



I can give you codes on a private email please give me your adress

It is not just about the codes. I will need to check queries. Please feel confidant sharing your temporary login details. I’m not asking for admin login details. Just create new user & send me the details. I will not be doing any harm to your existing data. You may check previous comments. I have worked & fixed issues with buyers same way.

Before that just try doing one thing. Create new album. Try adding some songs & check if homepage plays any song.

If problem continuous, You will have to contact me with wp details through my ThemeForest profile page.

here si my email: infoshiatsu-shop@yahoo.fr, send me email and i Give you the login details thanks

Can you please help me figure out why the homepage slider will not show any images?


hi, are the mp3 files secure, or are the visible in the source code? best

NO. They are visible in the source code.

I want to create a WP site for multiple bands like sound cloud many bands profile will be there each band will have followers and fans and each band has there events , music section , gallery section also.

so I want following list. 1.many bands profiles can be added 2.members profiles those can follow any band and other member 3.bands personal profile page has there musics,photos,videos 4.band events page


Sorry but this template is for single band only.


Is possible to sort the events by events date? Now, they are sorted by the date they are created.


The theme is really OK but could we order the event list by Event Date. Now, if order thy month but inside the month is order by event create date and no by event date property.


Sorry, but you can order event list only month.

And is something you will add to the theme? it would be interesting to have all the list completely ordered.

I want to include wpml shortcode anywhere. I think main menu couls be a good options but it doesn´t work.

Do you know any example where this shortcode could be cool.


Hello there, nice theme! One question: This theme supports wordpress multisite and budypress plugin. I mean, i think will be so nice if the artists feature use multisite and budypress plugin. The theme are compatible with this features?

Hi there,

With limited WordPress knowledge I’m setting up a website for a small company that I work for. I want to ask if it is easy to implement a webshop feature, since I don’t read anything about it in the theme description? And is it possible to install the WooCommerce Mollie plugin (http://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-mollie/ ) for safe payments? Thanks in advance for your answer.


Unfortunately, this theme do not support E-Commerce.


I am using your Musicvent theme but i have encountered an error. Loading my website takes very long, according to Pingdom 45 secs. My backend however loads very quickly.

Now i have used Inspect Element on Chrome and under the Network tab it says “prettyphoto.css?ver=3.1.3” 404 Not Found. It spends roughly 45 seconds to find that file until it just stops looking and loads the page.

Is there an error in the theme or something or do i need a newer version of the theme? Please help, its really urgent.



Never mind, its solved.

Hello QuadCodes,

Your front page, http://themeforest.quadcodes.com/wordpress/musicvent/ has a stuck loading spinner. I confirmed in FF, CR, and IE11.

Any development underway for free and paid front end event submission?

Have you thought of adding “Venues” the same way you have “Artists”? Thank you

Hi ! I’m trying to add the name of the day in this page http://themeforest.quadcodes.com/wordpress/musicvent/events/ “Mon 22 Mar 14” instead of “22 Mar 14”. I have tried <?php the_date(‘l’); ?> but this is not the event date but the event publication date….