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awesome design! Good luck ;)

Thanks :)

Looks nice ! GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Good one!Best of luck :)

Thanks :)

Nice music studio! :)

Thanks :)

Hello there, I love this theme, and I can’t wait to purchase it, but I just want to know if it is possible to replace pictures in the front page with video player (embed code) to occupy the full width or boxed (with adjustable sizes). Thanks

Actully not. But I can try n make changes in the code such way that menu will only visible on hovering upon video. Just get in touch with me after you purchase this item & I will work on you request.


Thanks again, Do I have to pay for you to work on that request?

Nice, good luck with sales!

Thanka :)

Looks great, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Thanks :)

Good work, GLWS! ;)

Thanks :)

It’s a shame.

That it doesn’t sell more. You know, 99% of the themes in here look just..not as good as this one! Great work on the design, totally off-the-hook!

Amazing stuff, unfortunately, amazing isn’t understood by everyone, most of the time.

Anyways – great work guys, keep on rocking!

All the best.


Thanks for your words :)

sorry pretty new to this but love the design! its super clean and fuctional! if/when i buy, can i switch the MV logo with my own?

Hey, Thanks for your words ! Sure, Every content/image you see here is customisable :)

I have a long form logo. Can we still use this? Your logo is square


Doing so, design layout will look distracted. We can make it vertically longer though if you really want too.

HI, Can I add different cities to the theme? For example, Add Boston, new york, and a bunch of other cities. And add different categories of events for each city? I want to the user to select the location as soon as he enters the site and they will be served the location’s events.



Thanks for your interest.

Events supports “Category” custom taxonomy.

So you can categorize events as per the country/location

& then have your visitors choose category(country/location) as they enter the site.

You can use following function to generate category list as described in WordPress docs : http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_categories

Hi, nice and clean theme. Can this be in 3 languages? Or can it be achieved with WPML.

Secondly, I noted this is well documented, being skeptical about well documented on themeforest, I’m wondering if you can tell us how this is documented. For instance via video on you tube or …


Thanks for your interest !

Currently it only supports “English” Language.

Well documented in the sense of I have explained using screenshots. For instance, How to create menu etc…

I noticed that theme allow visitors to reply on post. How do they create an account to do so?

It uses default wordpress user registration system

Good work, best theme for music I’ve ever seen.

Before I purchase I was wondering the “Artists” page is set by page? the quantity is customizable?

I mean, If I want to have or no paginations at all it could work, and it can be separated by genre or so?


Thanks for your interest & words :)

Artist is page template. It do not support pagination. It is sorted “Alphabetically”.

You cannot separate it by genre.

I wish to purchase the theme but I have a couple of relevant questions:

1. Can the landing page music bar be remove or the auto-play be in pause status instead of in auto-play status when one arrives at the landing page?

2. Can the menu bar black or dark gray color be change into a different color thus the menu titles also changing accordingly?

3. Can an item be remove from the menu bar. Example ‘ALBUMS’?

4. Under ARTIST sub-menu you have ‘Artist Single, Newest… Can this be change into for instance genre type like jazz?

5. The location gives only countries. Can this also gives address and city?

6. Can the logo easily be change with text like Brussels – Danst? Is there enough space or will it resize?

7. Lastly, does the documentation covers the practical aspects of ‘How to’s or step by step to configure the pages and all parts of the website? This is very important because Themeforest themes are notorious of saying well documented whereby the documentation only talks about installing WP or plug-ins, which is never enough to achieve desirable results as the demo?

Many thanks, Patrick

Good work, best theme for music I’ve ever seen.

I have a question.

When it is accessed by the iPhone, I wish that it is not interrupted at both ends. What can i do? Please access my website from iPhone. http://rascaljester.com