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Thank you for this! Its exactly what I’m looking for! Will purchase in a few

Thanks thegraphxbyashanti!

This is clean and nice! Good luck with sales :)

Cheers louiejie :)

Cool theme! Good look in sales!

Thanks MatArt!

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Cheers Chris :)

Very nice! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks CSSDesignVault!

Is it multi-language (and support po. files)?


Yes .mo/.po files are included

Does this theme have the option to change the background?

Hi fljohnson2,

Yes you can easily change the background to a solid colour or an image in the theme options

Love that, but does it support First Data Global gateway?

Hi lillalaika,

The theme supports any gateway which WooCommerce supports, I had a quick look and it does indeed support First Data Global gateway, however you’d need to purchase this extension: http://www.woothemes.com/extension/firstdata/

Oh I see. What does your website support? Are there free gateways?

lillalaika, the default payment gateways which are supported by theme are: -Paypal -Direct bank transfer -Cheque payment -Cash on delivery -Credit Card Thanks

beautiful work. Can you describe what transition options this slider has? does it do simple crossfades?... other stuff?... can you control the easing, etc.?


Hi mgma,

The slideshow uses Flexslider (http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider), you can pick from slide or fade effects and the speed of the animation and the amount of time the slide pauses for can all be changed.


Nice theme, can I put more than 1 picture for each product ?

Hi toplevelbh,

Yes you certainly can, additional images are displayed as smaller thumbnails below the main image, click to see a bigger version in a lightbox popup, I uploaded an example here: http://themes.quitenicestuff.com/organicshopwp/shop/luxury-spa-set/


Thank you. I have purchased it.

Thanks for purchasing toplevelbh!

If you run into any issues setting it up feel free to email support at help@quitenicestuff.com

Can this theme be applied you think for a jewelry store for hand crafted items and perfumes?

Hi axgillette,

Sure I don’t see why not, the theme is designed for use with any kind of items, particularly hand crafted/home-made type products. The colours and background images can also be changed to easily tailor the style to a particular shop if required.


Dear Quitenicestuff,

I have three problems in the theme:

1. The logo picture is not showing in the IE 9 . 2. the Logo is showing bigger than the website width in iPhone safari, 3. the subcategories name in widgets are listed under the categories but no space before the subcategories name. I think it need some margin-left.

Hi toplevelbh,

Thanks for letting me know, I will upload a fix within the next couple of hours. I’ll post a comment here when its up!

Just a heads up, the update has been approved now. You can head over to your downloads area to get it


Thank you. Its showing. Good luck with the sales.

Before buying…

Can you show videos in the slider? Can you change the front page? Fx. I don’t want “Latest Items” and Testimonials” on the front page, but I need textboxes instead?

Thanks :-)

Wow… Thanks for the quick reply and GREAT service concerning videos;) I’m buying this theme right away;) Do I need to update the theme tommorow to get the newest feats? If so – I guess I just have to download the theme agian and re-install it or is there an update option? Ohh… One last thing: How do I change the language to fx. Danish? THANKS !

Hi mdjeff,

Indeed you would need to update tomorrow if you downloaded it now, its not difficult to update but you might want to just wait till tomorrow to install as it’d save you a bit of time ;) The theme is already multi-language compatible, I’d recommend: http://wpml.org


Just a heads up, I’ve added video support to the slideshow and text blocks to the homepage. Just waiting for the update to be approved

Hi, download the latest 1.2 version. Noticed that all images are being aligned in the centre. Where can I change this to left?


Hi lwrkrol,

Can you go to “Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings” then add the width of your logo to the “Image Logo Width” field (checked your site and it should be 300)

Did that but I want the images to align to the left, not in the centre.

Hi lwrkrol,

This would involve customizing the CSS , send me an email at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll see what I can do.


Hello, I LOVE this theme, I’m just about to purchase but i need one question answering REALLY quickly!

There’s one feature im not noticing in your theme. if you take a look at the theme FLEXISHOP 2 , particularly this page: http://themeforest.net/item/wp-flexishop-2-a-flexible-woocommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/2080989

you will see that the subcategories of the main category appear just above the products.

This is VITAL to me as i will have lots of sub categories. Doe your Organic Theme accommodate this?

Thanks so much, i REALLY REALLY hope it does because it perfect!!!

Kindly, Oliver

Hi Oliver,

It doesn’t currently support it but I don’t think it’d be hard to implement at all, I’ll try and add this feature in the next update coming within the next couple of days.


I am new to using templates. Does your template allow for ad space? Is that something I can add to these types of themes?

Hi TiffanyLynne,

I would say so yes, since the theme comes with both sidebar and footer widget areas, you could use a HTML widget to display an advert


Great theme, but I have an issue in that the text over the home page slider is not show with the colour block or styled? The arrows on the slider are also displaying wrong? Also, where can I change the colour of the intro text?


Hi chrishoo5,

From looking at your “style.css” file I can see you’re using version 1.2, the latest is 1.5, if you upgrade to this it will fix the problem. Just to clarify if you download the latest version and replace the “style.css” and “functions.php” files it should be fixed. I’d recommend replacing all the files ideally but those to two at the least.


Hi I did that, but it didn’t change it. as it also reset some of my other style tweaks )logo position etc) I put the old one back in.

Hi chrishoo5,

If you view your “style.css” file here you’ll see you’re still using version 1.2 so you’ve either not uploaded the new file to your server or you’ve got a cache plugin running which hasn’t been cleared: http://www.designbyparent.co.uk/clients/lulubelles/wp-content/themes/organic_shop/style.css


Hi Is it possible to add tag titles as a style, for example, I’d like to add a title like on the home page saying ‘Latest Offers’ to another page – so would have the coloured background styling and dotted full width line? This would make a great shortcode addition Thanks

Hi Is it possible to add tag titles as a style, for example, I’d like to add a title like on the home page saying ‘Latest Offers’ to another page – so would have the coloured background styling and dotted full width line? This would make a great shortcode addition Thanks

This is actually a shortcode already :p

Use: [title]...[/title]