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Hi there !

Have you as a project to do this theme for opencart ? :)

Best regards

Hi world-internet,

I’m afraid there are no plans to develop the theme for opencart at the moment. It might be a possibility in the future though if the demand is there.


A great theme, i have some problems with the right side template for the store, when i choose this template in the store page i see a full width template.

Hi grey_sowo,

Indeed this appears to be a bug which occurred since the last update, I’ll issue an update with a fix tomorrow for this


Ignore the above, just submitted an update now with a fix. Just waiting for approval, should be available within the next few hours.


Great thanks!

How will i know it s available?

Hi oliveaxa,

Its available now, you can head over go to Themeforest > Downloads to get it


Hi, Great theme, Just a quick question, Is the Feature Slider Unlimited with the number of slides that can be displayed?


Hi Agent_K13,

Are you referring to the slider on the homepage? if so the number of slides you can have is unlimited :)


That’s the one. Great! Thanks for the quick response!


Do you have tags in the template ? (with active & inactive states)

Thanks !


Hi thesullster,

The theme supports tags for blog posts and products, is this what you’re referring to? I’m not sure what you mean by “active & inactive states”, could you give more details?


Does the theme has icons for tags like here : http://d.pr/i/rCO2

By active/inactive states, the tags would have 2 colors to represent each state like : http://d.pr/i/Qle9 http://d.pr/i/dVAl

Thanks !

Hi thesullster,

This isn’t part of the current design. I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to implement though, a few lines of custom CSS could achieve a tag like those shown in the screenshots. Happy to give you some pointers how to do it.


Hi. I think this theme would be perfect for my client but before purchasing, I just had a few questions. My client runs a business that sells a service as well as products. She would like to feature pages for her services, recent blog posts, and featured products on the home page. I’m one of those non-code ninjas. So, I’m wondering if this is possible for me to do with this theme?

Also, is it possible to have an about page as well as customized pages that I can add to house her services?


Hi 2CS,

You can add any custom pages you like, and the theme comes with a bunch of handy shortcodes such as columns, buttons etc to make coding easier. I think you could quite easily create some pages listing services just using the shortcodes. If that fails I’m sure I could help in some way via support.


Thanks! I’m making the purchase. :)

Great 2CS, if you need any support feel free to contact me at help@quitenicestuff.com


Many thanks for all your help, this is an excellent them with even better support.

A few questions before I purchase:

Can you have 3 columns for featured products, as opposed to the four that is in the demo? Can I define the specific products that would appear there?

Can you link directly to a product on the main menu?

Do you support options for products (i.e. same item with small/medium/large)? Can those options change the price?

Do you support multiple images per product? Can I embed a video into the product description?

Can I use a large, static images as the background rather than a tiled background?

Hi jkostick,

1.) Yes it is possible to have 3 columns on the homepage instead of 4. You’ll need to change two things to achieve this, first open “organic_shop/template-homepage.php” and go to line 111 and change columns=”4” to columns=”3”. Next open “organic_shop/style.css” and go to line 1546 and change the width to 31.5%.

2.) Just copy the product’s page URL from your browser address bar then go to “Appearance > Menus” and add a “Custom Link”

3.) Yes, see section “E.2) Online Shop > I want to add attributes to a product such as size, colour etc so that customers can pick this when purchasing, is this possible?” in the documention

4.) Yes multiple images per product is supported, just click “Insert/Upload” above the big body field when adding a product and upload as many images as you like. Regarding video, sure I don’t see why not, checkout the documentation for information about the video shortcode

5.) Yes, in the theme options in the “Styling Options” tab there is a field where you can upload any background image, then below is another field which lets you set how to display the background, e.g. repeat, no-repeat, repeat-x and repeat-y


A quick question before purchasing:

Can I have 3 columns below the slider that represent a specific category that a user can click through?

Can each category page then have it’s own unique photo and text at the top of the page with the products listed below?


Hi MsTruffle,

There is an option for the homepage which lets you insert your own custom HTML , by default it displays 3 columns so I guess the answer to your question would be yes you can display information for various categories in three columns. The content would be static though and not pulled from the database.

Regarding having a different image header for each category, by default this is not an option however it could be easily done with a few lines of custom PHP . I’d be happy to help you set this up.


Thanks for the quick reply… I’m not a coder, so I’d need PHP help.

I would like give the visitor a good way to navigate from a category photo (positioned under the slider) to the specific category page. If the photo cannot be clicked on, can we add a button next to the photo that would navigate to that page?


Hi MsTruffle,

You could make the photo clickable with a simple bit of HTML , or if you’d prefer to use a button this is also possible using the built in button shortcodes


Hi, 1. When I specify up-sells products, they show OK but there seems to be a maximum of 4, is that true? For cross sells, even if nothing is specified for a specific product, the system shows 2 randomly, where do they come from? Can we not show any? 2. How can I remove the Reviews tab from the products? 3. When updating the WooCommerce plugin to version, I get this nice message: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature, any idea? Thanks for your help !

Hi claurin2000,

1.) It would appear so, the WooCommerce website has this code in the docs which states you can change the number, however it didn’t work for me: http://wcdocs.woothemes.com/snippets/change-number-of-upsells-output/

Could you send me an email, and I’ll do a bit more research and get back to you on this one.

2.) Go to “Products”, hover over the product you want to remove reviews from, some options will appear, click “Quick Edit” and then untick “Allow Comments”

3.) I can’t replicate that error, I would recommend downloading directly from their website and then unzipping the package and placing the “woocommerce” folder in “wp-content/plugins”. This method worked for me without problems.


UPDATE : Never mind, everything is fine, I guess the upload didn’t work the first time! :)


Looks like a great theme, I’ve purchased it and am eager to try it. Problem is I get a:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

:( ... on a brand new 3.4.2 WP install. Can you please advise?



Hi klaggy,

Glad you got it sorted, if you run into any other problems feel free to email me via support at help@quitenicestuff.com


Hi Quitenice,

I just bought the blanco theme and pulled out about 50% of my hair…jk but you know what I mean. I am a designer with some front end experience..and I am looking for yet another theme for a friend of mine.

What made me buy blanco is the fact that it had image swap, and I really would like to implement this my self into this theme. If you know of any known plugins or ways to achieve this with your theme that would be great.

one other important question,

can you change the top header image for each product category ? (b/w image w the candle and towels) i’d like to have different images for different categories.

Hi reactor,

You can set a different header image for all pages, I guess having a different header image for WooCommerce categories would also be possible, you’d just need to add a little if statement in the header function, e.g. if cat = this, show that image. I could help set this up.

Regarding image swap, could you elaborate? some kind of image rollover for products? currently this isn’t support, of course with a little customization you could do this. You can add multiple images for products, I think you could probably achieve a rollover with some clever HTML /CSS


Yeah, I was trying to avoid hardcoding the image swap in each and every product thumbnail with html/css.

How about the home page. Can you easily add modules / columns ? or is the page as is ?

Hi reactor,

A custom field can be activated on the homepage which allows you to display shortcodes and HTML , by default the custom field comes setup with 3 text columns using shortcodes, this can easily changed to a different amount of columns though. There are plenty of built in shortcodes to help you achieve various different designs etc with no coding.


Love the theme! Any way to work a Captcha into the contact form?

Hi rankbetterseo,

Certainly, although you’d need to do a bit of customization to achieve this. I’d recommend this captcha: http://www.phpcaptcha.org/


Hi there,

I’m a newbie wordpress user. I would like to create a site with categories and products without a shopping cart for now. Is it possible to remove all signs of the shopping cart and then add it back in the future?

Really nice theme!

Hi all4it,

You can disable all signs of the shopping cart etc by simply not activating the WooCommerce plugin, however by not using the WooCommerce plugin this would mean you got none of its features such as product categories etc.

There are two options I would recommend to do what you want to do:

1.) Activate WooCommerce and use its category features etc to display items, then use CSS or PHP to hide the ecommerce features such as shopping cart / buy now etc – this would involve some customization on your part

2.) Do not activate the WooCommerce plugin and instead use the built in shortcodes supplied with the theme to create pages to display images etc. Using the [gallery] and [columns] shortcodes you could do this, you wouldn’t have categories though – this wouldn’t involve customization / coding


Hi A pre-purchase theme question. I would like to use this theme initially as a business blog and at a later date introduce (switch on) the shopping cart option. Is is possible to use the theme as a regula blog/business theme and hide the shopping cart and it’s related attributes?



Hi brasstacks,

It certainly is, the shopping cart and other shop features will only appear upon installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin.


I uploaded the background (no repeat) and it’s not showing…http://mariviafragrancebar.com/

The styling options aren’t working at all – none of my colors are showing…

Hi marivia,

I can’t replicate that problem on my local version here, make sure you click “Save all changes” after making any changes in the theme options.

If you’re still having problems email me your WP login info to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look.


Uploaded v1.2 but it says broken theme, stylesheet missong. Please let me know.


Hi oliveaxa,

Please make sure you’re installing the correct file, when you download from Themeforest you will get a zip file, unzip this and then inside will be a folder called “Organic_Shop_v1.x”, then inside this will be various folders such as Documentation, Import Data, Licensing, PSD and organic_shop. “organic_shop” is the WordPress theme folder which you should install.

If you’re still having problems installing please email me via support at help@quitenicestuff.com


Quick question, would there be any problems incorporating a different shopping cart system? The processing of the orders are always done manually.

The system we currently use is terrific and I don’t want to change.

The theme looks great – would really like to be able to use it…

Thanks in advance!


Hi pollgera,

I would give WooCommerce a try and see if you like it, you can download the plugin free and try it before purchasing this theme.

If you still prefer your own system it wouldn’t be that hard to strip out all the WooCommerce stuff, most of the code is stored in a specific folder of the theme. You can email me via support at help@quitenicestuff.com if you need help removing the WooCommerce code