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Hi Nick, My client is loving the site so far, but really wants her logo bigger on the header. I’m not seeing where in the code to change dimensions. Is this possible?

Also, you were so kind to help me get my recent blog posts on to the homepage but the thumbnail came in rather large (same width as page). I went to functions.php and changed from this

add_image_size( ‘blog-thumb-large’, 612, 107, true )

to this

add_image_size( ‘blog-thumb-large’, 460, 250, true )

but it stays the same size. I have also re-uploaded the image after making the change, but still, I have a massive image. Is there somewhere else to change the size that I am missing?

Thank you again. Alanna

Hi Alanna,

You should only need to change the size of “blog-thumb-large”, make sure you’re re-uploading the image and not just reloading from the already uploaded server version.

If that still doesn’t work feel free to send me your WordPress login details and I’ll take a look.


Guys… help~~ whether I install it through WP or manually, when I active, I get thie error…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/mothers/public_html/staging/wp-content/themes/organic_shop/admin/index.php on line 35

and the site is hosed. Need to get this site setup yesgterday… please help.


Hi mgma,

You’re getting this error because you’ve got an old version of WordPress, the “wp_get_theme()” function is relatively new so you’ll get the “undefined” error in old versions of WP. Go to http://wordpress.org/ and grab the latest version and it should be all good


Figured that out. Thank you!!

Also… where/how do I change the slider to a fader?


Hi mgma,

You just need to open “organic_shop/js/scripts.js” and change line 133 and 152 from “slide” to “fade”


Yeah, this template is awesome. I want to have some variety of main colors though… for instance the rule underneatht eh menu items a different color than the one at the top of the page… also maybe the little widget header flags a 3rd color, etc. can;t seem to find them individually… can you help?

Also… where can I change the ease in on the drop down menu rollover background colors? I’d like them to fade in quicker, snappier.


Hi mgma,

By default you can modify the main colour to anything using the theme options, you can only use a single colour as you mentioned though.

If you want to use multiple colours for the sidebar headers and other headers etc this is certainly possible, you just need to add a bit of custom CSS .

For example you could change the colour of just the tag titles with:

.tag-title {background: #ccc !important;} .tag-title:before {border-color: #ccc transparent #ccc transparent !important;}

Regarding the drop down menu delay, to make them faster you just need to set the delay to 0 and disable hoverIntent, open “organic_shop/js/scripts.js” and delete lines 5 – 9 and replace with:

delay: 0, animation: {opacity:'show',height:'show'}, speed: 'fast', autoArrows: true, dropShadows: true, disableHI: true

If you’ve got any more coding questions its probably easier to email me them directly at help@quitenicestuff.com



-I am do not have a vast knowledge about CSS / HTML. Will i still be able to use this theme? I have already uploaded the wordpress plugin onto my website but was just wondering whether your theme would require a lot of editing when it comes to CSS / HTML ?

- Will i also be able to use other currencies like Indian rupee?

- How many products / pages can i add ?

- What about Newsletters?

-Kindly let me more about the “DIRECT BANK TRANSFER ” feature. When the user chooses that option , will the bank account details of the seller be displayed? We are keen on using : Direct Bank transfer feature Pay on delivery Paypal

- Can the logo + colour of the layout be edited?

Apologize for bombarding you with so many questions . I am keen on purchasing this layout but would like my doubts to be cleared :)

Hi Violetlocks,

Thanks for your interest, this theme can be easily used and customized (custom colours, background, logo etc) with zero coding knowledge.

1.) Yes you can use Indian Rupees

2.) There is really no limit as to how many pages/products you can add

3.) There are plenty of free newsletter plugins for WordPress available for download, for example: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/newsletter/

4.) Yes it looks like the bank account details would be displayed to the seller, you can actually download and install the WooCommerce plugin to get an idea as to how the payment system works here: https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce

Once installed go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways” for more info.

Basically the direct bank transfer payment is a wire/swift payment.

5.) Yes



Thank you for the prompt response!

One last question, In the demo layout , “Login/Register” option has not been provided. Will it be available once i download the layout? I would like it to be on the top right corner of the layout.

Kindly confirm.

Hi Violetlocks,

Yep sure, the links in the top right are a standard WordPress menu so you can add any link you want including login/register links, no coding required



I just purchased this theme! :)

Is there any catalog or word document through which i can get some guidance on how i could proceed further?

I would like to add the slideshow and other features similar to the demo layout.

Hi Violetlocks,

Many thanks for purchasing! :) the documentation can be found in the “Documentation” folder of the main download zip, for anything not covered in it feel free to email me via support at help@quitenicestuff.com

Regarding the slideshow, demo data is provided which will let you replicate this and other features of the demo website. Checkout the “Getting Started” section of the documentation for details of how to import the demo data.


I’m having trouble configuring the mijireh with paypal, I receive this message:

Whoops! Please fix the problems below: Order failed: This transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant configuration.

I’m using a Pro paypal account and got the credentials and API keys setup correctly I think !!!

Can you help?

Hi claurin2000,

Could you email me your site URL via support so I can look into this: help@quitenicestuff.com


My client is not ready to sell his goods but wants his website set up to sell when the time comes. Can I use this theme without a shopping cart until he is ready to sell?

Hi carafry,

Sure, you can just disable the cart/add to cart buttons via CSS


can you expand on your response on how to hide the cart until we are ready to sell products? you said via css—can you give more detail on what to do to hide the cart item count , cart icon, and color block underneath it?

thanks! love the theme!

Hi jennifercp,

Sure you’d just need to use “display:none” in the CSS for the shop elements you want to hide, e.g.

.product-button, .cart-top, .single_add_to_cart_button, .qty-fields-large, .cart-buttons { display:none; }


FYI – Your theme uses a depreciated WP page / function (wp-pass.php). If you replace wp-pass.php with wp-login.php?action=postpass in the functions.php file your customers won’t have any problems with password protected pages. At least that’s how I updated my customized version of your theme and it works fine now (throws an error otherwise).

Hi GreenAppleWebs,

Thanks for the heads, I’ll fix this in tomorrow’s update

Hi, Me again. Thanks for your previous answer to my questions.

I am having trouble with my primary navigation. How do I: 1/ remove the “home” link? 2/ re-order the items in the navigation? (i tried the drag and drop under “menus” and also ordering them as individual pages). i feel like i am missing something completely obvious. :/

the site: http://healthcookinglife.com/

thanks for your help! jennnifer

Hi jennifercp,

Assuming you’ve created a menu in “Appearance > Menus” you should be able to drag and drop items into the order you like. Are you clicking the blue “Save Menu” after reordering them?

If that doesn’t work send me your WP login details to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll do it for you


Great Theme !!!! I’ve only one question, how can i center the Background image? i think it has something to do with the functions.php but i’ve some problems to set it.

Hi thorstenopper,

Thanks! to center the background image go to “Appearance > Theme Options > Styling Options” and then add the following in the “Custom CSS ” field:

body {background:url(your-image.jpg) center no-repeat;}

The above is set to not repeat, instead of “no-repeat” you can also use “repeat-x”, “repeat-y” or “repeat”

This is such a great theme – so easy, and great customer support!! I’ll be recommending it to future clients again and again! Thanks, Nick!

Thanks for the kind words Paule, much appreciated!

Hi quitenicestuff, once again you have a very smooth theme. I have a request/inquiry.

For every fullwidth page or default page created, a comment box appears on the bottom of the page. How do I eliminate it? I dont see any reason it should be there other than the blog. Please advise.

Hi rockn,

Sure, just go to “Pages” and then click “Quick Edit” for the page in question and untick “Allow Comments”


Thanks a million quitenicestuff, your responses are always phenominal. Last request and ill stop buggin:

1. Rather than Vimeo, is there an option to apply Youtube videos in the slider? 2. How do I eliminate the search bar in the menu area?

Thanks in advance!

Hi rockn,

Hah thanks, I try to do my best :)

1.) Unfortunately Vimeo is the only option at the moment, the reason for using Vimeo is that its API integrates nicely with flexslider and is responsive whereas I don’t think YouTube is

2.) Open “organic_shop/header.php” and delete line 158 – 160. Then open “organic_shop/style.css” and change line 416 from 78% width to 95%


Hello I’d like to purchase this theme but I need to know can I add a custom background?

Hi bahamabeats,

Sure, a custom background image or colour can be easily added using the theme options.


I purchased the theme but I’m having issues uploading my logo at the top of the page. Every time I upload the pic only this ” alt=”” /> shows up

Hi bahamabeats,

Many thanks for purchasing, could you send me your site URL to help@quitenicestuff.com so I can check it out


Hey, I just installed this and am getting the following on my dashboard Notice: Undefined index: std in /wp-content/themes/organic_shop/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 63 ..... etc etc..

What’s wrong? Thanks

Hi akimeister,

Hmm the only thing I can think of which would cause this is either: you’re running an old version of WordPress or you’ve got Debug mode turned on in your wp-config.php file.

Could you check both of the above and if that doesn’t work send me your website URL to help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look


@quitenicestuff I sent you the info via email about my logo uploading issues did you receive it?

Hi bahamabeats,

Yep, fear not I’ll be responding shortly, just gradually working my way through all the support requests for today :)


Hi @quitenicestuff,

If I buy this item will I be able to change the green to a different color?

Thank you!

Hi CathyZaehler,

Sure, the green can be change to any colour in a few clicks in the theme options.



I checked debug mode and it is off. I am alos using the latest version of wordpress so not sure what could be wrong. I’ll send you my website.


Hi akimeister,

Just responded to your email