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Great theme! But is it possible to add text to an image on my portfolio items? If so how do I that? Thanks


when you click on a portfolio item and navigate thru the images…how do I add a text caption to each image?

Hello I have purchased this theme and I am using now in my website. I am wondering if it support RTL feature to have Arabic tabs in my site. Thank you


bubino8 Purchased

The theme is perfect. There is a problem in the Award section, does not delete the last Awards recieved. Please fix the problem. Thank you

dears, i cannot install the theme, i have upload the zipped file as i always do but i got the following message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” please advise. thanks

Hi, Please don’t install the package itself. You need to install the zipped file that’s inside that package. You should good for that

its already done, thank u. I hv new questions:

How can I add a logo instead of the title? How can I remove or change “fullname, birthday and lives in” in profile (I meant the title not the content) How can I remove the side menu from news and blog and maybe put recent articles instead? Is it possible to add anything in the footer after the social media icons? as well I have faced an error in the map. I added the field required but I got a javascript error.

Thank you

Does this support woocomerce ?

Sorry but not at the moment

Does this support woocomerce ?


duvallb Purchased

I’m having a sizing issue as I see people were having 2 years ago but you haven’t fixed. My images are cropped of in thumbnail view and popup view…I need this fixed asap!

Can you give your blog address?

Hi, Great Slick and Simple Great job i just wanted to add links on the service page on the process icons, can we do that? Thanks

hi, don’t bother, i added more in the description and linked to the url, thanks

But one more last thing – the contact form isn’t sending any messages – i used gmail – and info@domain name.com still didn’t receive any. Thanks

I am getting the error “This theme requires the following plugin: Syntac Custom Posts”... how do i install this? When I go to install from the plugin panel it says there is not a vaild url….

I am developing on a local host. but I know for certain that I did not get the plugin that you refer to. so perhaps you can make that download available to me… it might solve my issues.

You still need to contact, for me to send out the plugin files

ok just sent it to you

Hi, guys. Anybody please share the domain name on which these theme is installed. Want to buy it but want to see how your site looks like.