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ProspektDesign does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi, a send to your suport(envatosupport@prospekt.hr) one email. Please answer. Great Tiago Araujo

Hello Tiago,

we will look into it immediately.

Cheers !

Any plans to make this theme responsive? I would have purchased if it was responsive!

Hello smudge,

unfortunately due to graphic layout of theme it would require to much time to make it responsive. It wasn't planned to be responsive from the start.


Hi, the link in menu page archive aren’t clickable. Why?

Hello Pamila,

can you please send us URL and WP-admin info on envatosupport@prospekt.hr.


Hello themes are compatible with WordPress version 3.9

Yes, they are.

Cheers ;)

hello , how changed the price in USD $ EUR € menus.

thank you very much

Pouvez vous me dire ou je doit le modifiée ? Dans les fichier PHP ? ou dans les fichiers de langages .mo ou .po ?

Car j’ai essayer de chercher mais je ne trouve pas

Merci beaucoup

Can you tell me where I must change? In the PHP file? or language files .mo or po ?

Because I try to look but I can not find

thank you very much

Hello kreoli,

we can make this change for you, just send us temporary WP-admin credentials on our support mail envatosupport@prospekt.hr together with details with what you like to change.


Good afternoon, I’m trying to put a menu category is sub category of the other, but this showing how different categories. I would like to stay like this page.


Donburi and Noodles and a sub category of Chinese Specials

Answered via mail support.


I bought this template now but it is not responsive. (iphone/android..)

I can repay the credit to buy another template?

Many thanks

Answer sent via email support.

Hello, I am one step from purchasing I just have one question. Is it possible in the menu page instead of having one image per category (e.g Chinese specials, Cold dishes) to have a small photo per dish and by clicking on it to zoom?

Hello that will require some modifications since it is not supported in current version.


is it possible to be done? many thanks for your immediate answer

It is possible however you will need to make it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You can always consider us for this modification and we can make you quota via our mail contact: envatosupport@prospekt.hr


Nice theme. its a contender at the moment. One big issue I have is when I tried the demo on an iPhone I was unable to scroll through the menu items to see the rest of the items at the bottom of the menu. This would obviously be a he issue if they cans see all of the food available. is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance


tbh it is a bit older theme so it wasn't made responsive, however it is mobile friendly so it should work on all devices as a web page.

Regards, ProspektDesign.

that’s the thing it is not. I just tried on an iPhone and when I go to the menu the section that is scrollable does not scroll so the items on the bottom are un reachable. will there be a fix? I would like to purchase but with no fix don’t see how I could do that.

Dear thelongislander,

The website is mobile-friendly but not responsive. It means that it lacks some functionality/adjustments for mobile devices. It still can be viewed on mobile devices with certain restrictions.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

If there a full page with no sidemenu template?

Dear thelongislander,

You can use frontpage template when you create a new page. It doesn’t have a sidebar.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, This theme is compatible with Wordpress 4 Can we do the update? thank you

Dear Kreoli,

The theme is compatible with wordpress 4.

Best regards, ProspektDesign.

Hello, How to change the number of seconds or milliseconds for the slide ? thank you

Thank you :)

Hello, Can we have the slide is in other pages? Staff Pages or other ? I try to look in the header.php but I can not find the solution for now ; thank you

You are welcome ;)

Hi, I bought “Taste of Japan” theme, after installed it became a blog site, NOT a full website like advertised, am I doing something wrong ?


can you please provide us with link to your site (best via mail) so we can look into it.


Hello, Will you plan to support latest Wordpress Version 4.7? Can this theme support woocommerce shopping cart? Thanks!