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Hi, do you use less or sass for your css ?

I wonder how can I add the twitter updates, because it seems is not working. Would you mind to send me the code, also, it looks terrible on mobile devices and it supposed to be a “responsive theme”, do uyou have the updates to make it look as it should?


the twitter API was updated so without access to the code, I can’t do much, I need access to the code. Upload the website on some temporary host so I can access the files and fix them.

Do you have an email so i’ll write you tomorrow as soon as i upload everything to a host? or email me to: my username @gmail . Thanks!

answered via e-mail


Sorry to keep asking lots of questions! I’ve just placed some content in to get an idea of how it works, but none of my pages are showing up, what am I doing wrong?

There is content under all the pages except Vision and Values.


disable the maintenance plugin


I have another question, sorry! How can I change the font on the main ‘Welcome’ text? I’ve looked through previous comments and can’t find an answer.

Thanks :)

Look in the Colorization section of the theme options panel, you should be able to find it there


Just bought your theme and i am going to customize it a lot. But i have some questions

1/ Why don’t i see the menu and widgets. I can’t setup the menu in Appearance -> Menus

I think you are missing the custom navigation in theme functions.php “The Appearance Menus Screen enables a user to create custom navigation menu in place of a theme’s default menu. Support for this feature must be registered in the theme’s functions.php file”

Where should i add it?

2/ I like to use a different background image per page, is this builtin or should i customize it?

3/ I don’t get the Logo letter, using no-letter causes the navigation to behave strange (not reacting at all)? How is the placement of the logo letter selected?

4/I don’t like the contact menu in the main nav/menu how do i make dissappear and put it in the footer or anywhere else?

5/ Do you have a custom.css where we can put our styles which overwrites your theme styles?

6/ I am also missing the widgets? doesn’t your theme support widgets?

7/ Background image Use this only if you want a custom background image, different than the default one. Doesn’t work :( I see the background in folder uploads/2013/03/ but still the default background image is shown?

i am using a localhost xampp setup

Still playing around with the theme, more questions will be raised ;)


i solved the menu order and i have a workable solution for multiline.

How can i have regular html tags like enable in your theme?

I also notice the

    don’t have the dots so i added a class to the
      i use in a page, is this the right way or am i missing something?

i see how your theme uses the list items.

Now for the blog page or another custom page how can we use nav2 in stead of the nav with the big background?

Hmmm, I don’t understand your request, the blog page and the contact page should be added automatically by the theme


I got a problem with the comment on a post… It doesn’t work..

When I see log (and also in the demo website), we have this error : (with firebug for example)...
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/teo/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/ViewPoint/index.php on line 26

Anybody have resolve this bug ?

Reinstall the theme, I think the theme files weren’t copied correctly

Help – how do i Install? – I´ve looked through the knowledge database – uploading as unzip/rezip is not working. Uploading the Styles file alone is not working. uploading directly through FTP is not working.

What´s supposed to be in the re-zipped folder? The folder structure is very different from other themes..

Thank you in advance.

You don’t have the buyer badge


Did you know your theme options ui in wp-admin is overwriting the contact form 7 settting menu?

Yes, it will be fixed in the next version, if you need a fix for it, let me know.

Anthor thing when using the blog-template page you don’t call wp_footer() i need a proper wp_head() and wp_footer() call for some plugins i use

Just see the html-source code of you can see the footer html isn’t parsed.

Please, take a look into the subject

ps: happy eastern

wp_footer() is called on all the pages

How do I change the order to the pages? I want the shop page above the others, but I am unsure how to do this. Many Thanks James Hodges

After you selected the pages you want to show in the menu in ViewPoint options > Navigation, you can use the “Order:” input field that shows up on the right area of each page when you edit them.

Sorted!! Thanks!!

You’re welcome

Im having issues with some of the pages, the text from the top of the site is on top of the page.. see the link to see what I mean. Do you know a way of fixing this? Many Thanks James Hodges

This theme is not integrated with e-commerce plugins, that e-commerce plugin you use generates its own page with its own custom code which isn’t integrated with the theme.

Hi!! Thanks for this great theme!! I tried to change the background picture (the grey one with the trees) but I can’t. Under Colorization and Fonts I uploaded a new “background image” but I still can’t see it in my live version. Any idea?? Thanks

make sure the custom colorization option is enabled.

Well, I solved this… It was just matter of activating the option “Enable custom colorization & font changes?” Now the question is. How can I use one image in the upper part of the landing page and a different one in the contact page section. Thanks!

Did the Twitter API change? I used the shortcode in one of my pages but my tweet box is empty. Anything in particular that needs to be done?

Yes, it changed, but the twitter box will be removed anyway in the next version as they’ll retire the current API in may and they’ll request like lots of information to access their API in order to get the tweets so most of the authors will remove them, including me


Just wondering if your theme supports any E-commerce plugins? If so which ones?


Not right now, sorry.

Hi Nice Team, I would very much like to purchase this team. 1 Question before i do. Would it be possible to include to the top part of the team ?

Thank you

It requires some customization, if you’re familiar with coding, yes, everything’s possible :)

Hey, I’m new to worpress and I just purchased your theme.. i absolutely love it but once i activated it on wordpress I got a page that looks like it’s missing CSS… This may sound crazy but I expected to download the theme and upload it to wordpress and have it look the exact same as when I bought it… it doesn’t look that way… HELP!

When I download the file it automatically unzips. Am I supposed to upload the whole file or just the folder called viewpoint. I just re-uploaded the folder and am still getting no style showing up.

Disregard my previous comment, I think i got it working!!!


Beautiful theme! – but how do I activate the templates, such as Portfolio, services, work and experience? I can only see the blog template.

Thank you

They’re not page templates, but normal pages that use shortcodes, check the documentation for how to use them :)

Hey! I can’t upload this theme via zip through my wordpress backend or ftp upload it because it is saying that it is missing the style.css sheet. ?

Unzip the archive you get from ThemeForest.

  • So I got it uploaded and all, but the theme doesn’t have an option to edit the menu under appearance—>menu ?

Please help! Thank you thank you

Yes, the menu is handled via the ViewPoint theme options > Navigation

How do I change the order of the menu? It will only allow me to select everything available? on the viewpoint options>Navigation

There’s an “Order” input field on the right side of the page, when you edit each page individually…Order them using that field, add numbers there… they’re ordered ASC