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Hi! How do I update meta title and meta description of the homepage? I can modify them in every page but not in the general landing page. Thanks!

Hello. Try installing a 3rd party SEO plugin like WP Yoast SEO

Hi, what is the best strategy to update the theme (release of april 2013) without deleting all the customization i made on the previous css ? Thanks!

Hello. I’d recommend to install the latest update as a complete new theme if you didn’t modify the css too much..and re-do all the custom css changes

I’m a big fan of this theme! Is there anyway to disable the themes responsive behavior?

Not without a good deal of customization

It’s probably me, but where can I find the documentation?:-)

Hello. You can download the main package from the Downloads page and you can find the documentation there

Got it, thx!:-)


I can’t find the documentation either. I downloaded both zip files on the download pages, and extracted them but can’t find any documentation.

—NEVERMIND – I just found it.

Hi, I just bought viewpoint theme and i can’t find the menu options in my WP admin panel. I’m going to appearance and there should be ->menu i’ve got only ->themes ->editor.

The menu can be changed via the theme options panel > Navigation panel

Hi there,

I’m having a few problems with this template as well which I’m sure are quite easy to fix.

- email configuration doesn’t seem to work even though I have used gmail for easy set up. Test email still seems to be going to instead of the email i input in the settings. I’m trying to run a business from the website so it is quite important this works. - the order of the tabs doesn’t seem to work either when order them in the page settings. on the menu bar they are correct but as you scroll down they are in a different order. - I was wondering if there was a wordpress logo for the social media buttons on the first screen to take to my wordpress blog / or how to sync my wordpress blog with this template


Hugo ( or

Oh, sorry, to change the order of the pages, you need to change the “Order” parameter on the right of each page individually.

As for the first request, send me a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

sent you an email

ok, will answer you there

What’s the specific URL needed for Google Maps – can’t seem to find it in the documentation?

Get the URL from the google maps website and add &output=embed at the end of it

Cool. Thanks!

Hi- How do I set up my blog so that the blog page shows the first 3 posts? Right now, the blog page isn’t showing any posts on it – it is blank even though I have selected the “Blog Page Template” for the Blog page that I created.

Thanks, Laura

The blog page must be an external page, you can’t show the blog posts on the homepage

Hi – I figured out my question above, but I have a new question now. How do I get rid of the “designed by TeoThemes” that shows up in the footer?

Thanks, Laura

Hi! It’s in index.php at the bottom. Or in footer.php.

Hi – I figured out my question above, but I have a new question now. How do I get rid of the “designed by TeoThemes” that shows up in the footer?

Thanks, Laura

Hi! It’s in index.php at the bottom. Or in footer.php.

Where I can change the contact site name?! If want to translate it

Everything was ok, now i ve got something wrong. In chrome and firefox everything shows correctly but in IE menu moved down. Could you take a look at it on

It looks fine to me on Internet explorer

I am having the same problem that ‘didijc’ is having with my comment section. Everything is working great but the comment section does not send me an email. I have tried this on Chrome, IE, Firefox, and iOS. Can you help me with this?

in the same file replace:"../wp-content/themes/ViewPoint1/index.php", { name : name.val(), email : email.val(), comment : comment.val(), submit : "yes" }, function() {

with"../here/wp-content/themes/ViewPoint1/index.php", { name : name.val(), email : email.val(), comment : comment.val(), submit : "yes" }, function() {

Perfect. Now it is working correctly. I should have mentioned/caught the error that I was using a hidden path for security reasons. Thanks for all the help and the very good template. I have gotten many compliments.

Glad it works fine now. If you can, please rate the theme here . Thank you! :)

Love this theme! One question though- the only thing I would want to change is to have a way for the company logo/id to show on inner pages. I notice it shows on home but disappears everywhere else. Is there a way to put the logo in the top navigation for inner pages?

Unfortunately not by default, sorry.

ok, thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, i have a question. Actually i have mutiple questions. question about the blog. -i don’t want the ‘read more’ function under a post. How can i fix that? -i you click on ‘blog’ in head menu it goes to another page but the ‘top’ page is above that. You have to scroll down to see the posts. Is it possible to jump directly to the blog without the ‘front top’ page?

about the contact: -how can i change the background of the contact page? -is it possible to place a ‘upload file’ button in this contact page? -Can i change the font size of the contact page?

about the whole site: -can you change the background of other pages? -i use the plugin ‘Job Manager’. There is + sign when you login in the front where you can place new posts and other things. Is it possible to put an extra function under this sign? So when they have to place a new job they only have to press + button.

Thanks alot


Unfortunately I don’t have time for custom work right now :(

thanks again for the quick respond. Can you please tell how to get the menu above the blog menu. Here is the link to the site If you go to ‘blog’ you can see that we have the ‘top’ page removed but we want the menu above like al the other pages. Now you have to press the back button to go back to the website. We have the same problem when you press ‘Jobs’ followed by the ‘vacature’ button.

hopefully you can help us!

That’s not possible unfortunately, sorry, the menu is part of the top image / section

Dear FinalDestiny, 1. I’m looking for the menu options. In Apperance usualy I find my menu-panel. But with this themeinstallation there is none! Is it because of a “” installation ?

and 2. In which file or in witch panel can I change the copyright? I would like to cancell it. Thank you for you answers. KR trendforscher

1) change the menu in ViewPoint theme options > Navigation

2) In index.php at the bottom.

1) change the menu in ViewPoint theme options > Navigation I can’t change it there !??? There is only the possibility “Pages to include in the top menu” I includes all, but I would like to fix the sequence ….. Any idee?

If you want to change the order of it, you need to go to each page individually and change the “Order” parameter that shows up on the right area of each page. They’re ordered ASC, by that number

Hey there, having some trouble with the pricelist shortcode, its a four column pricelist but for some reason the forth title isn’t appearing. Here’s the code i’ve used…

[pricing-table title1="50" title2="100" title3="500" title4="1000"] [pricing option="<strong>A5</strong> - 210mm x 148mm" price1="£27.00" price2="£43.00" price3="£178.00" price4="£284.00"][/pricing] [pricing option="<strong>5” x 7”</strong> – 127 x 178mm" price1="£24.00" price2="£38.00" price3="£115.00" price4="£256.00"][/pricing] [pricing option="<strong>A6</strong> – 114 x 152mm" price1="£23.00" price2="£38.00" price3="£155.00" price4="£247.00"][/pricing] [/pricing-table]
Any idea’s why the fourth title of “1000” isn’t appearing?


Hello. You’re using a customized version of the theme, by default those pricing tables don’t exist in the theme, I can’t offer support for customized version of the themes.

Without sounding stupid, what do you mean by customized version of the theme? Thanks

Sorry, my mistake, I was looking at another website..Can you send me the URL, a WordPress admin account and your issue again via the contact form on my profile so I can check the code?

Sorry about the vague Facebook question! In Viewpoint, I’m trying to make and edit the headline text in pages, such as, “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess.” in the services section. Where/how do I do this?

Hello. You can add that slogan in the headline custom field, add your text there

I’m sorry, I’m a total dunce…is that in the pages section? or…

Hello ! I would like to know how we have to do in order to insert the “skill” design ? I saw this an other website but i can’t find for mine ! Thanks

Hello. You don’t have the “Purchased” badge attached to your account

Hello, I am trying to create a child theme for ViewPoint and am running into some issues. Do you have a child theme that works properly that you can send or a list of issues and fixes to make it work properly?


Hello. If you follow the tutorial here, it should work fine

Do I need to be calling a different style sheet since style.css only has the comment text? The URL is

No, the other ones are loaded anyway.