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Can you share how to insert the “Some Cool Headline here” under the ‘About’ page in your demo page?

it should be fixed now

I just refreshed and it’s not fixed, I would like it just like your demo, font size and centered? Mine if bigger and left aligned, go to and look at ‘Instructors’ page

That page doesn’t have the headline custom field attached to it. The Schedule page has and it looks fine

Thank you in advance for all the great help you give for this theme. My apologies, because I have a few queries… I have read all 24 pages of the comments and the documentation and I tried to fix the issues myself first…

1. The quote slider seems to be broken as the quote authors are not appearing. See “Reviews” page on – and I tried making sure that it wasn’t anything to do with Word formatting by cutting and pasting to a pure text editor first. I also tried editing where the

 tags were appearing to see if it was that - no effect. I need put in linebreaks because the quote text was not wrapping automatically for some reason.

2. Is there any way to cross-link between pages? See - if I make a page "Writing" with a link to a page "books", it does not scroll to the "books" page but to the intro page. However if I click on "books" in the navigation, it does.

2. I am getting that odd yellow thin bar at the top of the page. I tried your suggestion from the comments but it did not work unfortunately. How can it be removed?

3. On the Contacts page, I can turn off the background image but then the text is white on white - so how can you change the text colour or set a background colour instead? I am not able to remove the stars from this heading, yet I have managed to use your advice to remove the stars from the other headings.

4. I cannot get visited links to colour differently in the body text of the pages. How can I do this? eg Books link on Writing page.

5. Is it possible to have a link in the footer to a privacy and cookies page as required by EU law that will not be "hidden" below the intro page without also making it a navigation link (which would be eggy...)?

If you prefer to get a login to fix any of these, I can send the information to you but I cannot find your email address on the Envato site.

Thanks again Cristi it is a lovely theme and your documentation is great. I do think it would be good if you could collect the Envato comments and periodically include them with the theme documentation because then they would be searchable which would be more user-friendly than the Envato interface.

Best wishes Alannah/  Imogen

Thanks Cristi. The sub-page links work now but most of the other solutions did not unfortunately (haven’t tried the one footer.php one yet). Here’s what is in the custom css now with my comments about what seems to be working/not working in case you have further suggestions:

/* Different background image – works fine / #intro .bg1 { background-image: url(“”) !important; }

/ Turns off P logo in navigation – works fine / span.logo { display: none !important; } / Turns off contact form so just contact information displays – works fine / #contact form { display: none; } / Gets rid of the stars in the headers – works / .heading img { display: none !important; }

/ should fix visited links colour but no – they default back to the body text colour after visit /

a:link {
color: #0066FF !important;

a:visited {
color: #4A10A0 !important;

/ Trying to change contact form background colour to 99CCCC Just flashes briefly what is wanted if you refresh the page but then the tree img comes back also the stars */
#contact h2 img {
display: none !important;
#contact {
background-image: none !important;
background-color: #99CCCC !important;

Sorry this Envato forum interface really garbles what you post. I’ll try and send it another way eg via facebook. Still didn’t find your email details.

answered via email

I’m pretty surprised by the lack of support on this theme; I looked at the comments from the beginning and it looked pretty positive, but 2 days with no responses is pretty unacceptable…will you please address our issues?

Hello. I don’t always offer support during weekends, only when I’m home.

I can appreciate that, it’s Monday, 4:30PM EST, can I get support now :)

I read through most of our comment section on bringing in a new logo, is there certain size that works well, width and height, I also edited the layout.css file in CSS folder and inserted this code in ‘Custom’ .top-bar { background: transparent !important; } .heading img { display: none !important; } and inserted this code in Editor
#intro .bg1 {
background-image: url("link to your bg image") !important; } 
span.logo { margin: 0 10px !important; width: 235px !important; } span.logotext { font-size: 0 !important; }

in Style CSS

as you can see my logo looks off as well as the navigation pages, any advice,

Remove #contact .bg2 { from style.css

great, that did it! Thanks!

sorry wrong login.

How do I change the hover color on social media icon (Facebook) as well as the button color of ‘Sent’ in Contact area, for it’s yellow, I’d like to use a different color.

You’ll need to edit this image from the theme’s folder images/icn-facebook.png

Thanks, got it! What about the ‘Send’ button that’s yellow in contact section at bottom?

Edit the colors in css/layout.css:

.contact-form input.submit-button {
    background: #fcd996;
    color: #2d2d2d;
    font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;
    font-weight: 400;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    font-style: normal;
    font-size: 12px;
    width: 60px;
    margin-top: 5px;
    padding: 1px;
    height: 25px;
    text-align: center;
    border: 0;

.contact-form input.submit-button:hover {
    background: #fae3b6;

You mentioned something earlier in the comments section about a Video ‘Portfolio’ I am using the Portfolio Shortcode in the documentation, what do I need to change to that to make a Video Portfolio?

Hello. Just replace the image URL with the video URL and it should work fine

FYI, I just rated you 5 Stars! Thanks, I seemed to get rid of the ‘stars’ on all the pages except the ‘Contact’ page, can you tell me how to get rid of the stars on that page please?

Hello. Add this to style.css:

#contact h2 img {
display: none;

Great, thanks!

I’m having some issues with your shortcode for 3 Columns, see this page, I can’t get the spacing and balance correct, any suggestions?

the h4 look just fine, the empty spaces are because of some empty paragraphs, you should use the shortcodes/attributes on the same line. But other than that, I can’t really see any issue

yeah, I got it to work now, had to use a lot of   code… :)

Ah..Ok, great :)

Hi there,

We can’t make the comments submit button work. When pressing submit nothing happens. Is this something that has been addressed?

Thanks so much for your help

Hi. It seems to work fine for me now

Thank you for that.

I also mean for the contact form page. When hitting submit there’s no acknowledgement that your contact has been sent. Is there an updated version fixing this by chance?

Cheers, Fernando.

Hmm, the form dissapears and this message shows up for me ” Thank you! I have received your message. “

I’m having trouble displaying the Google Map on my contact page, I am inserting this link on Google Maps URL on Theme Options, General Settings,,-80.381038&spn=0.006436,0.016512&t=m&z=17

Any ideas?

Hm, please re-send the WordPress admin account and your problem and I’ll check it :)

ok, I just emailed you again.

Hello, I have this error when connecting to my site post yet I have not changed anything. It is the options.php page do you know why?

thank you for your help

for example, find:

echo '<li><a href="' . get_home_url() . '/#contact">Contact</a></li>' . PHP_EOL;

add before:

echo '<li><a href="YOUR URL HERE">YOUR TEXT HERE</a></li>' . PHP_EOL;

thank you for your help ! :)

You’re welcome! :) Please rate the theme in the Downloads section if you can, thanks.


I purchased this theme and I really like it. I am trying to add the Mac Slider to my page and the portfolio, but I am new to Wordpress. I don’t really understand where do I have to put the code that is in the Documentation File…

Thank You

The shortcodes should be used inside the page content.

Any Luck with my last request involving the Google Maps issue?

Check the previous message, I answered that one.

ok, I just emailed you again.

Hi, Thanks for a great theme!

I’m encountering a couple of problems:

1. I replaced the diamond logo in Nav header, but it doesn’t sit right. It was already doing this before I replaced the original logo.png with my own. Not sure what the problem is.

2. I’ve put an image in the Top header text, which mostly seems to work great, except when I shrink screen down to mobile size – can you tell me how to force it to shrink as well?

3. I want to remove “Powered by WordPress, designed by TeoThemes”, which I read in older comment I can do in index.php – just wondering what will happen when theme gets updated in future, will edits like this be overwritten?



Add this to style.css

span.logo {
top: 53px !important;
img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

and unless you use a child theme, yes, the edits will be overwritten with updates. And I wouldn’t recommend using a child theme for index.php since that file is the “core” of the theme and can be updated in the future. I’ll see in the next version if the footer info can be moved into footer.php.

i’d like to add in a dropdown list for the nav when you view the website on an iphone/ipad. the plugins i’ve looked say it should work if the theme says wp_nav_menu() but when looking for that, i see the nav uses show_top_menu. How can i get this to work? as reference to the plugins, here are two sites: and thank you!!

The theme doesn’t use the WordPress native menus, I’ll update it in the future to use the native menu and have a dropdown menu for mobile devices, but right now it requires quite a good deal of customization in order to achieve that.

Hi. I like the theme. It is a challenge to customize but you’ve been good about helping people and in a way I prefer to code versus the wordpress usual trying to think every thing ahead for you and then you can never get it exactly how you want it. Anyway. I’ve been through all 24 pages of comments but some of it was bleary eyed middle of the night stuff. So here’s what I am trying to do that I can’t figure out.

1. I want to remove the contact form. It doesn’t work but even if it did I just don’t need it. or want it. However, I would like to keep the background image/paralax functionality but be able to add my own content here and name the page.

2. I want the paralax functionality for people on desk tops but not mobile or tablet. re a previous comment I dropped this code into the style.css.

@media only screen and max-width: 1000px { #intro .bg1 { background-attachment: scroll !important; } }

Maybe it’s a syntax error?

Also regarding mobile and tablet functionality: The landing page doesn’t work right. The headline text is squished, and the other two lines get hidden behind the next page. This is a site for a small event so I think people can get the info they need regardless, but in the interest of cleanliness and simplicity and well you know this is supposed to be responsive, it would be cool if I could get it to work.

3. the background image is not responsive.

my main thing is getting rid of the contact form.

Thanks for your theme making my site seem cooler than it is!

1) Add this to style.css:

#contact {
display: none !important;

the link to the Contact page can be removed in teoPanel/custom-functions.php in the show-top-menu function

2) That code should work fine, make sure you added it correctly at the end of style.css

3) Add this to style.css

#intro .bg1 {
background-position: center center !important;

4) it works fine for me on safari and all the other browsers.. :-?

1. worked. sweet.

2. seems to be working now after i deleted another bit of code that i think was wrong.

3. sorta worked but made the image tile strangely and i don’t feel like messing with it anymore. Happy the way it is.

4. works fine on my laptop, just my desktop acting funky. weird. cache? whatever.

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I haven’t done much to the site, I might try some more custom stuff in the future, but I think it’s pretty cool. Thanks for your prompt support!

4) I checked it on my laptop and it works fine, hmm.

Hi FinalDestiny,

I have installed ur theme for I seek your help on two issues:

1. I have created a page which I have not added to the menu. A link to this page is given on one of the other pages. [Go to “Case-Studies” from the menu in, and click on the first pic]. When this page opens I do not want the homepage to preceed this page. Is there a way?

2. I have another blog. I would like my blog page on to be able to stream blog-excerpts from my existing blog. Is there a way?

Thanks a lot!


1) Hm, I don’t understand what you mean, the homepage doesn’t process that page

2) Unfortunately that’s not possible by default, sorry, you’ll probably need a plugin

Thanks for the reply!

To illustrate the first query.. say when I click “Blog” in the menu – The top page is still the index page, and the blog page trails it below. Is it possible to have only the blog page, without the top index page?

Also, another query – is it possible to upload my logo somewhere on the top index page?


1) Yes, but it’ll remove the menu too, since the menu is part of the header 2) Yes, you can add the code for the logo image manually in header.php somewhere between the code for the texts

I think I saw this but need to ask again, I like my intro-bg pic I’ve got on my site, but how do I use a different image for the Contact background towards the bottom? I still want to keep the top image there.


Hi. Add this to style.css

#contact .bg2 {
background-image: url("link to the image here") !important;

thanks again!

Hi. Love this theme – great work. 2 very simple questions (really wish I could search all the previous questions as I’m sure the answers are here somewhere).

I’m struggling with the Google Maps URL. Can you point me to some help with what to use please.

The only other thing – the parallax effect isn’t working. I can see in my source that Javascript is changing the position of the background image – yet it is scrolling at the same rate as the rest of the page for some reason. Fixing the backgrounds provides quite a nice effect, but not quite what I wanted. Again, can you point me at any help for this please.

I got the parallax working – I’d overwritten the y location with an !important.

Hi. For the google maps url, just take the embed code from the google maps website, that should work just fine