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For some reason the contact form isn’t sending to me either (I see another user is experience a similar issue.) I am getting a positive response from the form that the e-mail has been sent, but then nothing comes into my inbox.

I have the correct e-mail address in General Settings tab on the back end.

Any thoughts?


Hi. Try installing Contact Form 7, get the shortcode from that page and then go to index.php and find:

<div class="done">
                        <?php _e('<b>Thank you!</b> I have received your message.', 'ViewPoint');?> 

                    <form method="post" action="">
                        <p><?php _e('name', 'ViewPoint');?></p>
                        <input type="text" name="name" class="text" />

                        <p><?php _e('email', 'ViewPoint');?></p>
                        <input type="text" name="email" class="text" id="email" />

                       <p><?php _e('message', 'ViewPoint');?></p>
                        <textarea name="comment" class="text"></textarea>

                        <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="<?php _e('send', 'ViewPoint');?>" class="submit-button" />

replace it with:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[your-shortcode]');?>

Hi there,

I’ve installed a plugin that I link to through the menu. However, now… when I type in the domain, it scrolls down to the plugin instead of staying at the top of the page!

Can you solve this?

I’ve asked the plugin creator too, and am awaiting a reply.

My domain is:

Thank you!!!


Sorry I forgot to click “notify me of updates” ... please respond to the post below NOT this one! Thanks

Sorry to bother you AGAIN – I just removed the plugin… and moved it to www.thelovemindset/inspire-a-friend … so that showed up at the top. If you could let me know how to fix the problem without seeing it, that’d be lovely lol. I tried to use redirection to redirect from thelovemindset to thelovemindset/# but it said that it caused an infinite loop or something. That was the only way I could think to have it start at the top. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Sorry but I don’t understand what the problem is, can you please elaborate?

Hi there,

I’ve installed a plugin that I link to through the menu. However, now… when I type in the domain, it scrolls down to the plugin instead of staying at the top of the page!

Can you solve this?

I’ve asked the plugin creator too, and am awaiting a reply.

My domain is:

Thank you!!!


Hello. Your website seems to work just fine for me. :-?

Does this template include toggle paragraphs? Show/hide parts of text with header. For example very useful for FAQs.

Hello. Not by default but you can install a plugin from for shortcodes .. or

Hi, How can you set the menu order ? I have no menu section in appearance -> menu THX

Go to includes/shortcodes.php and find:

function filter_shortcode($content) {
    return do_shortcode(strip_tags($content, "<h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><a><img><div><ul><li><ol><table><td><th><span><p><iframe>"));

replace it with

function filter_shortcode($content) {
    return do_shortcode($content);

You rock!!!!

:) Thanks :) Glad it worked fine. Please rate the theme in the Downloads section if you can, thanks a lot!

Just bought the theme and love it. I’m a newbie, so please bear with me. How can I use the services section? I can’t really see the documentation, I think I may have downloaded just the WP files.

Never mind, I was able to figure it out, thanks anyway!

Hey! Ok!

Hi, there are some issue to be fixed – see if you can help me please: 1 -The contact form isn´t working I implemented the CF7 solution, but the button ‘send’ is half cutted and when the message is sent, the layout is messed up (the band with ” Powered by WordPress, designed by TeoThemes”) move down.

2 – the icons of FB and twitter are in the middle/center of the header – how can I fix it? I´d like it on the botton/center of the header, as the example page.

3 – what is the best image size for the header and contact page ?

Hello. Please post your requests using the account you used to purchase the theme.

Hi! I’m interested in purchasing the theme. I don’t want a menu on the front page and I’m assuming it’s not required. Is that correct? Otherwise, gorgeous theme!

Hello. You can hide the menu with CSS


I was wondering how I can link new posts to appear on the “Blog” page in the Viewpoint theme.

I created a page called “Blog” and a category called “Blog”. I displayed the Blog page in the menu through Viewpoint Options. I created a new post and categorized it under “Blog” but it still doesn’t appear under the blog page. Any idea how this can be done? Would appreciate your help!


So I just created a page-blog.php page and uploaded it to server. It works when I go to but shows up empty when I click on the “Blog” in the navigation.

I have the post categorized under “blog”. The Blog page itself is using “Blog page template” and has “blog” category selected to display.

When I click on the Blog link in the navigation (and all of the other pages which work) there is a # sign in front of the page (ex. manually typing in shows recent posts but doesn’t when it’s #blog in the url. Is this making sense? Sorry! Just confused why it wont work.

Hello. You need to select that blog page as the “Blog page” in the ViewPoint Options > General Settings.

I have some errors in admin panel after installation it seems like css was broken

Hi. Please send me your problem + your url + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

How can i change order of menu? How can i put the wordpress menu ? i see text in navigation that if i create menu in wordpress it will show up but it doesnt

Hi. You can change the order of the pages in the “Order” input field that shows up on the right area when you edit a page ;)

I’ve been attempting to change the background image. At first via FTP I replaced the intro-bg.jpeg with my own image to no avail. I then used the CSS you mentioned many times in the comments:

intro .bg1 {

background-image: url( !important; }

Into the style.css but still, the background image refuses to change. What do you think it is?

Hi. Please send me a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it. Mention the problem as well.

Another quick question, if I have an embed code from Soundcloud, where can I post it? Currently when I post in the page option (under text) it purely shows up as plaintext and not an embedded player. Is there something under theme options for HTML?


Hi. Where do you want to add it?

I would like to add it to a page added through Wordpress. Normally there’s a text and HTML option within wordpress, but I see just Text and Visual for Page editing. I tried with [code]embedded code[/code] and that didn’t work either.

Copy the embed code directly in the “HTML” tab of the WordPress editor

Hi there,

Happy New Year! How can I make the links blue? They’re black right now :) Thanks!

My pleasure :) Please rate the theme in the Downloads section :) Thank you!

Already done :)

Hey, I’m working with the viewpoint theme. I tried changing the background and logo, but nothing is working. I uploaded a background to the “Colorization & Fonts” menu but it did not change. I tried changing the logo.png and intro-bg.jpg…this didn’t work. Please help me? :) Thx!

Thank you for the quick response! unfortunately, this did not solve my problem :(... I’m at a loss here. I’m sorry for bothering you with this.

scratch that :) it did work, thank you so very much!

You’re welcome!

Hi! I’m almost done…I’m looking up the answers on previous comments so I wont have to bother you too much, but I’ve still got 2 problems I’m not able to fix. 1) I put in a new logo but the menu dropped and the logo isn’t centered 2)There is a hight difference between experience and skills under the EXPERIENCE “page”. Can you pretty please help me? (

Hmm, it looks fine to me

Indeed :), thx for all the help! I’ve rated your theme 5 stars.

Thank you! :)

Hi, any news on an update so we can use the Wordpress 3.x menus (and the responsive one for mobile for example)? I’m fine with the idea of moving the logo to another place if that’s the problem.

What’s your advice; should I try to force a mobile menu with a plugin or try to modify it myself/wiat for an update?

If you need it fast, I’d suggest modifying it yourself or using a jquery plugin for mobile menus. I don’t have any ETA for the update, but if you’re familiar with coding, you can modify the code directly in the the show_top_menu function from custom_functions.php

Ok. I registered two Wordpress menus in the child theme’s functions.php and replaced a few lines in header.php so I can use the standard Wordpress menus. Thanks for your help!

Hi, is this theme WPML compatible?

Hello. I didn’t check it yet, but will do in the next days. It should be compatible as all the strings are translatable in the po/mo language files


On your website’s sample, you have a structure where I can see different types of pages (about, work, contact, services…). Each page has a different structure; my question is: Can I design my website with any structure of page or must I respect the structure website sample?


Hi. You can use any pages/content you want, what you see on the demo only shows all the possible options and pre-defined shortcodes

HI there – I bought the theme because of the parallax effect however understand that this caused issues on mobile devices so I tried the fix

@media …..(lost the rest!) #intro .bg1 { background-attachment: scroll !important; } }

This didn’t seem to work for me – any chance of helping me get it working again please



Hi! Go to css/layout.css and find:

#intro .bg1 {
    background: url(../images/intro-bg.jpg) 0 0 repeat;
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-position: center !important;

replace it with

#intro .bg1 {
    background: url(../images/intro-bg.jpg) 0 0 repeat;
    background-attachment: scroll;
    background-position: center;