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I have managed to solve all of my problems except this one: despite the fact that the titles of my pages show up in the Navigation menu, and nine are selected, only one page every actually shows up in the menu of my site. How do I fix this? My URL is Thanks!

Hi, your website looks wrong to me

Hmm that’s now what it looks like on my end, both in Chrome and Safari, on the Mac, and on my iPad. What browser are you using?

It seems to look fine to me as well now. For the menu items, go to ViewPoint Options on the left > Navigation tab and make sure you selected all your pages there.

Hey there! Great theme :)

I just need help centering my contact form and getting rid of the email next to it. I also noticed the “top” links (above each section) are not full width, with the exception of the first one. Thanks!

1) Can you attach a screenshot please? on

2) Add this to style.css

.wpcf7-submit {
height: 36px !important;

I uploaded the screenshots to imgur under the same username

Hello, can you let me know the URL? I can’t seem to find them

I bought this some time ago, and I’m about to use it for my site. Reviewing the comments section, there are quite a few “fixes” and “tweaks” posted for the CSS to be responsive on mobile, and such.

Do you have an updated version of the theme with these fixes in it? I re-downloaded it and it doesn’t appear to be different than what I downloaded last fall. I would like to start with as many fixes in place as I can.

Uhm, unfortunately most of the fixes were related to that specific installation due to long text or other things, please post your URL and your problems and I’ll let you know the css code to fix them

Hi, I have just installed ViewPoint on oa new Wordpress setup. When I click to “View Site” the admin bar does not show. It does show with Twenty Fourteen though, so it looks like something to do with the theme set-up rather than my user profile. Could you please advise? link to site here Thanks

I will remove that code in the future updates :)

Hi – I have just purchased this theme again for another project, and had to do this again to get the admin bar. Could you please fix this? Thanks

Hello, sorry, I’ll check it! :)

Hi, I am trying to create a child theme, and have tried several different ways (manually via cpanel and plugins), but always end up with an un-styled page. Could you please advise why this might be? Other child themes I have created are working fine on this site. link here Thanks

Hello, please create a child theme and then send me a WordPRess admin account + your URL via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check and fix it

Really annoyed that it doesn’t mention there’s no support for native WP menus, but to disable via functions is really bullshit. You repeatedly say in comments that its controlled via Navigation in the options but there is literally nothing there to change. You can’t reorder pages. What the hell is the point?

Please include information on how to support native menus or simply reactivate the menus option in WordPress.

And ask a clarification(not specifically to you but to anyone reading it):

1) The theme was created in 2012, my second theme and my first one-pager. It was among the first one-page themes on ThemeForest and I went with the custom navigation because it was easier to setup at that moment instead of navigation menus and many users were not running wp 3.0.

2) If you care that much about the WordPress standards and features, you should’ve known that there’s an “Order” field you can use and that’s fully working in the theme, to order the menu.

3) Since it’s a one-page theme, there’s no reason on why you should / would want to have posts or anything else other than pages in the menu. All the other functionality was implemented(the blog page for instance).

4) Before talking about my support and the replies I give to the customers, at least have the decency to check that fact instead of writing trash without having any idea. If I’d have such a poor “support” and “code”, you think I’d have almost 11,000 sales? If you’re such a good coder, you’re welcome to try here and get my customers, since I can’t code.

The custom navigation doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t allow any control. It just takes EVERY page and adds it to the menu, without even the ability to order them.

The page order doesn’t work in your theme. I fixed it with some code. And added in menu support.

The reason to want posts is because all pages appear in the menu. it was the only way to have content off menu.

In every post you’ve made in response to people asking about the menu, you simply say it can’t be done. I DID research first.

You can select which pages you want in the menu and they can be ordered using the “Order” field on the right of each page when editing it.

Is Viewport compatible with WordPress 3.9? Any steps other than backup that should be taken prior to upgrading?

Hi, it should work. If it doesn’t work, I’ll fix any issue that appears, I’ll check all my themes within one week for the 3.9 WP update.

Hello, I am looking at purchasing your wordpress theme. My biggest concern with any theme is getting my logo into the page. How easy is it to put in a logo, and how easy overall is it to put content into the page (I am not a coder at all :)


Hello. Where do you want to put the logo? As for the content, it’s just standard WordPress, nothing fancy. :)

Hello, I do not know why but the contact form does not work. When I press the send button nothing happens. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, what’s your url?

I am having an issue with theme customization. I cannot get the “top” bar to remove from the bottom of my about section. It looks funny with a top section in contact and one just an inch above as if something were supposed to go in middle. It does not do this on your demo site, how do I fix.

Hi, try adding this to style.css

.dotted-bar3 {
display: none;

It will remove the one from contact, as that one’s easier to remove and it will not affect any other pages added on the homepage

Hi. We just purchased and installed the ViewPoint Theme. Everything is good, except that after installation, most of the WP Admin Appearance menu items were gone. Appearance > Menus, Appearance > Widgets, as well as Header, Background and so on… they’re all gone. Do you have a fix for this? Thank you.

Hi, can you please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme? Thank you!

I also tried to create a child-theme of the ViewPoint Theme—but the home page entirely fell apart, as if it had no stylesheets of any kind… does the theme no support the creating of child-themes?

Hi, can you please post your question using the account you used to purchase the theme? Thank you!

NOTE: This is a repost of the above 2 messages by XIMBALO ( The Web Admin ), for the theme purchased by me…

We just purchased and installed the ViewPoint Theme. Everything is good, except that after installation, most of the WP Admin Appearance menu items were gone. Appearance > Menus, Appearance > Widgets, as well as Header, Background and so on… they’re all gone. Do you have a fix for this? Thank you.

Screen Cap: Appearance Menu after Installing ViewPoint Theme

Also when I tried to create a child-theme of ViewPoint, the result was a completely unstyled home page… does the theme not support use of child-themes?

Screen Capture: ViewPoint with a Child Theme

Hi. For the child theme, please send me this problem + a WordPress admin account and I’ll fix it.

For Widgets, this is a one-page theme and all the pages from the homepage are full-width, therefore widgets are not supported by default. For the Menu, I’ll release an update soon with the WordPress Menus compatibility, but right now they should be configured in ViewPoint Options > Navigation.

There you can select which pages should be added in the menu. To order them, you should use the “Order” input field on the right of each page, when you edit it.

The Background can be changed as well from the ViewPoint Options panel

Hello Again, and thank you. We are getting back to this project now and yes, we do need to apply significant customization, thus require a child theme. I will be sending you that information directly via your Envato Profile’s contact form. Your help in getting this fixed will be appreciated. Thank You.

Hello, okay, I will answer there :)

Hi, I’m about to purchase, but I’ll need to make a child theme to make some style edits and I just want to make sure the child theme will work without needing any special tricks.

Thanks, Belinda

Hi, I think there’s a known bug with child themes right now(I’ll submit an update), but I’ll offer support and fix it(basically right now it loads the files from the parent theme instead of the child theme when it’s active, it’s just a function name that must be changed)

Hi.Where I can rename “CONTACT” in menu?I need to translate my page in russian language, so it is funny to have “contact” on it)

Hi, you can translate it in teoPanel/custom-functions.php



I am working on a site built using this theme. I need to add a fax number. How do I do that?

Hello, please send your request along with the transaction ID and the place where you want to add the fax number and I’ll answer via e-mail. (use the contact form on my profile)

How do I upgrade from v1.6 to 1.7? I would like the ability to have multiple photos for the portfolio. I downloaded the theme from theme forest again, but it is still the older version. Thanks!

Hi, I think you’re already using the latest version if you’re using the latest one from ThemeForest, try using the images attribute on the portfolio_item shortcode, like [portfolio_item images=”link1, link2, link 3”]

Hi! I am considering purchasing either viewpoint or SCRN. Are there any big differences? Would you recommend one?

Hi, I’d recommend SCRN as it was updated more often and has more features :)

Hi! I’ve just found an important error on my website when I see it on an iPad for example. Can you check what are the problem because I don’t find a solution for it. The problem is on the “Porfolio” section named “Logos” on my website. I have 2 lines of 3 logos but when users are on tablet the second logos line got bugs. My website is : you will see immediately what are the problem if you resize your window to simulate an iPad screen.

Thanks ! Sincerely,


Hi, please send me a WordPress admin account and your problem via the contact form on my profile and I’ll fix it

I did ! Thanks !

You’re welcome!

Hi, I am thinking about buying Viewpoint for my personal website. However, before purchasing I would like to know if it is compatible with WP 3.9 and the mqtranslate plugin. Can I customize text and heading colors (f.ex. to purple) and background (f.ex. to grey)? Can I exchange the photo at the top? Can I customize the menu and add more / different sections? Thanks for getting back to me ASAP. Stephanie

hi, yes, you can add any number of pages you want :)

One last question :) I want to use mqtranslate, which is basically an updated version of qtranslate. However, what do I do to show people they can switch languages? There is no widget area, so I can’t use the widget, I can’t use the WP custom menu either (I usually put the links in there). Would it require me to have a first page right underneath the header saying languages and displaying links to the languages?

qTranslate provided the php code you could add directly in the php files such as header.php, I don’t know about mqtranslate