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Much appreciated!


Great work as always!

Thanks ThemeProvince!


Nice work.

Just wondering if slider’s background could be changed to compliment footer’s background?

Also if you care to share the admin/doc/videos, would be magic. :)


Slider Background: Yeah, you can easily change the slider background with a color picker in the options panel. It is very easy to change.

Docs: Send me a private e-mail through my profile page. There is a contact form on the bottom right.


Firstly great work ;-D . Only a few general pre-sales questions:

1. Is the homepage fully customisable? Specifically, is it widget based via an options panel or via shortcodes on a page? Also could a normal page/blog page be used as the homepage with the Slider?

2. Is the Slider controlled from within the theme options area or is there a separate dedicated tab for adding/amending slider posts?

3. Is it possible to use the slider as a type of nivo slider with large slides or does it have to contain the content area on the side?

Many thanks in advance and again great work.

Kind Regards,


1) Yeah, the homepage is fully customizable. We have a few boxes customized via the Options Panel as well as the ability to easily add the featured boxes. We also have space to use short codes if you want to do that. Currently the homepage will be the only one with the feature slider. However, we have a slider short code if you wish to add a slider that way.

2) The slider settings are controlled via the theme options panel. The posting is completed via the “Portfolio” custom-post-type. This is because it has the same options as any other portfolio item. You just posted a specific category for it to show up in the slider.

3) The slider actually uses just basic images. We are just using transparent PNGs in the Live Preview as an example. Feel free to use solid large slides if you wish. Also, changing the slider height is super easy if you would like to do that as well.

Brillaint. Many thanks pretty much answered all my questions :-D !

Only one last question – on the demo for the homepage it has ‘our recent work’ – in this section could I use the latest blog posts so that it then links to the blog page/posts.

Many thanks,


Right now we have that section setup to customize the text via the options panel but it will only pull in Portfolio Posts. Switching it to pull in blog posts would be super easy and should only take a few lines of code to update. I would be more than happy to help you with that if you had trouble.

Hi mate,

Firstly for those considering buying this theme – it’s great! Very easy to use and effortless to update!

I have set up the theme and any help you can provide in pulling blog posts instead of portfolio posts would be great. I should be finished then with it :-D

Many thanks,


Thanks for the great review!

My pleasure!

Any help you can give for how to use blog posts on the homepage would be great.

Yeah, visit my support forum and/or send me a private email. I’ll help you out with that.


Does the dropdown navigation support multiple levels?

Yeah, you can have up to 4 levels of navigation. Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

I bought this theme. It looked very professional. But when I tried to add images into the gallery, the images didn’t appear on home page. Is this a bug?

We can assure you that the theme works perfect. We have many buyers running the theme without any problems.

Please post your question in our support forum (Make sure to include a link to your website and any details.):

You are really amazing, I wasn’t expecting your answer in 2 minutes. Wow.. Bravo. I will re-install this theme. If I would have any problem will let you know. Will you be helpful? I am sure you will :-)

Please post any questions in our support forum:

We are always happy to help.

I just installed it on I am having hard time to get the slider. Every time I install this theme. Layout and everything should be same like in demo, but it does not show anything.

Looks like you have everything in the slider working. Everything is covered in the “Help Section” documentation. Additionally, we include a live preview data import and directions in the documentation.

If you continue having trouble, please post your questions in our support forums:

I have just downloaded this temp, just wanted to know as a general question, maybe you might know, is there any way to hide the template url link in the source code so that it does not show up ?

Go ahead and post any questions in our support forums:

can i ask, where abouts can i edit the sections such as Get started today, Browser compatible and Responsive layout


Checkout the documentation located in the “Help Section” folder of your download. It includes both written and video documentation that will help you out with everything you need. If you have any future questions, feel free to post them in our support forums:

Can you tell me why I cant get Shortcodes to work on this theme, does it support them?

Thanks Danjo

Please post any questions in our support forums. Yes, we have shortcodes included in this theme that are demoed in the live preview. This is covered in our documentation.

Hi mate,

Just wanted to find out what changes have been made to the latest update and whether it is worth my upgrading?

Many thanks,


The main update we performed was for the Twitter API update. Other than that the other tweaks were just to clean up the code for WordPress Best Practices and Recommendations. They don’t really effect the theme much but I figured I would make them while I was updating the theme. Things like better child theme support and queueing javascript/css properly.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Also, feel free to jump onto our support forums if you need any help with the theme:

Hi mate,

Only one question for the great theme – is it fully compatible with wordpress 3.5?

Many thanks as always,


Yeah, all of our themes are tested and fully compatible with WordPress 3.5+. If you have any future questions, please post them in our support forums: