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Hello, I am a wordpress developer. and would like to convert your template in wordpress and sell half with you. If you want contact with me.

Hello yes we can talk, please email me. Thanks

Let me know when you have converted to WP – I will buy it.


Yes i will let you know, but right-now no plan for WP version.


did you get my email?

hello neal

thanks for your email , i just replied.

Let me know if you need any further help


Not able to look at preview. Can this be fixed please.

Hello Dragonsord

its fixed, preview available now.


Can you add the feature to play a list of songs as well besides picture gallery and video gallery, perhaps as a separate html web page?


hello no plan yet, may be later thanks

I purchased the 121 mobile template yesterday and uploaded to view on my Samsung Nexus S – Android. Noticed that the naviagtional tab are vertical not horizontal as displayed in demo online. View it here

Can you advise on the possible problem.


hello gilgauthier

can you please share screenshot?


Hi I bought the template and love it…but when I try to pull it up on an I Phone it does not show up. Works fine on Android, but with an I phone all I get is a blank screen. My website is Can you give me any idea as to why it’s not working?

thanks Mike

Hi Any update? Our site is still not being pulled up on any device running Safari OS (I Phone or I Pad)... thanks Mike

I found the problem, I was using the plugin “Simple Mobile Redirect” on my main site (wordpress), that plugin was not working on Safari. Switched to “php mobile redirect” and it now works…just fyi

ok gr8 , so all done?


Hi there.

The template is working out well. I am glad I bought it.

For the map on the contact us page can you guide me on how to show a marker on the map for the given address?

I have tried a few different options but none of them Didn’t have an issue of their own. If you are able to help it would be great. If not I will have to figure it out. ;)

Thanks for your time.


Thanks for liking :)

you can set lat & lng, here in this file”/js/map.js”

and for marker I guess you can do this from this link, let me know if it works,

Thanks :)

I don’t seem to get the twitter feed in the index.html page loaded. Any idea what it could be?

Hi, whatever I do I can’t seem to change the font size. I found the regular fonts (not the headers) to be extremely small, which missing the whole point of providing the template for the mobile users. Can you please advise as to how to get the fonts to a bigger size? At the moment I am only using

Much obliged!


please try font size here ” /css/stylesheet.css” in body class, you can update font size here too “css/”


Hallo, what must I do to google maps, I do not understand


please open this file ”/js/map.js”. and update “lat” & “lng” .


Recently purchased this template, and it works really great! But unfortunately I’m having some trouble with the mail form. I can’t seem to make it work with Korean characters(the characters get messed up). I know it’s probably an encoding issue. I am using a standard utf-8 server and normally use utf-8 for the charset. I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on this subject. Thanks!

Defective in android phones… clicking on phone takes to image gallery and email form… phone numbers need to be click to call for mobile.

Hello rightnow call icon is linked to contact us page,

you can add your number
<a href="tel:xxx-xxx-xxxx"></a>


Hi, When linking to a PDF file, I get a blank screen and “undefined” in the top right corner. I know the link is correct because I can open it with a browser by using the direct link. Seems like it breaks when the “loading” script activates.

Can you help please? Thanks,



did you try this in link tag “rel=”external”?

Awesome thanks! that got it.

your welcome :)


I’d like to have a link in the footer region to view the full desktop website but any jquery code I try is not working. Can you please provide a solution to this as soon as possible? Thank you in advance.


try to add this “rel=”external” in link tag.


Nope. I don’t think that will work since the JQuery will still check to see if you’re viewing on a mobile device and loops back to display the mobile version. I’ve tried to use some javascript to prevent this but then it becomes an infinite loop.

replied to your email. Thanks

Maybe a dumb question but

What do you mean by * No Pics

Pictures used in demo are not available with downloaded file.

There seems to be redundant php code in the contact-us.php page with what’s in the contact-us.js script. When the form is submitted it displays two “Thank you for your email” lines on the page and sends two emails to the recipient. It appears the lines returned are coming from the script so can some of the php code be removed from the page?

Hello, live preview not working: Not Found

The requested URL /demo/mobile/index.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Hi server is down, demo will available soon. Thanks