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Could you let me know way to remove the template markup


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There is a problem with the menu in firefox 52.0.1. The Top Menu disappears upon hovering.

I’m working on a client website who’s using your theme. I’m trying to translate “Sales!” tag that is showing on upper right corner on reduced price products. It seems like it comes from your theme and not from woocommerce plugin. I have tried to translate it using .po file from theme language folder but has no effect. Any solution please ? Thanks.

Import Dummy Data is not working!

The cart page for a product is not RESPONSIVE! Looks very bad, and the table is not all visible, and also the button is not all visible. Please fix this. I lose a lot of money because all my customers can’t go over this step…


hi there what about a theme update? the last update was on 6/2016 … now we are in 4/2017 … now we have wp 4.7.4 woocommerce 3.0.4 visual composer 5.1.1 … so i think we are in the past. thanks

Hello, after major updates of woocommerce my POS doesn’t work at all. This is live store and each day they are issuing real sales and orders. It shows that in the theme a lot of outdated functions. Could you please kindly let know if there is an update coming? Also can you please send the latest version of Visual composer plugin, sometimes it resolves the problem. Kind regards

Hi, Im trying to update the layerslider from the version i had when installed the theme in the past (LayerSilder 5.6.2.) to the new LayerSlider in current theme download (6.0.5). when i do that by replacing the plugin files all my sliders are gone. is there a way to upgrade and keep existing sliders?


Another question I want to implement an SSL certificate for site but homepage is calling for resources from http://dev.lpd-themes.com/. because this domain dosnt have a cert the loading is blocked by browser whne trying to use https or when not gives mixed content. is there a way to remove these resources from loading in homepage? site can be seen at tmrgsolutions.com


pre-sales question. i there but what about new update of wordpress 4 and woocommerce 3.0 ? i mean i saw that this theme has last update in 2016 ??? what happened ? did u stop the update? thanks.

Hi , does this theme work with latest woocommrece 3.1.1.

I downloaded it, i first tried uploading to wordpress and it said page i requested is not available. i then went ahead and uploaded via ftp and it worked but non of the dummy data is in. what am i doing wrong? why cant i upload the zip to “upload” in wordpress. i have premium hosting ultimate linux

Any updates to the theme?

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME!!! it is out dated and full of errors, the author does not support this theme


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romeoblue23 is right ! I just bought the theme and its falling apart all over since is very outdated (2016 !). Author doesn’t give any support. I cannot keep this broken theme.