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How do I hide out of stock products? I checked the box to hide out of stock products in woocommerce settings but their still showing up throughout the site.

Hello markethorizon,

We just check “Out Of Stock Visibility” option http://d.pr/i/rsTS it works perfect, please make sure your product out of stock http://d.pr/i/7vj0,

Thank you

Yeah, its definately out of stock. And still shows up.

Hello markethorizon,

Do you have any 3rd party plugins? please try deactivate them,

Thank you


Great theme just a minor tweak so that the SEO is supercharged, how do you change the class of Seasonal Herbs on this page http://demo.lpd-themes.com/?theme=123medicine to H1 rather than H2? I would also like to remove the logo from the H1 class.

Thanks, Will.

Hello cecle,

We are very sorry but we don’t provide customization service for our themes,

Thank you

Hi, How do i no link when I have dropdown menu, view image


i want link “que hacemos” i want link “nuestros productos” but i don’t want link to “QUIENES SOMOS”

How I can do? Thank you

version 1.1 http://www.almazarasancristobal.com/ Site still not finished

I have now updated to v1.1.2.

Can I be indicating that you have improved? thank you very much

Hello mauriha

Please find this information on item details page http://themeforest.net/item/123medicine-ecommerce-wordpress-theme/6552701 in changelog

Thank you


I have this message after installation: Fatal error: Call to a member function init() on a non-object in /wp-content/themes/123medicine/functions.php on line 161


Hello talia24,

I’m sorry we don’t see any error messages on your homepage,

Thank you

my friend I don’t know if this is a stupid question :) but how do I set up the four info and tag colums of the footer? my site is www.mecultivo.com thanks a lot!

Hello logarciav,

I’m sorry please explain what do you mean under ” four info and tag colums”,

Thank you

Hello! Can you put H1 in the title of every post and page, instead of on the logo, in the next theme versions?

If H1 repeated in each site and each URL, this is bad for SEO.

Is it possible?

Hello mauriha,

I’m sorry we are not planning at this moment,

Thank you

Hi! I tried to post my request in your forum but it do not accept my purchase code so… here is my question!

I would like to use the catergories sorting bar in a page but if I check more than one category to an article, it only attribute one of them so the sorting is not display them in all the categrories that I asked… is it normal? Normally I put an article in many categories and the sorting show it in all the linked categories but not in your theme!

Could you help me with that please ;) I am using the last version of 123medicine.


Hello emblemecomm,

We are very sorry we have technical problem with validator plugin at this moment http://support.lpd-themes.com/purchase-code-is-not-valid/

Are you talking about “Media Grid”?

I’m sorry but this plugin is filtering only by first category,

Thank you

Hello, why not are all the text in spanish, in the theme? if i have selected in Spanish

thanks :)

If I traslate in theme default .mo y .po, What happened when I change the idiome with WPML? How should I proceed to not make a mistake?

thank you very much :)

sorry, excuse me look the picture with all the steps


something is wrong :(

thank you very much

Hello mauriha,

Did you translate words in your es_ES.po file on your language?

Thnak you

The product pages have a third column to the right side holding “new medical formula” thumbnails. Seems like a mystery on how to create them. Why is that template not included with the files? There is no instruction on how that is put together. I have many years website experience and have an experienced wordpress expert. We can not figure out how to duplicate a simple product page. We expect these pages should be templated (or supported) if we are buying that look! Right? Could you please assist, thanks. I can send ip address.

Hello qwestseller,

1.) Display “Featured Module” module in product post by using “Product Post Sidebar” widget area and “Text” widget http://d.pr/i/R1nE

2.) Create and copy your “Featured Module” module shortcode in page editor http://d.pr/i/nPxf http://d.pr/i/Ab8O

Thank you

is this them responsive ?

Hello gulvik,

Yes it’s responsive theme,

Thank you

there is a dummy content in package ?

Hello chemistrap,

Yes, theme has dummy data for standard wordpress importer,

Thank you

is it necessary those extension to work the theme or not and I am tried to download them or find them on internet even your links in the comments did not work please help . and is there a guide or steps to learn everything about the theme we deserve to know , don’t we ?

Hello fahad2013,

Woocommerce extensions are optional,

Thank you

how to add products ? give me way to understand this theme I feel I am lost

Hello fahad2013,

Please find documentation on http://docs.woothemes.com/document/managing-products/ how to add different product types,

Thank you

Ho wto upload products sample data ? not one by one I mean like demo products , and tutorials or videos to understand this theme I feel lost I bought 2 themes not one please help ????

Hello fahad2013,

Please find manual how to import dummy data in documentation file,


Thank you

Thank you for waiting 3 days without response .

Hello, google maps plugin in through visual omposer don´t work well. I´m putting a link from google maps, but it doesn´t work. How could I fix it?

Hello filippob,

Which one of theme version are you using now?

Thank you

version 1.1.1

Hello filippob,

Please reinstall latest theme version v1.2.1 and after visual composer plugin,

Thank you

Hi staff, for the second time i cannot see the visual composer on the editore pages and i cannot insert, edit or doing anything, why ?

the website is this :



wp 3.9

Hello siengo1971,

Current theme version v1.1.2 has Visual Composer v3.6.14.1, the plugin is incompatible with wordpress v3.9, please use previous version now, upcoming update within 2 weeks.

Thank you

Hello siengo1971,

Which one of Visual Composer version do you use? Do you have your own installed Vicual Composer plugin?

Thank you

How to change the H1 and H2 for proper SEO

  • 1. Download “one click child theme” plugin by tychy
  • 2. After you create the child theme, use your ftp, go to the child theme and copy includes/logo.php and includes/title-breadcrumb.php from the original file. (you have to create the includes folder in your child theme manually)
  • 3. Open logo.php with the editor and delete the h1 and /h1
  • 4. Open title-breadcrumb.php with the editor and change the h2 and /h2 to h1 and /h1
  • 5. disable the SEO on the theme and get SEO by yoast.
Hope it helps :)

Hey @siengo1971 (pummarola in coppa) prova dissattivare tutti i plugin :)

Do you plan on adding VisualComposer v. 4.1.2 to the theme to work with Wordpress 3.9? Thanks

Hello ctmalone15,

Yes we are planning to do that,

Thank you

hi staff, another time the same issue.. i’ve tried to disable all plugins