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I’d like to remove space between the menu and the first section (A2) on my homepage. Is there custom CSS that would allow me to do that?

Hey ProjectNande,

Thanks for choosing 15Zine, and there sure is. Share your url and I can help you out :)



Got it, try adding this css to your custom css box in the theme options and see if it helps:

.home #cb-section-f .cb-module-custom { padding-top: 0; }

Should do the trick :)


Hi codetipi. I need a favour. I have setup 15zine on my webiste. When i put a responsive Google adsense ad on the header ad (BANNER CODE), it is 700×90 on desktop, whereas, the same ad on the mobile devices is 200×50 (approx) I want it to show as 300×250 or sonething. How can i do that?

Hey Sarang,

I answered your email about this :)



bertiex Purchased

I need to update my theme to the latest version but I’m not using a child theme. If I update, will all my custom changes (and the layout as I currently have it) stay the same?

I’ve only made minimal custom code additions but don’t want to lose them in an update. Thanks in advance!

Hey Bertiex,

What kind of custom code additions did you do? Did you hard-edit the actual php files in the theme or did you just add custom code to the custom css box/etc? Because when you update a theme, the actual files of the theme get automatically deleted and the latest version installed, so if you edited php files, such as the header.php or functions.php, then those changes will be lost during the process.

The options in the theme options, category options, post options, etc those are all saved in the database and related to the folder name of the theme, so as long as you don’t rename the latest version folder to something like “15zine-latest” or similar (I’ve seen people do that) and activate that, then the options will all continue to load as normal :)



bertiex Purchased

I haven’t touched the actual php files, I’ve just added code to the custom css box in ‘Theme Options’, as well as the Code for <Head> Section box and the Custom Post Type Names. Sounds like it should all stay the same then?

Thanks so much for your quick response!

Yeah in that case it should all be good, don’t worry about it. If you run into any issues, just write a message here :)

Been running 15zine for a while now, but just starting using advertising and can’t figure out why the header ad banner is being pushed to the left? I tried changing the logo size, but no luck:

Hey Jacob,

Thanks for choosing 15Zine, I hope you’ve enjoyed using it :)

I had a look and I think it may be related to some Javascript errors you have. You have an html tag outputting inside a script tag:

<script type="text/javascript">

    <div id="fb-root"> </div>

That fb-root shouldn’t be inside there (should be before the script tag) and it’s causing your javascript to break, try fixing that and see if it helps.


Hi! When I turn this option background advertising takeover, some of the links on the site start to lead not to articles, but to a link that is listed in the advertisement.​

hey again,

I went on Safari and tried to recreate your video issue but I couldn’t! I wonder if it is due towhen you hit the back button, your site’s old cache is loading. Try refreshing/deleting all caches in your site (if you have cache plugins that is) and then try in an safari private tab so no cache is loaded.

And regarding the ad on mobile, the ad automatically does not load at all on mobile (real mobiles though, not simulated ones on a pc) :)


Hi, that’s a bit strange as far as cache was cleared a few times during the testing maybe it’s due to some remoted libraries that were fixed, anyway it’s good that it works properly now. Still there is an open question regarding mobile devices (real devices, not simulated ones :) ) Please review screenshots from ios and android with cleared cache:

Also after clicking on section cb-section-и on mobile device the advertisement poping up, it’s reproduced on a several mobile devices.

Thanks in advance.

Great to hear :)

Regaridng the mobile, that is strange and it will be investigated deeper, but until then add this custom css to your custom css box in the theme options to fix it:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
#cb-bg-to { display: none; } #cb-outer-container { margin-top: 0!important; }

Should do the trick.



Is it possible to sort the search results by descending date? instead of relevance.

thank you!!

Hey Carmacoma,

Thanks for checking out 15Zine :)

I’m afraid not, the posts are outputted by WordPress’ default order (latest first). There will be a way to change this in 15Zine v4 update though, but I can’t promise it 100% yet as it isn’t released yet. If you are interested in hearing about the release, you can follow as everything is announced there :)

P.d tambien hablo español por si te acomoda mas hablar asi :)


De acuerdo, muchas gracias! Ya hice una función para funtions.php

Ah que bien, bien hecho :)

Hi, do you have italian language yet?

Hey Fcampbell :)

I’m afraid no Italian site has shared the finished translation files yet, but if you get the theme, you can easily create the Italian translation quite quickly. You would simply do this:!/translation


Hello, how do i remove the padding between the featured image and the navigation bar?

Hey Nbpromos,

I’m afraid support can only be given to confirmed buyers, can you please either login with the account that purchased the theme and ask again, or open up a ticket at Apologies for the inconvenience, but it’s necessary to be fair to all buyers.


Hello, how do i remove the padding between the featured image and the navigation bar?

Hey Ultrapopland,

What a lovely site you’ve made with 15Zine, great job :)

Try adding this css to your custom css box in the theme options:

.cb-sw-menu-fw .cb-fis-block-site-width { margin-top: 0; }

Should do the trick!


This did the trick thank you so much!!

You’re welcome :)

Any possibility of including a layout option with 2 Sidebar (left and right of posts)?

Hey Hpnotik,

Currently that isn’t possible, but it is going to be looked at and see how feasible it would be to add, so thanks for the suggestion!


Thank you.

It’s no problem, always happy to get suggestions!

I’d like to replace the featured image in a PAGE with a video. I know how to do it in a POST but not in a PAGE. I’m currently building a custom homepage using the Drag & Drop Builder and I’d like to have a video as a featured image! Help?

Hm, but I’m not sure what the theme can do, as I explained the video post format is what is used to replace the featured image with a video, but in WordPress this is only available for posts, it isn’t for pages. In pages the only real way is through the methods that I described. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to create, but can you not use a post instead?

Please take a look at my new homepage. THIS is what I’m trying to do: As you can see there’s a “video” (it’s a very heavy animated gif). I’d like to have a video in there instead of an animated GIF, on a loop.

If I use the technique you suggested, which is a “full-width” box up top using the Drag&Drop builder, I end up with a boxed video that sits underneath the header and doesn’t reach the edges of the page AND on which the headline doesn’t display.

I could use a post using a redirect to create my new homepage but I’d need to use your “Drag&Drop builder” in a post in order to fix the problem. Hopefully you understand what I’m saying!

Ah I understand what you want now! That requires a special module for that, but you may be able to achieve it though already. Do you have the Slider Revolution plugin? If you do, you can use a YouTube video to create a hero like that: you’d then simply put the plugin’s shortcode in a custom code module and it should work just like that.

Also, there seems to be a bug with the combination of “no sidebar, full-width” and infinite scroll post options. After the first post (without a sidebar) is done, the second that loads in the infinite scroll has a sidebar. Look:

Hey again,

That is strange indeed, because the theme loads the post as it is, so if it has no sidebar, it wouldn’t load one, you can see it in action on the theme demo site. I noticed you aren’t using the latest 15Zine update though, can you try upgrading to the very latest version and see if that helps?


I’m using 3.2.0. Is there another version? The bug seems to be with the “Global Post Sidebar Style Override” rule in Appearance->Theme Options->Posts because I’ve manually modified the Post style in a few posts and the sidebar doesn’t appear with those.

Yeah, there is a newer version with some bugfixes, the latest one is 3.2.2 at the moment, give it a go, if not, send an email via the contact form on and include your admin login details to check it out deeper.

Hey! Love the theme youve made. I have some questions.

1. How can i choose with post will show in “editors picks”? Seems like it just shows the posts from the grid on top? I chose tag and vrote oceanografic, which there is just one post tagged with. Still there are these other post as well showing… What to do?

2. It is also a bit annoying that the post under editors picks are repeating.. How can i edit this so the dont repeat? How can i just have the latest posts under the editors picks?

Hope I’m not taking all you day with all my questions. Thanks! (

AND, how can i have 12 post instead of 10 in the latest post part…?

Hey Kamilla,

Love that you love the theme :)

1- That is the correct way to do it – create a special tag for it and set the module to only display posts from that tag. I had a look at your site but without looking at the backend it’s really hard to know what modules are supposed to show what. But if you set a module to only display one tag, then it should definitely only show posts that have that tag. Are you 100% this is not happening?

2- I agree, in a future update there will be an option for that, until then you need to set up the homepage using the filters + offset options to try to avoid duplicates.

3- That is controlled by WordPress, simply go to Settings > Reading and you can change it there :)

Hope this helps!


I’m having some trouble with the comments. I’ve imported the contents of the new instance and the comments have been successfully imported. But only some of them are being displayed. Please check It says: “One Resposne” but no comment is being shown. What might be wrong?

If it helps. I’ve created a new comment with the exact same content and deleted the existing one and it seems to work.

Ok. Finally, I’ve accessed the DB directly and some of the missing comments are marked as pingback. I assume those won’t be displayed either

Ah I see, pingbacks and trackbacks are pretty much the same thing, and actually worse as pingbacks are automatically created (and heavily, heavily spammed due to this, because they create backlinks). Most experienced developers would recommend to disable pingbacks altogether, and that is why the theme doesn’t show them. Do you want to show them though? Because if you do, I can share the steps to do so.

Hey Matthew11,

What version of 15Zine are you using? The latest version uses the latest schema markup required and has zero errors. The latest version is 3.2.2 currently.



I have some pre-sale questions:

1. It’s not very clear if the review plugin is included with the theme or not? 2. If it is, is it only the author that can add a rating or can everybody vote and/or rate the post?


Hey EnergyFreak,

Thanks for the interest in 15Zine.

1- 15Zine does come with an integrated review system, it’s used throughout the demo site. The theme also has the Let’s Review plugin (another Codetipi product) api code integrated, meaning that if you’d rather use Let’s Review with the theme, then it will work instantly and smoothly. The only Let’s Review review that appears in the demo site is the post that has Let’s Review in the title of it, all the other reviews are from the theme’s review system.

2- In 15Zine’s review system, only an author can create a review. In that review you can select whether to show/hide the “user rating” option, which is where visitors can leave a score. The user rating then shows the total average of all user scores.

If you want to allow users to leave full reviews, that is an option in Let’s Review (as it’s an independent plugin, it is able to have more raw power and options). You can check it out here:

3- I have never used/tested that plugin so I can’t say 100%, however, if you have that plugin, test it on the default TwentySeventeen theme (WordPress default theme), and if it works there, then it will work the same in 15Zine. This is because 15Zine follows WordPress practises, and so if it works on TwentySeventeen, it’ll very likely be the same in 15Zine :)

Hope this info helps.


Thanks for the response!

You’re welcome :)

Hey there – I BELIEVE I’m about to purchase this theme and sort of ‘upgrade’ from Valenti, as I think it’s more in line with my website goals!

Just a quick note for you – I have the Pinterest “Pin It” browser extension installed, and when I hover over some images, such as blog images, the ‘Pin It’ button appears way off to the right of the page, as opposed to appearing over the image, itself.


It happens on my Squarespace website when I do some CSS stuff, just thought I’d let you know!

Hey Geena,

Thanks very much for also checking out 15Zine :) I have never used the pinterest pin it extension, so will test it out, although as it’s an extension I’m not sure there is too much the theme can do about it as the extension is the one with the code to control the position of it and how it detects images. 15Zine outputs images normally, so just from thinking, I can’t think of any possible things the theme could do about it! But I will have a look!

Thanks again,



BrTurner Purchased

Hi, Still waiting on your email response. Also I have another issue, I have categories I have created and they come up in wordpress as ‘custom links’ and when I put those categories under my main category so that they work like a drop down menu, they are not clickable. They drop down and the text is there but they can’t be clicked?

Do you know why that might be

Hey BrTurner,

I just sent a reply to your email :)

Ah no, don’t use custom links, you need to use the Categories option to add them. Remove the custom link menu item and re-add them using the Categories section on the left when in Appearance -> Menus.

Hope this helps.



Achache Purchased

hey guys i have a probleme : my responsive ads are taking more space then usual i haven’t done any changes lately but this morning i have the probleme on my ads even though they are responsive in the mobile version they are not can you help plz and they are defforming my website view

Hey Achache,

Are you using Google Adsense ads? If so, are you 100% you are using a responsive ad? Here is the guide to create one in case you’re unsure