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Hey, love the theme, been using it for a while now. Just run into an issue though, with the social sharing icons, my i class for fontawesome is being commented out and it’s calling in the SVG variant instead. With this the social icons won’t display as I need to change the data-prefix to “fab” instead of “fa”. Got no idea where this is in the code though? Find the sharing php in functions.php, but get stuck from there!!

  • Scrap that, just found where it’s going wrong **

Hey SaintNick20,

Love that you love it :) And really happy to hear you got it sorted!


Hey there, the theme is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t buy it if I knew documentation (from 2015) doesn’t match well with latest 3.2 version, inaccuracies are everywhere and it’s frustrating. The biggest issue is the Demo Content File which, after importing data, gives you a completely different look of the template than the one you have paid for. How do I get the 3.2 version demo content installed, pelase. Thank you!


We are having an issue with either the theme itself or Wordpress, we cannot work out which.

We have categories and then sub categories like so:

Category -> Sub Category -> Post

When visiting the “Category” pages, they work fine, and so do the “Post” pages, but when visiting the “Sub Category” pages they are returning a 404 error.

We have Permalinks set as follows:

Custom Structure: / category / postname /

Category Base: . That is a period character above.

The post is assigned to only the “Sub Category”, we also assigned the post to the parent category as well as the sub category, but no luck.

Can you inform us if this is a bug please?

We have fixed this, this is what we done,

We removed the . character from the Permalinks settings under category base option, then in Yoast SEO, set the option to remove the category base instead of keep.

sub category 404

search has mysteriously stopped working on my site. been a long time user of 15zine. please help me fix, if possible!

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Hey – can you say when v4.0 will be out and what it will include? Just to get an idea of things? Thanks! :)


I’ve been having trouble with some of the errors on google search console for quite some time that I’ve decided to tackle.

It might be connected to the theme (and might not because the other site with 15zine has no such errors).

I have hentry error in structural data:

(Don’t pay attention to the dip. Errors are parallel with Items, and no search performance has been dropped. No idea where it came from.)

Could you help a brother out? What should I do?