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zast Purchased

Hi, I can’t update the theme :( I have always error message with right permission with library/css/library (my folder is 755 and my files are 644). Is it possible to upgrade manually ?

Thank you

Hey Zast,

Thanks for choosing 15Zine, I hope you’re enjoying using it :)

If you didn’t change the permissions for a special reason, I’d recommend contacting your hosting to tell them to reset your permissions all back to WordPress defaults.

But either way, yes you can update manually. Simply go to Appearance > Themes, and activate another theme. Then delete 15Zine, and then click the add new button and select the zip file of the latest version of the theme and activate. All settings are saved with the theme folder name on the server, so doing it that way means you’ll end up with the same folder name = options will load the same as before.

Hope this helps.


​Hi, can I reduce spacing between pics in the gallery post?

See here please:

Got it, try adding this css to your theme options custom css box:

.gallery-item {  margin: 0!important; } .gallery-icon {line-height:
 0; } 

Should do the trick :)



matthew11 Purchased

Perfect, thanks!

P.S. I’m waiting your new theme ;)

You’re welcome :)

And thanks so much for that too, I’m so excited for the new theme too :)


chrisuk73 Purchased

Is there a way to suppress the featured image on multipost pages that use the nextpage snippet. In short I want the featured image on page one but not on subsequent pagebreaks.

I see it working here, but cannot replicate it – thanks

Hey Chrisuk73,

Thanks for choosing 15Zine, I hope you’re enjoying using it :)

And sure thing, I think it may be possible, but can you share the exact url to look at source code to see if there is a css class we can target, because that other site already has it all done, so it’s not too helpful.


Greeting Codetipi!

Is there an easy way to include extra “Feature Image Options”?

I am looking forward to an additional “OFF” option which will allow the title to be full-with when using sidebars.

Thank you.

No worries, and that is a great suggestion, I have added it and will 100% investigate that to add it in v4 update :)

Respect, looking forward to the update!

Me too :)

The meta description for the site (when it pops up as a search result in Google) isn’t the description that’s written in the “All in One SEO” plugin. Is there somewhere where the 15zine theme automatically outputs a meta description? Currently it outputs “Contact Form. Name *. First. Last. E-mail *. Comment or Message *.”

Hey Victak,

I’m afraid support can only be given to confirmed buyers – Could you please login via the account that purchased the theme and ask through that account. If you can share the url of that page too I can check out the meta for you.



Do you provide customization support at a flat or hourly rate? We are professional designers who need to provide an affordable website for a client.

Thank you!

Hey Ahrensupermilk,

I’m afraid not, for customizations I’d recommend looking on as they have some of the best WP developers in the world. They are more expensive than average, but you are almost guaranteed to get help from the best.

Best of luck with it :)


horizontal line, next to title. how do I reme that?

Hey Motionsquared,

To remove it, simply copy/paste this code into your theme options > custom code > custom css box:

.cb-module-header .cb-module-title:after { display: none; }

Should do the trick :)


Hello, I love your theme and everything, but I’ve been having this trouble with it, basically the post dont display the bullet points, as you will find here so for every post where I do want the bullet points to be displayed I have to place the ul and li items in HTML editor. And when I do it works and bullet points are displayed as you can see here: What is the problem and how can I fix it? Sorry that I dont have an active support but this is my first time ever asking for help, thank you so much in advance!

Also, how do I change top bar social icons?

Hey Cershiebel,

Love that you love it :) And sure thing – I had a look and you seem to have added this custom css somewhere:

.cb-entry-content ul li {
    list-style-type: none !important;

That is causing all your lists to not show bullet points. Go to the custom css you added and remove those lines and they’ll show again.

And the top bar social icons are in built in to the theme, changing them isn’t straight forward. But you could add social icons to menu items by inserting the icon code from here: clicking on the icon you want, and copy/pasting the icon code as the menu item title (the code starts with < i class=”fa…..)

Hope this helps.


Hi there,

is the theme already tested with the new Wordpress version 4.9?

Best regards

Hey Flyydesign,

Yeah it should work fine :) If you have any issues, just drop an email at the contact form in and I’ll quickly assist.



teppenick Purchased

Since the latest Wordpress update, images inserted within posts are not aligning left or right properly.

Hey Teppenick,

Could you please share an exact url and point out the images you are referring to please?



jascmeen Purchased

Hi again, was wondering how to get rid of the few lines previewing the blog post that appear on the homepage?

Hey Jascmeen,

Can you please share the url on your homepage? I’ll take a look at what you have and advise on how to achieve that :)


Hi, how to remove post views from the header? They appeared after installing jetpack.

Ah yes, that is in theme options > extra. You’ll see an option about the by line, and underneath it are individual on/off switches for the various parts, including one for the views, that should do it :)

Thank you!

You’re welcome ;)


guicepeda Purchased

Hi, the review posts are missing. I have some posts in the “review” tag , but if i select then to show on homepage, the session of “review” doesn’t appear there. In demo, just after the first ad (close to fashion)

Hey Guicepeda,

I tried going on your site to have a look but it requires a password to see it, can you share it in any way or open the site up?



guicepeda Purchased

Sorry, in case if asks for password is 0000 I’ve send you an inbox, with an admin acess to the website

Got it, will answer that shortly :)


beumont Purchased

Hi. Thaks for amazing theme. But I have a problem on the home page, some posts do not have pictures. All post have featured image. There is a feature, if you change the post date and it will be at the top, image will be appear. Who know how to fix this ?

Hey Beumont,

Thanks to you for choosing 15Zine and for the kind words :)

That doesn’t look right at all! Can you share the exact url to check out the source code and see what is going on?


I had a look at it and the images without featured image are showing this url:


Which must be a plugin changing it. Do you have a lazy load plugin or similar? When you inject posts into a page via ajax (such as load more button) then any lazy load plugins need to have their code re-run to apply to all new posts injected into the page. And this code depends on the plugin you use.

Although, one thing in common the broken posts have is that the featured image sizes seem to be very small, try uploading bigger images in them and see if that helps too.