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Hi Codetipi!

Today I would just like to share an article about the plugin Gutemberg and its CSS Styling, maybe you are already working on it for the next update but I thought it may be interesting to share.

Here it is:

I am already testing the plugin on my site and I jst miss the miss the buttons to enlarge images to full width (along with alignmnt buttons).

You can even try it yourself here:

All the best,


Hey Wagner,

Thanks for sharing, those are interesting reads indeed. WordPress 5 and Gutenberg is definitely on the radar and 15Zine will receive updates for it all, so no need to worry about it :) You can follow to hear about upcoming 15Zine updates (including the big v4 update).

Thanks again!


Awesome! Thanks guys!

Hi, I have a few pre-sales Q:

- is a post featured image also used as first image on the post article? - I dont see much annotations in the demo templates. - No breadcrumbs too? - Will this theme be updated for WP 5 with the Gutenberg editor? - is the theme compatible with: —AMP —Facebook instant articles —Google news xml sitemaps?

Hey Keesjan123,

Thanks for checking out 15Zine :)

1- Yes, the featured image is the image used by the theme as the main image inside each post article. You can set it to be any of the post image designs shown in the demo site.

2- The theme includes all the usual schema, such as author, date and article markup. If you use the review system, it also has review schema outputted.

3- There is a breadcrumbs option in the theme, it’s just not enabled on the demo site :) You can see it live on sites using 15Zine who have it enabled, such as here:

4- Yes definitely, the theme is actively developed, the next update will be a big one (v4) and of course WordPress 5 compatibility will be tested and any issues will be patched up via further updates.

5- You can use AMP with the theme, however, official compatibility and further customization will be added in the v4 update. Same with Facebook Instant Articles.

6- Sitemaps aren’t something themes should control, that is something for a plugin, and there are loads of fantastic free sitemap plugins around to choose from :)

Hope this helps.



I enabled the like count feature in theme options but I’m not seeing the count or the like button on my posts.

UPDATE: Nevermind, guess it was a caching issue.