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for Design Quality

Just brilliant! Looks and works great! Thank you very much codetipi for your excellent work! Love it!

for Feature Availability

Feature availability, design quality and so much more. I am really highly satisfied with this theme. Thanks for great job and keep on! ;)

for Customer Support


Nice theme but the customer service is low standard. I have got more than once wrong answers and the overall quality of answers are low. It takes also quite a time sometimes to get answer. Visually great theme but still waiting for update to get wider visual customization possibilities.


Author response

Hey Mikko83,

Happy to hear you like the theme. Although I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed by your rating, especially as you have opened 14 tickets in the last month with around 50 responses in total and all of them seemingly getting happily resolved.

I'd like to elaborate on it all for any other potential customers reading this though - the Codetipi support team work flat-out to answer everyone as fast as possible, but some times it can get extra busy and the odd response can take a bit longer (but rarely over over 24 hours to response, unless it's over a weekend of course). And on extra tricky tickets they get escalated to me (I'm the developer), and I do my best to help too in support. I personally helped Mikko on some tickets, and I believe we managed to sort out every single issue Mikko had eventually.

Back to Mikko: If you do require support again in the future, I hope that over time your opinion of support can be improved with our hard work and you can reconsider your theme review score as a score like this does really have an impact on our reputation.

Either way, thank you for choosing 15Zine and I hope you enjoy using it for along time!




for Other

Main reason for my rating?
it rocks!
the code is as far as i can tell really good, it is flexible, has lots of features, it is well documented, the design is stunning and it is very customizable. Also the customer support reacts in an appropriate time.
Thumbs up!

for Flexibility

Perfect theme for different type of sites! Good work!

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