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Hello Dooplica, first of all compliments for your theme, it’s great. I have a question. I have used you template for the website I’m working on: http://www.socialgfree.com but i have an error when i open it on mobile. I’m using Android browser but I think the same problem is also on iOS. When i show the website on mobile i have the problem shown in this screenshot: http://postimg.org/image/vtf4t9gtt/ I hope you can help me!

Thanks! Andrea

Ciao Andrea! Abbiamo provato con vari modelli di smartphone ma è sempre tutto ok. Mi dici con che vers. del browser usi?

Galaxy Nexus con Android 4.3 Provato con Chrome v.30 e con il browser nativo del telefono e per entrambi da lo stesso problema.. Non vorrei a questo punto che sia un problema del mio telefono.. Effettivamente su iphone e ipad funziona correttamente..!

hi,I bought this great theme. Everything is fine. Just the images of the scissors. I can not change these. What can I do?

Hi Dooplica,

I really love this theme and am considdering buying it but when i look at the portfolio and click on the first section “man” there is nothing to see. I see it on all versions of this template. Once there has been clicked some more (on other sections like “woman” and so on) the “man” section can be clicked and there is also something to see. Is this going to be resolved in the near future?


Hi Donna, sorry for the delay in reply but we didn’t see the email alert :p We’re not be able to reproduce the issue that you report; notice that all the 3 versions of the theme are exactly the same (the core code of course) so if it work in design or tech versions it should work also in the fashion version .

I wonder how I can make the navigation bar (menu) transparent for the “home” view? thanx a lot!

Thank you for the quick answer!!! I’ve managed to do this already, but still there is this white bar behind the menu navigation, which coveres the home picture at the bottom, and I haven’t figured out how to delete it.

hi again and thank you for this beautiful theme! Another question, are we allowed to use the pictures provided, I mean not the logos, but the photos. Thank you!

Hello! No you’re not allowed to use the pictures of the theme that are not included in the download package and that are only for demo purpose.


I have a problem with the contact form, this message appear before email sent:

NOTE: Since this is a demo e-mails are not sent.

How to remove this message ?


I have already removed this line, but this message appear

I have removed this line:

echo ’<script>alert(“NOTE: Since this is a demo e-mails are not sent.”);</script>’;

Contact form work fine, but is a temporary solution, have you an other way ?

Hi, by removing the following two lines your should be ready to go:

define(“DEMO_MODE”, “1”);

echo ’<script>alert(“NOTE: Since this is a demo e-mails are not sent.”);</script>’;

If the ContactForm works fine and the alert message is not shown then you are done. It’s not a temporary solution ;)

Hi, I just purchased your theme, loving it.

However I just realised that you have wp version available after I purchase… can I upgrade it to wp version?

I’m sorry beani, but that version is sold by bitfade that is our partner for WP :(

Hi there,

I’ve been having troubles signing up to forum, its not accepting my purchase code, any tips or help would be much appreciated.


Hi D91, which forum are you trying to use?

This one:


I realised it was just for the Wordpress version eventually, is there support forum for this version?


Just write us at support[at]dooplica.com

Hi Dooplica,

I’m customizing a WordPress site using a different theme right now, and I recently found the 20one template. The natural language form feature is great and something I had planned for this design, though the theme I am using does not seem to have nlform.js. I’ve already committed to this theme and can’t switch easily.

Is the natural language form a custom feature for 20one? Could you make a WordPress plugin for this? I’m open to buying it on CodeCanyon or wherever else you would make it available.

Thanks, David

Hi DalandanUX, Natural form it’s a custom feature for 20one and we will not develop a plugin for it. I’m sorry

Hi Dooplica, I’ve seen the link for WP version is no loger available? where could I get it?


I’m sorry ebaraut but the WP version is no longer available and it’ll never be sold everywhere.


I purchased this theme a couple of months ago, but it is no longer available in my downloads menu. Has it been changed? Updated? Does it no longer work with WordPress? I haven’t downloaded the most recent version of WP and I’m just trying to figure out if I need to do anything about the theme. :-)


I’m sorry but the WP version wasn’t developed by us and is no longer available

Very very nice!;

Hello Dooplica, I bought your template (but the wordpress version) but now is gone, I really need some support, should I contact you through this comments?

Hi, I suggest you to contact the Author from who you bought the wordpress version. We didn’t develop it so we are not able to answer to your doubt

Salve, ho acquistato la versione Wordpress del tema 20one e ho problemi sul modulo Galleries e Shortcodes, io credo dipenda dal fato che il tema è installato sull’ultima versione di Wordpress, mi dite qual è l’ultima versione di Wordpress pienamente compatibile con il tema? Grazie.

Ciao, noi abbiamo realizzato la versione html del template 20one, non ci siamo occupati dell’ingegnerizzazione su wordpress, non riesco quindi a fornirti le informazioni di cui hai bisogno.

Ti suggerisco di contattare l’autore da cui hai acquistato il tema Wordpress (mi sembra se ne sia occupato Bitfade) che sicuramente saprà darti tutte le indicazioni necessarie.

Nice work! But I am selecting theme on the .less file and it doesn’t show any layout once viewed in the index.html. Please help. Thanks!

I have uploaded the document again onto my computer and the website does not show on Safari or Google Chrome. When previously the website was displaying all the CSS. Please help!

Please contact us as soon as possible! Thanks!

He admarde, can you confirm that the path of the css file is correct? To do that you could open the Javascript Console in Chrome and look for errors.

hi, is there anywhere I can get the Wordpress version of this? I had thought it was wordpress when I had originally looked at it and now its not. I would appreciate if it was available. Please let me know

Hi Magiknew, I’m sorry but the Wordpress version of the theme wasn’t developed by us and is no longer available

Ive put the entire download on a web server. However I get the error <web>/demo-only/themeoptions.less wasnt found and the error <web>/css/style.less wasnt found – I looked on the server and both files are there – so why are these flagged as 404 and how do I repair this please?

Hello – is there anybody there?

Dooplica Hello , I have a problem with the files, once i have downloaded all the files and decided to open the file index, i realise that all the structure of the page is broken and i need to know why is this happening so i will attach a picture to show what’s happening so you can give me a solution or something, regards. http://imgur.com/a/z44cg


I need some assitance http://saridesignstudio.com/index_1.html#/services here I am trying to fix the text in the same line on the right.

Als? I wanna use this link as about but when I changed the details It takes the about css code. How can I manage to see this page as abour section


wrong post

Hi is there anybodythere? I am also looking fot the details of portfolio details. there is no help document in the files

wrong post

Doesnt install on WP. Says missing stylesheet?