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Any update? :) Sorry to keep bothering! haha

isn’t the html+css all you need for Theme Forest? I don’t need the wordpress version. :)

There’s also plenty of javascript/jquery, multiple color options, documentation, last testing to ensure best quality. :)

Any update? haha :) I think you are probably sick of me asking but I just can’t wait! hahaha :)

When will the HTML version of this template be released??

Hey CMT , any word on the xhtml/css release?



There’s no scheduled date for the coded version, thanks.

You can select your preferred method to get notified when it’s released.

Sorry to be such a bother but is the coded version ever coming out?

Hi zreed, you’re not a bother at all!

The html version will come out eventually, but unfortunately my schedule got just too busy recently and the html got delayed, sorry. I am not able to give an estimate time for it right now.

Thank you

I would be happy to code this for you if you are interested? Please email me.

It’s 90% coded already, thank you. :)

Let’s get it finished up. I would love to buy today

Can I buy the partial templates? I really could use this template. I would like to not code it myself if you already have a start but I will if it will be more than a week to release. Thank you for any info you can provide on this matter. Good work on psd as well. Do you offer private/freelance psd development services?

Hi studioleland,
Thank you for being interested!

Unfortunately the templates I create are being released exclusively for ThemeForest, and I don’t have such a practice to release the partial templates. I don’t want to undertake any time for the release, because I am just too busy at my full-time job.
At the moment I am not available for hiring for that same reason. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise about the release.

Thank you

Haide napravi go tozi template, che nakraq shte kupq PSD -to i shte si go nareja sam. :)

Mnogo dobra rabota! Pozdravleniq!

I will purchase when Wordpress version is released!

Hi degrama,

Thank you for your request! The HTML version will be finally released next week and the WordPress version is scheduled around the beginning of October.


Ok thanks! Maybe next time…

Totally interested in the HTML version of this.

Happen to have an updated ETA ?

The html release is scheduled for September, 5th (Monday), thank you for being interested!

- Boris

The HTML version is now available online: 24 Carats – Gold Edition (HTML)!