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Preview is not loading at at

Hi herrbutzie, the live preview loads up instantly for me. Could you mention your location and browser, so that I can investigate further if needed?


Get this error.

“Safari can’t open the page “http://themes.cmtstudio.com/24carats/” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding”

Won’t load with Firefox, Chrome, SeaMonkey or iCab

Firefox and Seamonkey Error

“The connection has timed out The server at themes.cmtstudio.com is taking too long to respond.”

On a MacPro running OSX 10 .6.5. located in south west florida Gulf coast

Hi herrbutzie,

I have now specifically contacted my host support for this case and after they tested my domain and subdomain, it turned out that the server status and international visibility are perfect.

An independent check at Down For Everyone Or Just Me? reveals that the domain status is OK, no errors were found locally neither.

In that case the possible cause of the problem is an internet connection issue on your side – resetting the connection / devices should solve the problem.
That is all I can do to help you.


Deosn’t work of five Macs at two different locations with two different ISPs Other authors have had a similar problem with their previews not showing up on mac and one of the reasons was they had gzipped the css & js the demo preview will not work for Mac users no matter what browser they are using.

We have no problem viewing any other website on Envato or anywhere else for that matter, so no it is not a problem at our side, it is something with your host or the way you set the preview up ..

Went to another location and we got the exact same problem They were on AT&T U-verse, we are on Comcast 45mbps fibre optic network.

Will be trying on a PC later

Hi herrbutzie,

Thanks for the follow-up.
Just made some adjustments to the server setup and if it is not working now, my options for this case are finished. There is no gzip running however.


Working OK here in the UK. Running on a Mac with OSX 10 .6.8…

(nice work btw ;)

Hi bcreative,

Yes – everything is fine now. Thank you!


whatever you did to the server it is loading now. Very nice

Thank you, herrbutzie and your cooperation is very appreciated!


Purchased the theme and uploaded the The HTML theme to the wpcontent/theme directory and I am getting a broken theme error in wordpress admin. Says stylesheet is missing. Thank you

Hi mrbossboss,

This is a site template and not a functioning WordPress theme.


I want to buy this but it appears to be broken in FireFox 7.0.1. The paper slider’s thumbnails below are not appearing. In addition the slider to choose the skin in your preview is not working. Can you confirm this?

I can confirm it’s working in IE 9 , Chrome 14.0

Disregard. I’m not getting an answer. I’ll just spend the money on another template somewhere else. I’ve tried emailing you, been patient on here. Zero answers.

Hi design132,

I have emailed you back 10 hours ago and thanks to your remark I made fixes to the theme, after installing Firefox 7 to check upon the issue. Half an hour ago the updates have been approved by a reviewer and are ready for download.

Please double check your inbox, maybe including your Spam folder. I am sorry you got frustrated.


Hi, i really love the theme but one problem i am facing which is very important i have added 11 slides in the slider .. when it was upto 10 ,, its working fine .. when i added 11th slider .. its showing that slide as Blank ..

Can you guide me why it is happening and how can i fix it ? please this is very important

Hi aih786,

Thank you for purchasing the theme, I am glad you like it.

The coin slider works like this: all slides are put next to each other (like a train composition), the first is being shown and the others are pushed way off to the right. Right now I’ve put an explicit width (needed for Opera) so the 11-th slider is being pushed down. The solution – you just need to increase its value:

In the /css/ directory locate default.css and find this rule (line #687 in the original file)...

#slider-mid>ul { overflow: hidden; width: 9999px; } /* Fix for Opera */

... and increase its value, for example to 12000px.

Just a side note: The slider is designed to attract users and show them a lot of information in a limited space. It is usually recomended to reduce the total number of slides to 3 or 5 – because no user will wait for all the slides to rotate. That is just a usability advice on my side.

Best regards,

i am using coin slider

Thank you so Much cmt .. I am really very happy to see your quick response and your explanation in details.. I am glad to purchase your theme,,

Its working fine now .. 5+ stars for Support and theme both .. i would love to purchse your other themes in near future

Thank you for your feedback, it is very appreciated.

i am currently using its html .. and i am loving it

Do have plan for its WordPress version ? i need within a day or two

Hi, thank you for purchasing it! :)

Unfortunately due to the low demand, this theme will not be converted to WordPress (but my upcoming themes will be).


Can the ‘carat 24’ logo on top left be changed?

Hi melaniengzuer,

Yes it can – and if the new logo is taller, you can change the height of the header (since the logo is applied as a CSS background and not as an image tag).

Thank you for being interested! :)

Looks awesome!;

Live preview not working?


Thank you for your message – I am very surprised that this 2011 template is still around – it has been scheduled for deletion, since in my opinion there are much better templates now.

(in a surprised voice) Do you actually have interest in it?

Best wishes,

I am also very interested in seeing the demo, which is not loading for me either (am on most current version of Firefox now). Would appreciate if you would enable the demo to appear. Why delete this template if it can sit around and maybe experience an occasional sale? I have a hunch it may be a nice one.

Preview: Unavailable 404!