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Hey nice template. Couple of questions before I go ahead and purchase though. 1. Is it compatible with campaign monitors email platform? 2 Can I edit the colours other to something different to those on the live preview? Thanks in advance, Lee

1. no but it is mailchimp compatible. 2. sure.

Hi Dude, I have bought the template and wish to make 1 small edit. Can you tell me what part of the code to edit to remove the dividing line between the logo and the text. Thanks in advance

Remove those two lines:

<td align="left" width="15" class="RespoHideSmall">  </td>
<td align="left" width="1" bgcolor="#343437" class="RespoHideSmall" />
for further assistance please contact by mail…

Set 09 Layout 2 duplicates the first social box image. (Whatever you put in the first box is repeated in the third box and vice versa. In the example those are used for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ icons.)

Looking at the HTML, the problem is that Image_Social01 is repeated when it should be Image_Social03 in the last instance.

thanks Jhon,

the problem was fixed and an update has been uploaded.

Hi there, Nice template however I’m having problems with mailchimp – I’ve followed instructions and everything looks right on server however when I send a test to a gmail everything is messed up – Let me know where I can send you screenshots and URL. I’m sure is a small css problem but I can’t find where it is. Any help would be greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance

dear damcho, please send me a screenshot to nadav.toots@gmail.com

problem fixed.

thank you :)

Hi Robbie I like your job with this template. I would like to modify the social blocks to have 4 blocks (+ Pinterest) instead of 3. Is it possible ? Thanks a lot

it’s a request of my customer

It can be done with the right knowledge of browser compatibility. in my opinion it looks much better this way. try add it as a link somewhere else…

you are right

Hi Robbie, I would like to know if is it possible to install a menu line under the logo zone ? Regards

Hi pulp,
Best way is to put links instead of the
“View The Online Version >” .