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Hola, una nueva pregunta, estoy a punto de terminar la configuración de mi página, todo funciona bien hasta el momento, lo único que no me resulta es incorporar los videos de YouTube, no los acepta, vimeo sí. Hay alguna indicación especial para YouTube?, gracias y saludos.

Ok. ya lo solucioné, gracias.

Hello, I have purchased this theme and have been very happy with it but I am in need of support now and have not been able to login or contact you via siiimple support. I can provide you with my purchase code, username, etc but the login page says my purchase code is registered to another account. Please help me fix this so I can resolve the issue I am having. Please contact me at Thank you!

Sorry to hear. Happy to help out. Just send me an email to or via my profile page at envato here.

Thanks, Justin

Does is it rtl support? Thanks Anatal

I sent

Any news?

Please respone, Thanks

Integrated Panoramic360 Viewer w/ Thumbnails – I bought. How can I instal it ?

Is this a separate plugin?

It’s not necessary to install that plugin with this theme. Thumbnails are included in the panoramic slider.

Hi !

Pre-sale questions :

Is the theme WPML and Last version WooCommerce compatible ? + IPAD and Iphone Responsive ??

Will it works well on a 4.1 Wordpress installation ?

Your last update is June 2013, so nearly 18 months ago, does it mean that no other updates will be done and/or development of the theme is no more in your toughts?



Really apologize for the delay on this. For some reason I completely overlooked it. Sorry about that!

It’s not currently setup with WPML. It is compatible with WooCommerce, and is responsive, yes.

Yes, it will work with WP 4.1 and above.

It’s not that development has stopped, it’s just that other tasks have taken priority :)

Thanks! Justin

Hey Justin! I sent you an email as well, but in case it lands in your Junk folder, just sending you the same thing over here.

I have bought your theme a couple of days ago and after trying around for days I am not sure if it can actually do, what I wanted it for.

Basically it seems to me that whatever files you upload in the Panorama post type, all of them will show up on every page that has the 360 Template. The thing is, that I want multiple pages with this template, each page displaying different panoramas. Is this possible?

Same thing with the Draggable Template. I want to use it for several pages on my website, but I don’t want to use the same pictures every time I use the same template. How can I select what pictures I want on this and that page? It just automatically selects everything from “Gallery”. It just would be nice to have subfolders in Gallery and Panorama that I can select on the templates. Just like it works with Slideshows, you know.

Also if my panorama is less than 5000px wide, then it just shows a gap between the beginning and the end of the picture, doesn’t look as good as I expected it to be. It would be nice if the carousel was automatically the same width as the picture.

The 360 and the Draggable Template are the reason I decided to go with your theme and now I am rather disappointed. Hope, you can help me!



Hi Xenja

The 360 gallery and the draggable template and other galleries are currently set up using custom post types. In order to change this would require some additional customization. It’s possible to allow categories be used so as to make it possible to add more templates with different images for each template.

As for the 5000px wide gap, it’s possible to extend this width, but it would be necessary to change it in the theme files.

For the width issue, just send wp-admin details to my email and I can take a look. The other issue would require a bit more, however.

Thanks! Justin

Hi nice theme, i am trying to insert a link in the gallery posts to open another page from each photo but doesnt seem to work although it has a field for this function. Can you tell a solution for this problem?


Hi, just send wp-admin details and I can test it out and correct any issue. Thanks!


One question, If I want to have severals pages with the same let´s say temple “Image Viewer 2” for example like a photographer porfolio, but I can´t have this “temple” reapeat with differents photos, is this posible? Or you just have to use only one gallery always with the same pictures?? thanks

Sorry for the re-post…


Hi, Justin. We are about to update our WP build and are wondering if you have tested this theme on 4.2.2? This has been a good theme and I’d hate to see it get left behind. Thanks.

Yes, it’s been tested and should work as normal. Thanks!

Thanks, please consider updating your theme’s compatibility description.

Tested with iPad: Unfortunately in the panoramic home screen the play/pause button doesn’t appear and the popups don’t show up. Pity.

Ok Folks I was a little tired of that fact that no matter what I created in gallery I got all my pictures on the draggable template ….I talked to a coder friend of mine and he has solved the issue ….due to copyrights I will not post it here however feel free to get intouch and I’ll send it to you for 5 bucks This customization will allow you to have specific images input in the draggable template gallery to the exclusion of all others .i.e. allowing you to use the draggable template more than once

Is it possible to slow down a bit the rotation of panorama on the main page ? thank you

good stuff, thank you !

Greetings ! I just tried to install this theme and here’s the error message I got.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed”

thanks for helping out, problem solved !

Are there any new updates? I got this theme a couple of years ago as a free theme of the month and was thinking of purchasing the updates but the theme hasn’t been updated since 2013?

Not any new updates currently.

Hi! I got the theme like 2 years ago when it was free. I install it and it worked fine :) But now that I migrate the server and updated the WP version, the home page that was 360 is not working. If I put the featured image, the slider doesn’t run, and neither the menu links. If I eliminate the feature image everything works fine, but I don’t have the 360 image on the slider. What can I do? Another question, how can I activate the under construction mode?


Hi there, unfortunately, support is a bit limited for the free theme files because there can be so many requests. But I’m happy to help where I can. Feel free to setup a ticket at with login credentials, errors, warnings, etc. that your site is showing and I’ll do my best to help out. Thanks!

This could be added to the home page, as the home page, but it wouldn’t integrate with the panoramic feature, unfortunately.

Great theme! Is it possible to change the speed of the auto scroll for the pano?

Yes, it’s possible. I can help out with that. Just send an email to


It is compatible with the latest version of WP? 4.6.1?

Yes, it’s compatible!


mergegr Purchased

hello I have a problem with the category can you help please?

Yes, is this the same buyer I spoke with earlier? Not sure. I would just need login ftp credentials to see what’s going on with it. You can send it to Thanks!


mergegr Purchased

hello! I have send you an email from thank you in advance.

Hi there at siiimple.

I got the theme for free in an envato newsletter. Thanks for that!

Actually I like the design, but I´m not at all happy about the documentation. “Well documented” it´s definetely not. I´m using WP themes for years and this one is one of the more recent themes which cost me a lot of time to get into it. I´m still doing a lot of experimenting and I read the documentation thoroughly indeed. Not very helpful is, that the shortcode-examples is faulty ( For examples you miss the slash in the colums ( [ one_third ]…[ one_third ] ) and there should be no space between the brackets and the letters. So you can´t copy and paste the code from the examples – or you have to experiment and find out how to correct it.

You got a lot of traps and superficial info in the documentation where one has to experiment rather than work with the theme… I bought cheaper themes which where better and clearer documented…

I think you did everything to have a hell of opportunities in the theme, but it makes it complicated – at least for my taste. But maybe it´s only my opinion… ;-)