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maxcirce Purchased


I am getting an SSL mixed content error because the site logo is pulling from http and not https. Is there a quick fix for this?

Thank you,



please post it on our support forum and we will be glad to help you there.

regards, Michael

(3Clicks | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme) we have questions before purchasing the theme: section (does the theme support latest news and achieve)? section (does the theme support events like agenda for business work with links to details about it and achieve)? 3.RTL Support(does the theme support RTL like Arabic language)?

Some clients use Events Manager Pro, but there’s no full theme design integration.

Could you be please more specific about this part: “you were asked affixed to a Theme What is the new price of the Theme??”

thank you for your answer. what I mean that if there are event plugins compatible with 3clicks theme


There is no plugin with 100% integration but Event Manager should work in most cases.



mohdshah Purchased

Hello dev,

I’m enjoying your theme since 3 years with speed, SEO and very easy to setup. Now i’m seeking for another new updates and some great new features :)

May i ask you about the modern footer design which called ” Sliding under contents” Is there any CSS or other easy trick to do that on my existing 3clicks theme?

will appreciate your support and help :)

Looking your reply. Thanks.


Please post your question directly on our support forum: We will talk there about details and possible solutions.



SpyrosB Purchased


How can I update the theme to a newer version if I don’t have child theme?

Thank you


Try to follow this video guide



redrob Purchased

I purchased this theme 2+ years ago and am just now finding the time to update my Web site using it.

Although I’m disappointed I need to pay for renewed support as now is the 1st time I’m actually using it, I will renew if it makes sense.

Can you tell me if there have been updates to the theme in the last two years, making it more worthwhile for me to pay for the renewed support? (I obviously can’t ask this on the support forum since I no longer have access)

Also, the one feature I want to implement is a filterable gallery on my main page, in addition to other content. If that won’t be doable I may need to bail and find a different Wordpress Theme; I’m not seeking free support now on how to do this, but need to know if I should invest in renewing my support contract, or in a different theme… hope that makes sense.

Thank you! :-) Rob


let me quickly answer your questions:

1) there were some major updates, but nothing let’s call it “revolutionary”

2) yes you can do it

regards, Michael


I was wondering if there was a way of changing the settings of the Featured Image of a blog post? Maybe setting up a certain height. My clients don’t always have a photo editor and would need some control on that.

Thanks for your help.


You can always extend your support period. Please check the box on the right side on the theme page

Well, from your knowledge of the theme, is this something that can be done through the options or custom solution / css / something else?

Custom PHP code, but we can help you do it


rva300 Purchased

Hello! I am about to purchase your theme but can’t find information on ads/ad widgets (and since I haven’t purchased can’t access your support site). Does your theme support advertising? Not a current need but might be a future one. Appreciate it, thank you!


Our theme is compatible with most well know ads plugins. We don’t have any built-in tool so until you want to embed your ads, nothing will slow down your site. You can of course embed the most popular Google AdSense e.g. in 3Clicks’s sidebar using built-in simple text widget.


(3Clicks | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme) we have a question: Q1: Is it possible that you provide us with trail version for CMS to test the main page and see how we can display Latest news with the archive in the theme??


unfortunately there’s no “try before you buy” option, sorry

regards, Michael

Hi, would you please send us a screen shot on how Latest news displayed in main page with date issue and archive link. also screen shot for archive page . Regards, DoS

Please check this link:

under the “Check your portfolio” heading.

The blog (news) section looks the same

Hi, I bought youre theme for a client at the beginning of this year. It’s works great, only a strange problem occurs in some posts. Don’t know if this is a WP or theme problem, but I haven’t found the answer online yet.

Sometimes a post with a featured image, also shows that image in the post itself. Beside the added image through Media Import.

Also we have a problem with added Media in posts. As you can see here: there is an image of a tennisracket. But if we go to the post in the back-end, the image is not visible, so can’t be deleted etc

Hope you can help us??


please post all your product related issues on our support forum and we will be glad to help you there. Thank you in advance

regards, Michael


leadingv Purchased

Hello, why i’m not able to open a ticket in the support forum? I’m receiving an error “Support for this purchase code expired in 01 Mar 2016. Buy extended support to get access. ” This is not right. I still have 10 months of support. Here is the snapshot from my dashboard . Please advise.


please send us a message through the contact page on our profile page and we will respond with a solution. Thank you in advance and sorry for all inconvenience

regards, Michael


I have WPML. Why do I see an asterisk and the name of the language? Why do not the flags appear? As it should be.


Completely distorted Preheader.

After you set it up it was so (is attached image):

All the flags with an asterisk are. And does not deploy. Completely distorted Preheader.


please post it on our support forum along with the URL to your website and we will check it right on your server. Thank you in advance

regards, Michael