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Looks amazing, fresh and professional. Good luck “bringthepixel” :)

Wow very nice theme! Best of luck with sales :)


There’s some password requirement here and there. Make sure to remove it!:)

I love that menu, it’s an inspiration! (Booked.)

Thank You. Just checking

Congrats! looks beautiful. Super comprehensive theme.


1. Would you consider making the nav menu transparent so it is within the slider, but when scrolled down it is solid again.

2. Possible to make the nav menu minimized smaller when scrolled down?

Awesome theme and great work. Cheers



1) it requires some coding 2) we can help you achieve it on our support forum. Shouldn’t be a big problem :)

regards, Michael

Ah, great thanks. Was just curious. It’s great without as well. I’ll look into it some more. Congrats.


2 quick questions:

1. On single post blog pages (probably with right sidebar) is it possible to have the featured images display with an open height? I see you are using 636px × 357px. Having a tall image proportionally adjusted so it uses the 636px width but the height adjust automatically (without cropping or lightbox)

2. Is it possible to display a full menu (like desktop version) in landscape mode on the iPad?


1) yes

2) it requires some extra coding, but we can help you with it on our support forum :)

regards, Michael

UOOOOOOOOOOOOW, very nice!!!!! congratulations!!


Where is the slowness coming from? Page load time: 17.65s Total page size: 866KB Total number of requests: 75

Is it the theme or your hosting?

It’s probably because of the HTTP authorization for some files:/ We are working on it right now

regards, Michael

OK, it should be much much better right now :)

thx again

regards, Michael

Wow. cool!
Good luck with the sales :)

Neat touches, looks fantastic.
Congrats, wish you the best with this one.

Kind Regards,


we’ve just fixed HTTP authentication problems, so the Live Preview should be really fast right now


regards, Michael

WooooW, very nice!!!!! congratulations!! HTML version?


right now there’s no plan for HTML version, sorry. This theme is based on dynamic options, and it will be hard to “emulate” it in simple HTML

regards, Michael

Very nice template! Is there also simple gallery page, where multiple images can be added? Not just portfolio items

Thanks for reply.

Holy frickin’ WOW! the customization options are Amazingggg (I watch a few of your vids too! WHOA that menu Like none I’ve ever seen and the header/menu/page options incredible!!) Just curious, is all built with short codes or some kind of page builder type setup or…? GRT WORK #BringThePixel!

Only the content is built using shortcodes. All header customizations, color schemes, etc you can do via Theme Options Panel without even touching CSS :)

regards, Michael

Great theme!
Please make it woocommerce compatible! ;)


thx for feedback. Woocommerce is probably our next target, but first we need some sales ;)

regards, Michael

bookmarked till then :)


The 3Clicks (v1.1.0) is now WooCommerce ready.

regards, Michael

This theme is great and just what we need for a new project. Just two questions though:

1. Any chance of adding a sticky menu option? 2. Any plans to enable other content in the mega menus (e.g. use shortcodes to insert images / anything else?). At the moment we usually use Ubermenu, but if the feature were inbuilt in the theme that would be awesome!


1) Sticky menu is available, check demo #4.

2) We’re planning to add many great features to our MetroMenu in upcomming updates, but this depends of 3Clicks selling

regards, Michael

1) Must have overlooked that, thanks. Good to know.

2) Great. Sales are looking good already so look forward to updates soon ;-) Have you tested the theme with Ubermenu as an alternative in the meantime?

Will almost certainly purchase soon.


no Ubermenu tests, but it should be OK – of course you’‘ll lose metro menu style, etc

You can always use our support forum in case of problems

regards, Michael

YEAH!!!! AWESOME DESIGN! This theme with a page bulider would be a dream and a rocket top-seller !

Any plans for a page builder in future?

best greetings mike


Yes, page builder and woocommerce integration are our next targets.

regards, Michael

Thanks! This is what I want to hear :-) Purchased!

Very nice tempate :-) I have question. I would like to buy it in Regular License.

1. Can I use it in corporate website (agency interactive) ?

Yes, no problem :)

If will be ok if in (Regular License) I will be have in my portfolio about 5 others product’s ?

You just need one regular license per website. There’s no limit what is going to be on your subpages :)

regards, Michael

Nice Theme !

Pre Purchase questions

1) Is it possible to use auto-play slider for ”/home-4/?demo=8” 2) Is it possible to use sub-menu with Product image and heading? 3) Is it possible to use some designs from different demos and create a new design? 4) Is it good for products base website?

Waiting for your positive reply



The 3Clicks (v1.1.0) now is integrated with WooCommerce.

regards, Michael

Well done ! Stunning theme, nice menu options, rounded corners etc. Original and refreshing! It has the potential to have the same succes as Flare did.

Hope it will, good luck and compliments for the original touches

Thank you very much :)

regards, Michael

Hey, just learned that you are actually the designer. Nice to see that a comment reaches the person it was intended for :).

Also read about the optional audit by you, what a great and original idea for a service to offer with a theme. That actually convinced me to get the theme. And I will make use of that offer in a week or two :)

Once again, really hope the sales will take off in Flare like proportions.

Nice to hear it!


regards, Michael