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I am buying this, is there a way to remove the countdown?

What did you mean?

Yes, I like everything on the template but do not wish to set a time for the launch as of yet. Willing to pay for the modification

You can remove wrapper for countdown in html and remove all scripts for using this countdown.

Having trouble with the subscribe php not sure if I put my email in the right place to activate the script or not. But i am not receiving subscribe emails at all,

Hi, mails must be written to a text file “subscribe.txt”. This file is empty?

Love the template can you tell me how to configure the subscribe.php I am lost please help.


subscribe.php comes as is, without configuration. And for what you wanna configurate it?

Hi there, love the artwork! I am trying to insert a simple image into this html and for some reason it keeps moving everything else up and out of place. I’ve edited the CSS to include my customizations but the parallax seems to be throwing it off. Is there a way to eliminate the parallax and keep the cloud animations in the CLOUD theme? Also could I get PSDs please? Thanks so much!

Hi girlinparis,

I’m glad you got it done, but I don’t have PSD files for countdowns Pack. all layers from the PSD have been exported to separate images into the package

np, thanks for your reply, excellent work, love it!

Thank you!

Hi there, love your work! Question: How do I remove the parallax movement only for the countdown?

I found it, thanks anyway :)

i’m glad :)

subscribe not work when the email contains dots ex:

Hi, thanks for this issue. I’ll fix it soon.

Hey ArtRow, I’ve finally found out how to do ‘count up’ with as you suggested.

But before buying your amazing countdown, I’ve noticed there was some unneeded space below, which creates an unneeded scrollbar.

I guess this is something that you should be able to fix. Keep me informed if you can update it or what we would have to do when we buy the theme.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sybren,

You mean the space after the footer? You can reduce the size of the ‘content-wrapper’ (height: 1000px; default).

Hi! I love this countdown, best on here by far! One question, I’m using the cloud one and some people are saying the countdown timer is not showing on their mobile, for example iPhone 5. It shows the text such as Days/Seconds but no numbers. The phone has JS turned on and I’m wondering if there may be a fix for this or if it could be a phone problem? Thanks!!!


Our live version isn’t work too? May be PNG couldn’t be loaded.

subscribe.php package you send? I would like to email subscribers

Hi, The issue with subscriber email and dots still doesn’t work. You wanted to fix this 8 month ago.., If it doesn’t accept the subscribe possibility is pretty limited. Would expect better in 2015. Regards

Open subscribe.php and chahge string 18 to this
if (!preg_match('/^\w[\w\.]*@\S+/', $email)) {

thank you very much! Your help was very much appreciated. Cheers

glad to help ;)

how do you install this page

What do you mean? This is HTML template.

@ ArtRow how do i set the countdown every time i try to put somthing in it does not work for me can you message me please

waited a year and no reply ?

You’re very patient

3d countdonws pack

how can i convert to android application

support doesn’t apply to that. But you can research this question by yourself. There are many services for that.