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Realy nice and creative bro! GLWS!

Thanks :)

This is fantastic! Nice work :) Love the clouds one!

Thank you so much)

This is awesome. Great job


Sales are coming. This one looks great ; congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks :)

Very nice! You did a great job!

Thanks :)

Right ON!!$ GRT Options for Site Flavor and looks Great on mobile (Haven’t seen ANY other TF designer bring this Style to a coming soon plugin AWESOME!$)

Thank you so much :)

Really nice one :) GLWS!

Thank you ;)

Good luck! very nice work! :)

WOW MY GOD ! I saw your theme, and 1 second later, of cours, i buy it ! THE MOST BEAUTIFULL “COMING SOON” THEME i saw in my life, congratulations !!!!

Best regards

I’m glad you liked it :)

Very nice! GLWS!

Thank you :)

Nice one man! Keep it up.

Thanks :)

Can I use this in a Word Press theme?

Hi. The question about a license? I think you will get more information here

Looks awesome :) great use of parallax effects

Thanks :)

This looks amazing! Most beautiful coming soon page ever :o

Is it possible instead of count down to make it count up?

Thanks) It is possible.

Sweet. Because I’d love to use this page as a ‘This site has been online for x days, x hours, etc…’. Altho my last question before I buy it: is it easy to change it to count up? If so, how will I be able to do so? Thanks for the quick reply!

I meant that the script allows you to do count up, BUT we we did not implement it.

if you know JS, you can do it or connect any other script. We are used

I hope it help you :)

Hello dear author. Thanks for nice Countdowns Pack. Have a question. I need only hours minutes and seconds. How I can remove Days from countdown? Thanks a lot

I get it. settings.js is my solution:) sorry

Hi, I’m glad you’ve done it :)

May I get the PSDs for the action lights please? I ‘d like to change the colors to fit my website. Thanks!

Okay. I can wait. I’d appreciate it if you could rush this though. I’ll pay you if need be. Thanks!

unfortunately, I can not until next Wednesday.

Okay. Well thanks and looking forward to next Wednesday. :)

Great pack, but when i share my site on Facebook in a post as a link, theres an EBL logo, and the text ‘ArtRown Countdowns Pack – Epic”...Is there a way to remove that image, and link?... i have already edited the index file…


May be it is a cache issue. One user was trying to do the same with editing <title></title> with Facebook’s share and after a while the information was updated. Try change index file and refresh cache.

Great countdown, it really gives the ‘wow’-reaction. One question, I need to make it count down till saturday 18:00(+1gmt), and after it must take nextweek saturday 18:00(+1gmt), etc.

I got a fully working JS script from my previous countdown. (

Can you help me implent it? I can pay you extra if needed! Thanks.

For the people still wanting the toggle, I made a very tiny & simpel script u can put in ur html file: Everyone may use the script.

I used your script. Thank you. But i used it in the action theme only. You can check this I’ll update package today.

Toggle script updated: Has alot more features added.