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3D Countdowns Pack

3D Countdowns Pack


This package includes 5 templates with 3D digits and parallax effect. For fast start using you can insert your logo and set the date. Templates has validated working subscribe form. Mails written to a text file. Package also contains extra skins for digits. Template is good optimized for all major browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer. The background videos are turned off on mobile devices. Some mobile browsers can’t automatically play video and video is replaced by the image.


  • Responsive HTML5&CSS3 template
  • jQuery enhanced
  • Retina Ready
  • 3D countdown animation
  • Parallax effect
  • Different backgrounds: static, animated, video, photo slider
  • Working PHP subscription form with validation
  • Cross browser support
    • Template is good optimized for all major browsers
    • Mobile devices support
  • Included social icons: picasa, dribble, twitter, facebook, google+, pinterest, instagram, vimeo, disqus, wordpress, tumblr, youtube, rss feed, flickr, linkedin, skype, deviant art, vk (international)
  • Extra skins for digits
  • Documentation
  • All files are commented


2014-01-07 Version 1.1
- added video toggle (on/off) for action countdown
- fixed FireFox’s issue (added .htaccess file)