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This is amazing! :inlove:

Thank you very much :)


Thank you :)

Great theme! :)

Thanks :)

How does the template “degrade gracefully in other browsers and on smaller screens”? Can you describe what goes on on those?

Hi, if there is no enough “place” for the effects or the 3D transforms are not supported by the browser (ex. IE) you’ll see its simplified version. Resize down your browser window to see what it looks like. It’s still fully functional and you don’t lose any content.

Thanks for your reply. P.S.: Duh, dumb question … I could have tried that myself. I guess I didn’t have enough coffee yet. :D

Thank you :)

Fantastic work, really creative. Congrats ;)

Thank you very much :)

Is it possible to change the IE layout to the “3 column” layout instead of the vertical layout? I want to buy this but the vertical layout is not really nice looking on desktop screens and >50% of people still use IE. The horizontal layout is so much more beautiful. Btw, 3D transform is available on IE10 but you didn’t support it in your code?

Thanks for your remarks. Unfortunately the IE10 support for 3D transforms is not full for the moment. I might decide to update the layout on smaller screen/other browsers – so stay tuned. Thanks again.

This is so freaking cool! Nice work!

Thank you!

Wow, not often I get blown away! Can’t wait to sort out a client I can apply this on. Great job!

Thanks a lot :)

Hello I have purchased the 3d invitation and is very nice but animation don’t work on MAC. Do you know how to fix this problem?

Hello, thank you. What do you mean by “animations don’t work on MAC”? What browser do you use? I’m personally a Mac user. It’s been extensively tested on Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. The animations work properly in all browsers that support css3 animations (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) given that your browser window is large enough.

Thank you for your quickly answer! My settings is Lion (10.7.4) with sceen resolution 1440×900. Below all sceen:

Chrome 24.0.1312.56

Firefox 20.0

Safari 5.1.7


I measured the height of your browser window in the screenshots you sent (ex. in Safari it’s 615px). With the themeforest iframe bar and the toolbars you use – it’s just not high enough. First remove the iframe, and check the full screen view.

thanks! it work!

I think this is a great template, but the documentation is poorly written. The level of English used is elementary at best, and so far, I have received poor support from developer.

If you are selling a product, which people need to edit, and use on their own, then support should be provided until completion. Otherwise, I’d rather just pay someone to do this from scratch.

Not impressed.

@Nova-design Seriously, it works perfectly. WTF is wrong ? Maybe you think that’s a WP Theme ?

Great work! Congratulations to you! Is there a way to get the 3 columns or envelope view on smaller screens?

Thank you very much :)

We’ve been testing different breakpoints a lot, we also took in account the statistics concerning users screen sizes. We just chose what we think works best…


Hello, I bought this template but I cant seem to change the background and whenever I change any of the pictures the whole template is rendered unuseable. Can you help please? Changes: Using my own pictures (same size as the original demo) updating screen.css (for the background image) updating index.html for the rest of the pictures.


Thank you for purchasing 3D Invitation. What goes wrong? Please send us an email with your site url.



I really like this template and am planning to use if as a birthday invite.

Does this template have contact us / rsvp page people can respond to?

Also, can I use it in Wordpress?



yes, sure.


You should have it any minute now.

Kind regards


Hi, you should have a mail back now :)


Question before I buy, are the inside pages FULLY customizable..could I put a capture form inside there?


Thank you! Not 100% sure what you mean. If you wish we can send you the theme docs – maybe that could answer your question. Just send us an email via our profile page

Thanks again, PeHaa THEMES

Great Template, but I have one issue one of the images is not showing up on ipad & iphone. It works perfectly on the computer.Any thoughts to why?


Thank you very much. Please send us your site url, and point where is the missing image and we’ll try to help.

Thanks, PeHaa THEMES

Sure, I will forward URL, but could you forward me another email contact to you as this is a private event & would prefer not to publicly display it. Kind Regards

Sure, please use the contact form on our profile page:

Any updates in leaving the horizontal layout altogether? I’m doing a baby shower registration and I really hate that some people will think that the original page is the ugly vertical layout.


Thank you very much for purchasing our theme. The 3D animation just need some space to look fine. We’ve been testing different breakpoints a lot, we also took in account the statistics concerning users screen sizes. We just chose what we think works best…