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Hi There,

I ordered this yesterday. Excellent product!

I am not very good with photoshop. I tried adjusting the logo but it would not let me change the text ( I used the psd).

Is there an effect/font etc… that I may need to get it to work?

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it. :)

Hi the font layer is not editable, as the font needs to be purchased. You can always create your own logo in another font and use that. However if you want the font used you can get a demo here Once installed you would still need to create a type layer and type your business name then apply the layer style the pre-made logo layer has to your new text layer. Hope that helps :)

Thanks so much for your help! I really could not get it and I am awful with photoshop. Great Instructions! :)

No problem, thanks for buying one of my files :)

Hi ordered this last week and had an issue with it displaying properly in Outlook. It worked fine in web-based emails such as GMail and Yahoo and even on mobile, but on the Outlook inboxes we tested it on, the images became broken and would not display and or repeat. Any suggestions?

hmmm! Im not sure what version of outlook did you use?

I see, I have no idea why it’s doing that. I’ll see if I can figur it out and get back to you.

I have the same problem. the heading background is not visible and the outside (left and right) blue outline is also missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi sorry for the delay in my reply, do you have the graphics hosted online? Also are you getting this problem when you paste the code in to send an email or when you send one.

Yes, here is a link to it –

Yes even when you copy and paste it into an email.

I have also tried to use various email programs to send them and they all have the same issue.

Can you please look into this asap as I have held out sending it until this is resolved.



Hi Shane Ive just checked it out and it looks fine to me (everything loads via the browser and in my mail client Thunderbird) This means there is not a broken link issue. can you please contact me via direct mail you can find that on my profile page here at the marketplace and I will look into this further. Thanks

Ok, this is confusing to me. How do I edit the html files? It says it’s a chrome html document and leads me to a preview.

Never mind. I’m half asleep and had a blonde moment. Awesome product!

Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales