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I don’t understand what I am doing wrong!!! I keep doing exactly what the index file says to do but it just erased my entire tumblr layout! What is going on here? Do I need to go in and do everything? My tumblr is and I have your AUTUMN theme copy pasted into the HTML editor box and saved so you can see what is going on. Can you PLEASE help me fix it.

I just replied to your email.


44f Purchased

A recommendation from me. Makes for the most professional looking website. Amusingly, the #2 choice for myself was another from the same author.

The premise of customisability through the well laid out HTML and PSD files is a huge huge huge sell. Allowing me to branch out into individuality.

Hello. I add a scm player and is the theme of deterioration. Does not see half footer. Screenshoot: My Blog:

In the Add custom CSS box add:
footer {bottom:25px;}


Hello where i need to put adsense code when i want it between the social media panel and page panel. Can i just simply use text box ? or need to put it somewere in html editing window ?

I have no experience with the AdSense code, but I think that it should work fine if you paste it into the Text Widget.

ok thank you, will see in a few days if it worked or no google need to accept site ;)

Where’s the tutorial of hoe to install it ?

It’s in the package in HELP folder.

Hi, I got the theme, but after I copy the HTML code doesn’t working, I’ve Firefox 36.0.4 version, how can I do please?

Did you read the documentation? It’s in the Help folder. Just run the index.html file.