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Wow! Great work! Almost opened a tumblr just to use it! :P

very nice design! Good luck!

Super work man! GLWS !

Super work man! GLWS !

Thanks a lot! :)

very beautiful !!

I’m considering a purchase, but there’s a strange thing going on with the video posts:

When I watch the page on my Nexus 7 (1280×800) the video posts look how they’re supposed to look, with the videos taking up the whole space in the iframe from left to right. Now when I watch the page on my computer, the videos themselves are only 700px wide, leaving black bars on the left and right side (took a screenshot so you see what I mean). Happens in Chrome, Firefox & Opera. Any clue what’s going on there ?

It works perfectly now, both on my desktop and tablet…thanks !

I just sent the updated files.
I’ll let you know, when they will be ready to download.

OK, it’s ready now.

Looks very very beautiful…great work man..:)

Thanks! :D


i always wrote you a support mail. Bought it but unfortunately Tumblr hsoted Videos do not work well. Fullscreen and popout is only half of the screen and video doesnt fit to the blog width.

Thanks for looking into it.

I just sent you an email.

will you soon have a share to instagram?

I’m using a free ‘Share This’ plugin and unfortunately there is no such an option included.

The way the footer is enlarge on my iphone can that be fixed upon purchased?

More details please.

Pardon if im asking a dumb question. I would love to purchase this theme but I would just like to make sure I can easily incorporate this with my tumblr account. Do I just select this theme as I would any other upon purchase?

If you will decide to purchase it, you will get a package with an index.html file and detailed help file with all the instructions you need to install and configure the template.

It’s pretty easy, but if you will have any problems with instalation, you can always send me an email, using contact form on my profile page and I’ll try to help you.

does this work only for a tumblr? or could i use the template on any website

probably stupid question I’m not a programmer.

Yes, it works only for Tumblr.

also is it ad compatible?

Yes, it is. You can put probably anything you want into text widget.

This is the best Tumblr theme I’ve ever seen! Hence why I purchased it and am loving using it! (: However, I’m having a small issue with images posted in the caption area of posts not appearing in Safari browser. Do you know of any fix for this? Thanks for the great theme! (:

Thanks for purchasing! I’m glad you like it!
Please send my an email with your blog address and with a description of the problem.


i just purchased this theme and it’s really wonderful! i am not very familiar with html. how do I add in a flickr badge/widget on the side? i would want that widget instead of a text widget. which part do i paste my codes into?

Paste your Flickr widget code into “Text Widget Content” area in the Appearance options.

thanks! is it possible to add another section (icon and tooltip) on the top menu? say i wanna add an icon for specific tags

Yes, but it’s a lot of work and much easier will be add your specific tags into menu in the sidebar, like on my preview.

Great theme, loving it! However I have one minor problem: I can’t get tags to display. I don’t mean tag cloud – I mean tags under individual posts. Is there a setting for that? I want a footer under every post, like one with source blog when I reblog from someone. Thanks!

There is no setting for that, but if you really need it, drop me an email and I’ll try to add it for you.

The “Ask me Anything” section doesn’t seem to have a submit button, so is there any other way to submit the actual question?

Thanks for pointing out. I fixed it and it should be ready for download at any moment.

very nice template!!!

Thank you!