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I like it, alot. Not necessarily for a 404 page either, for simple web applications :) Very cool.

Thanks guys!

great idea… too many ugly 404 pages out there!

Nice idea to get on the front page ;D

Love it – awesome work Segen.

Thanks guys. Your support means so much to me.

This was perfect, thanks :)

Glad you like it. Thanks.

Is this a psd only? HTML files included?

Yup! HTML files included.

Lovely man! Keep up.

Preview is missing!!!

There never was one, I don’t know why they put a “Live preview” link there. Weird. You can see the screenshots though ;)


Nice, elegant, clean…

...but I do have one question :)

Would it be possible for you to expand this and also make the other error 400, 401, 403, and 500 variants too?

If so how long would this take for you to upload as a separate download? I don’t have a problem about it costing more, it’s just that a collection like this would be even more useful.


You mean just to create graphics with different numbers (400,401,403)? That should be no problem. However, I’m currently very busy so you should wait a bit for that update. Hope you understand. You can always contact me via my profile page for some custom work. Thanks.

I have tested the 404 page on the android browser an on dolphin browser hd. The style is completely not working, thus visible. What is the problem, that the style is broken on android phones/tablets? contact my via

It is not mobile optimized, sorry :/

Using it for a landing page :) Good Job!


I regret buying, I should have read the description. It’s a nice design but the box should be center and responsive. Maybe in a future version. Regards,