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Awwwww Cute Penguin! =)

By thew way.. good Job! Keep up the Good Work!

- Bryan G.

Love it :)

OMG Comic Sans! Evil, evil, evil!

Hehe. Kidding. Cool template =)

Hehe, who said Comic Sans can’t be used :D I did intentionally.

nicely created

yes nice one… lijepo ;)

That’s ironical but, the demo link is linking to an actual 404.

hello there!!!

i need help. i just purchased your product and i can’t open the html file. i use windows not mac. i thought the html page have the basic layout including the image and the search box. can u help me out? thanks.

Please try to extract the files one more time or try using another extract software. If you don’t make it, please try to contact Envato support. Thanks.

Cool stuff… Can you provide some help in configuring this?

Hello sanajc28, this is a 404 HTML page. All you need to do is upload it to your server and set as default 404 page. The search is up to you to configure or remove from the page, depending on your needs.

Cheers, M.

LOVE IT !!!!! Good job!!


Hey pingu..where will you go??very nice and cute for someone who lost

Love this! Can you guide me on how to set up the search bar for my site? Thanks!

Hello ameliajune, unfortunately I cannot guide you hot to set up search because that would require some PHP skills. Thanks for understanding.


Ok I understand. Thank you for the prompt response!

Hello, can i add a search engine code where you enter text? A Google costume search. Thanks!

Sure, feel free to add anything you want. :)

Can I edit dialog language by myself for License ?