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Let me be the first to congratulate you-One of the nicest i have seen here at TF good luck with sales should do well imo Want WP but may spring for it

Agreed! A beautiful elegant theme – Definately bookmarked…

nice one! mate can i ask you if you developed the flash slider by your own our you found it somewhere i would be interested to know it!


thanks guys,

katrosixteen, flash slider is developed by me, this is first version but it is still in development so new version will be available soon.

I’m back – I think this would be a definate buy for me… but I personally feel the two green themes are a little too bright or harsh.

Might you consider a softer green tone for some corporate industries?

agreed about the green and even some other colors-the gray with the little squares is the best-of course the images in the slider fit with it better—color wise

very nice template! but you should check the hover-effect of the navigation.

i loved your presentation, not a cuber at all. very good looking design, bookmarked for now and wish you good luck with the sales

Haha! The thumbnail is awesome. :D (as is the template :) )

I like the template. Also I find it hilarious that it gotten to the point that you have to mention that the slider is not cu3er. Congrats for doing something unique!

:) thx you all guys, I appreciate this.

Deserves a spot on the top!

Thanks DanielSan for purchusing my template and for this kind words.

Hi, is the current slider the newest version?

Great template – i like it!

I really like the looks of this theme. I appreciate that it includes the option to switch between Flash and JQuery. The Flash seems to load really slowly, but the Jquery is very fast!

Is there a simple way to add some code to the theme that would auto-detect mobile browsers (say webkit on Android and iPhone?) and automatically direct to the Jquery homepage instead of Flash? I could see this being a HUGE selling point, as many people want a really cool theme w/ interactive sliders, but the growing mobile market demands that Flash cannot be used in a lot of designs. This theme w/ autoswitch would solve that perfectly! I tested this theme in my iPhone’s browser, and the Jquery is very smooth!

Congrats on a great theme!

Shegy, Nice work, bro. You may want to add a jQuery .stop() function to your hover event so the buttons don’t keep flickering after a quick mouse movement. That’s just an opinion, obviously.

Hi, thx for your suggestion, I will include it in upcomming item update, Thank you